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  1. merwy

    Shapovalov > Berrettini

    In terms of potential: Shapovalov has great technique, good serve and good baseline shots on both wings. His net game isn't good but he's working on it (with Bopanna) and it's improving. He has big shots but he needs to learn how to pace himself and he needs to have a better understanding of...
  2. merwy

    Did Azarenka change her grunt?

    Video speaks for itself. I always thought she had the most annoying grunt on tour, which made it almost impossible for me to watch her. Which is too bad since her game itself is quite nice to watch. I saw this highlights video and felt like I was watching a different player. It's so much...
  3. merwy

    Why does the AO always start with women's matches on all the big courts?

    I've seen other slams do this but not as consistently and not as blatantly. Look at the first matches on the 3 main courts: RLA: First match is Sabalenka vs. Li. Second match is Potapova vs S. Williams. MCA: First match Vondrousova vs. Cirstea. Second match Muguruza vs. Diyas. JCA: First match...
  4. merwy

    FAA and his powder-puff groundstrokes: an obstacle in his path to becoming a slam winner?

    When Felix first came on tour, everyone was clamouring how he would become the next Federer. The next multi slam winner. The next ATG. At the time, these proclamations didn't seem so strange, as he was the first one in more than 10 years to display an all-round game with good, smooth, may I say...
  5. merwy

    Novak Djokovic should not have skipped the press conference Hitting the lineswoman was one thing, but that was obviously an accident. But afterwards he should've handled the situation responsibly. Did he forget that...
  6. merwy

    Federer losing the Wimbledon 2019 Final is unacceptable

    It should not have happened. It's simply ridiculous to lose a championship like that when you've got 2 match points on your own serve. It's absurd and thus can't be considered part of reality.
  7. merwy

    It would have been nice if Federer had won

    That would have been pretty cool. He would have 9 Wimbledons, he would have lost the stigma of being someone who loses important close matches (first AO17 and now this one). He would have finally beaten ND in a Wimbledon final. He would've put some distance between himself and the others in the...
  8. merwy

    Novak Djokovic calls hunt for Grand Slam record and weeks at #1 the biggest reason that he's still playing

    I believe this is the first time a Big 3 player has said out loud in an interview that he's gunning for the grand slam records. He even says the weeks at #1 record is already "not so far away". Starts talking about it around 2:30 Do you think he will overtake Fedr? How much does the...
  9. merwy

    Why are slams posting so little content of their matches/interviews?

    I know this is a regular thing and it happens every slam over and over. But I just don't see the point in only posting 2-3min of (bad) highlights of matches. Of some matches, highlights aren't uploaded at all. Same with interviews. I saw a clip of Tsitsipas' interview after he lost his first...
  10. merwy

    Soon to be the first Korean #1! Woo am I talking about? That's right, Kwon Soonwoo!

    21-year old Kwon Soonwoo just made the main draw of Wimbledon and I felt like he deserves this thread! Friendly looking guy. Right handed with a double handed backhand. 180cm tall (5'11). Steadily progressing in the rankings, getting close to the top-100 (#126 now). Always was the "2nd Korean"...
  11. merwy

    A. Zverev strongest ATP player according to.. A. Zverev

    Everyone not saying Rafa or Tsonga is crazy imo. If we're talking about physically strongest. Also Gulbis? What? Is he even muscular at all? @Hitman 's opinion is relevant
  12. merwy

    Disgusting play by Federer

    Was he injured? Was it just nerves? Just an off-day? I have never seen him play this badly. Even Novak felt the need to address it in his victory speech. Federer was missing sitters, no matter how he tried to play them. Fh winners, bh winners, drop shots, volleys, he was missing everything...
  13. merwy

    Isner and Kokkinakis call Zverev out on being a show-off

    I don't know if this is thread-worthy but I'm bored so I'm posting it anyway This was in response to Zverev posting pictures of his abs while working out. I think their comments have been deleted because I can't find them on Instagram anymore. Zverev later responded by saying @the_kokk1...
  14. merwy

    I hope you’re all happy

    Congratulations to everyone who was rooting against Federer. Must’ve felt good to see the greatest legend in our sport walk off the court in defeat. That is all.
  15. merwy

    I am annoyed to no end that Federer lost the #1 ranking

    If Federer hadn't lost to freaking Kokkinakis in a third set tiebreak (Who loses two matches in a row in third set tiebreaks????) he would've still had the #1 ranking going into his four months vacation. There would've been a good chance that he would've never lost it over the duration of the...
  16. merwy

    The Australian Open 2018 smartphone app

    My god does this thing suck balls.Grand slam apps have never been good but this one takes the cake. At first I couldn’t open it without being bombarded with questions about me wanting to receive notifications (ironic) and if I was attending the tournament. Now they fixed that bug but I still get...
  17. merwy

    Who would've thought these guys would not play an important role in 2017 after this amazing match?

