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  1. tennisBIEST

    Monofilament and Solid Core

    The “solid core” that is advertised with nylon and synthetic gut string has me curious as to what composition differences it has to a poly “monofilament.” Solid core and monofilament sound similar. I bring this up as I’ve been experimenting as of late as I’ve been looking for a softer arm and...
  2. tennisBIEST

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 4 1/4

    I guess there have been questions regarding how “limited” this Pro Tour 2.0 is? Curious if you will be receiving more PT 2.0 in 4 1/4 grip sizes?
  3. tennisBIEST

    Is that Spencer?!?!?!?!

    Long lost play tester sighting???
  4. tennisBIEST

    Head Lynx Edge Review

    Hi TW! Any chance we can get a review or some TWU Information on Head Lynx Edge Blue? Thanks, @tennisBIEST
  5. tennisBIEST

    New Nike Zoom Zeros?

    Sorry if this has been answered but are we going to get an update to the zoom zero? Hoping the improvement in breathability will addressed. Otherwise I love the shoe!!!
  6. tennisBIEST

    Prince Textreme Tour O3 100 release

    TW, Any information on this Racquet? Specs, release date etc. Thanks in advance.
  7. tennisBIEST

    GLOSS is the BOSS!

    Under the lights or the sun the pro stock glossy painjobs are the teats!
  8. tennisBIEST

    Review of Adidas Ubersonic 3

  9. tennisBIEST

    Turd of the Year

  10. tennisBIEST

    List of NextGen One Hand Backhanders

    I've become obsessed with the one, power and style! Can we put together a list of up and coming players with the 1hbh? I'll start... SHAPOVALOV TSITSIPAS SANTILLAN EUBANKS ALTMAIER Who am I missing? Oh no! This might be a small list!
  11. tennisBIEST

    4.5 -5.0 Hit San Diego CA Friday Feb 3-6

    Looking for a hit in SD during my stay. I'm probably going to be staying in the Chula Vista area but I'll have a car. I'm a 45 yo teaching pro from STL and would love to get some hitting in. I'm aware of Balboa but would love to not spend money to hit(trip is expensive:)) Would prefer to hit in...
  12. tennisBIEST

    Frances Tiafoe with Yonex

  13. tennisBIEST

    Full Poly and String Savers

    I was running our USTA District Junior Championships and noticed one of the better 18U boys was using a full bed of what appeared to be Yonex Poly Tour Pro and had string savers in his Bab PA. He is a very good player and his groundies was excellent and really wouldn't of mattered what he was...
  14. tennisBIEST

    help with prince grommets

    I noticed there aren't any prince tour 100 16x18 grommets on sale on the TW site but i did notice that on the TW Europe site there are Exo3 Tour 100 Team 16x18 grommets available. Will these fit? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. tennisBIEST

    $400 million Mega Million winnings?

    So you just won the what? I' m curious what you guys would do with your money that would be specific to tennis? I for instance would buy some land and build red clay court, grass court and a hard court to start! Your turn.....
  16. tennisBIEST

    Kuznetsova is so ________!

    Fill in the blank! Who is she sponsored by Brute?
  17. tennisBIEST

    Where's Ristic?

    Noticed Worlds No.1 GF has been missing from OZ'13?
  18. tennisBIEST

    TW Patch on Paire?

    I was watching the Fed/Pairs match(if you can call it that) and noticed the "TW" logo on Paire's right shoulder. I know he has the physical skills but he's a mental dwarf! Bad business decision...