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    Prince Response 97 X Prince Precision Response Ti

    Hi, I played (long time ago) with a Prince Precision Response Ti and like it a lot. I saw that Prince brings the new Response 97. Any TW playtester plays with these two racquets? Thanks.
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    Head Liquidmetal Radical Tour (325 grams)

    Hi, I have one Head LM Radical Tour, and like it, but this racquet does not have so much feel. The head area is so rigid. Could You suggest some Head racquets with the power, precision and stability of this racquet, and with more feel? Thanks.
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    Question for Granville

    Hi Granville, I saw that You test a few years ago the Prince Precision Response Ti (Rafter's model). I am looking for a similar racquet (power, control and manueverability). What are your suggestions? Thanks.
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    Federer's switch to 90

    Please, remember me why Federer did the switch to 85 to 90? If the 85 could delivery all the precision and power he needs. Thanks.
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    Chris Edwards - Question Champions Choice

    Chris, I read the review of Champions Choice, and do not see comparison with full gut, or full multi. Could You tell me what is the upside of the CC compared to these two exemples (gut and multi full)? Thanks.
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    Chris Edwards - Luxilon

    Hi Chris, I would like to know if there any maximum tension range for Luxilon ALU POWER strings? I read some articles talking about higher tensions in polys can damage them. Is that true? I am thinking about put 62 pounds in ALU. Thank You, Regards.