    To me this is the most enjoyable Murrovic match out there. Aggressive baseline hitting combined with chess-like tactics from both sides. Novak seemed to be more the aggressor and often found himself hitting approach shots and following up to the net. Murray had clearly planned on abusing Novak's...
  18. merwy

    2017 Lyon ATP 250 - General Discussion

    Who will win this pre-RG warm-up tournament? One thing I'm very surprised by is why Edmund (#50) and Chung (#66) have to play qualifiers while Monteiro(#98), Dzumhur (#93), Albot (#86), Istomin (#82), Seppi (#76) and Berlocq (#68) have been directly accepted without a wildcard or whatever. Can...
  19. merwy

    't Melkhuisje 2017

    I turned on the tv and spotted this live exhibition match between Ryan Harrison and Diego Schwartzman. It's played in Hilversum, The Netherlands. First set for the Argentine and Harrison 5-0 up in the 2nd. They're playing semi-seriously and Haase is commenting live. He just spoke about...
  20. merwy

    Where is Federer?

    An homage to the infamous "Where is Nadal?" thread. But seriously, where is Federer? Feels like the guy has retired already. Haven't seen him in weeks. Is he chilling on the beach? Relaxing in Dubai? Laying in bed all day with Mirka? Playing with the kids? Actually training (LOL)? Will he have...
  21. merwy

    ATP500 Barcelona 2017 - Quarter-Final: [Q] H. Chung vs. [3] R. Nadal

    Who will win this battle that takes place tomorrow on the famous Pista Rafa Nadal? Will Nadal rollover Chung just as easy as he did with the other twenty year-old last week? Or will the Korean Djokovic use the tactics of his idol to surprise Nadal and hand him the first defeat on his eponymous...
  22. merwy

    A Night with Novak

    What is this event about?
  23. merwy

    Fed fans: Who do you want to win the AO '17: Nadal or Djokovic?

    So Nadal is looking good at the moment and Muzz is looking bad. I know it's just an exho but I'm going to follow TT tradition and overreact based on 2 days of tennis. Djokovic had a rough patch but he looked out of it mostly mentally, so expect him to come back recharged at the AO. Besides, AO...
  24. merwy

    Did Cilic win using the power of jinxing?

    Everyone was saying that this was a shoe-in for Murray. It seemed like they could've just given the title to Murray instead of going through the effort of playing out the whole match. Now this happens. Murray gets BTFO in straights (slight exaggeration). Do you think the power of jinxing is...
  25. merwy

    Any other Fed fan now EXTREMELY nervous for every match he plays?

    After Djokovic went out, everyone must have realized that his chances just went up about a hundredfold (even if it is only from 0,2% to 20%). The problem with this is that Federer is prone to doing something stupid and might go out early against somebody he shouldn't be losing to on paper (see...
  26. merwy

    What did you think of the AO16 highlights?

    The new style (it's new, right?) where the camera follows the ball.. or makes an attempt to do so. I freaking hated it. It gives me a headache. I hadn't seen the final, so was happy to see there were 7 minute highlights on the AO website. But then I get this crap. Maybe the worst part is that...
  27. merwy

    Australian Open 2016 - R1: [1]Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs. Hyeon Chung (KOR)

    Yep, first day of the tournament and I've already found myself a reason to wake up early (or stay up late.. didn't decide yet). Will Djokovic crush Chung or will the young Korean surprise us?
  28. merwy

    Kyrgios' talent is underappreciated

    Nicholas Kyrgios is one of the most talented players on tour right now. I'd definitely say he's the most talented in his age group. Note that I'm talking about pure, god given talent. Don't respond like: "Yeah whatever, he's still a jerk so I hate him". Those are two different things, man. If...
  29. merwy

    Has Federer's choice of switching to a bigger frame ended up to be good or bad?

    Federer has often been questioned about what's different about the bigger frame, and most recently he gave a pretty concise answer: This is paraphrased, as I'm a bit too lazy to quote him directly. But anyway, this is how he feels about it. Do you agree? -I personally do feel that the topspin...
  30. merwy

    Will the next era be the weakest in history (in the Open Era)?

    Everyone's talking about weak eras. First Fed's era (around 2000-2006) was weak. Now the Djokovic era is weak (2011-ongoing). I wonder what era ISN'T weak! To be honest, in the early 2000s we had prime Federer ( the freaking GOAT), Roddick, Nalbandian, Hewitt, Safin, Blake, Gonzalez, Kuerten...