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    Eating small carrot pieces for a couple of weeks!

    I thought the story was it was blueberries?
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    De Quervain's syndrome

    Well, I am not actually using this wrist in tennis for now. I only rally, don't serve, and do not use two handed backhand, so the left hand is not involved at all. It doesn't bother me unless I do a sudden jerky move, like instinctively trying to catch something that is about to fall. But the...
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    De Quervain's syndrome

    Another piece of good advice, thank you! Never heard of TECAR before. I started excentric exercises and tendon gliding, as well as some massage of the muscles involved. Probably with too much enthusiasm, because today the damn thing flared up again.
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    De Quervain's syndrome

    Thank you. This is my left, non-dominant hand, so I really don't use it that much. Will try the thumb exercises though.
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    De Quervain's syndrome

    OK, thanks. I was hoping to avoid that, but apparently it's now the only option to make the nasty thing go away.
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    De Quervain's syndrome

    Does anybode have experience with de Quervain's syndrome? It is supposedly one of the most frequent wrist injuries for players with two handed backhand. It started when I added more wrist movement to my backhand, probably a terrible idea, although improved my bh a lot. The thing is, it has...
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    (UOAT) Unluckiest player of all times?

    Jerzy Janowicz. Apart from issues with his head, kept off court by constant injuries.
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    Do you care about doubles tennis?

    Love watching and playing, it is pure joy and festival of crafty points. Too bad they are seldom shown on TV.
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    Hawk Eye better than chair umpire on clay

    Maybe if Pavluchenkova lost due to this mistake after 3 hour battle, it would finally push RG to implement hawk eye. What a match that was.
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    Full motion during serve for intermediate players

    Actually, Caroline Garcia is one of the fastest servers on WTA. Her serve of 126 mph at 2016 Fed Cup is the 9th fastest woman's serve ever.
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    US OPEN Racquet Bracket Pool