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    Which racquet deserves a shot?

    I am now finally presented the chance to demo, as I have now found a decent store to get tennis goods. As a downside, the selection of racquets brands is limited. I am limited to Prince, Wilson, or Head. Last time I went to get my racquets strung, I noticed the ncodes from Wilson, Flexpoints...
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    Who is the purest natural talent ever to swing a racquet?

    My votes go to Nastase, Safin, Federer, and Rios. Too difficult to decide between them, but am I missing anyone?
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    Highest quality matchups on each slam surface this year?

    My votes go to: Rebound Ace: Safin vs. Federer Red Clay: Coria vs. Nadal Grass: Roddick vs. Bracciali DecoTurf: Agassi vs. Blake Honorable mentions: Federer vs. Santoro, Agassi vs. Berdych, Agassi vs. Federer
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    Update on my game

    Since the last time I visited these boards, I have changed up my game to some extent. I finally made the decision to go to a full western forehand from SW, and I don't regret much. It seems to really suit me well, and I can generate pace, spin, and placement on my groundies better than ever...
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    Most stylish bag

    Out of the bags I picked that I thought looked nicest, which is the #1 most stylish? My vote goes to the Prince Pro Team bags because that's the bag I use, hehe. I also like the zWilson nCode Limited Edition Tennis Bags, Prince Team 2005 bag, the Volkl Tour 2004 and 2005 bags, the Wilson Tour 4...
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    How frequently do you grunt? What is the reason for your grunting? Grunting actually comes fairly naturally to me. I only do it if I feel that I need to kick into an extra gear, and I usually keep it very low sounding and raise it higher if I need more push.
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    Favorite quotes

    Out of the numerous quotes in the sigs of users on this board, what are your favorites? I guess we could gather the most nominated and put them into a poll. How do you like my quote? Here's my picks: Ash Doyle: "Pretty strokes are okay. But there's a lot more to tennis than that." - Brad...
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    Hitting the big flat serve

    Hi, I'm in need of that big flat serve to go for. Being at 4.5 level, my groundies are near perfect, and I am nicely making my transition to an all-courter by incorporating a bh slice and volley game into my arsenal. I'm thinking that the big flat serve could help me transition to the net...
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    Which slam is the toughest to win?

    Which slam contains the most difficulty in order to succeed? My vote goes to Roland Garros. It tests you on all fronts(mentally, physically, etc.). Patience is key as the rallies usually last longer than other slams. Building momentum is not common and there is no clear favorite. You need to...
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    Ideal current pros to watch on each slam surface?

    Which current pros do you enjoy the most to watch on each slam surface? Please post your reasoning and don't mention the same player on more than one surface. Rebound Ace - Safin - amazingly powerful shotmaking Clay - Coria - graceful movement and his feel for the game showcases the best on...
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    Is Venus Williams serious?

    Is Venus ready to be a consistent threat to the women's game? When Venus first entered the game, she had a dominant look, some even predicted she could be the greatest ever. Will Venus continue to make noise? BTW, I would like to hear your views on the following topics also...
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    Does pros' attire affect them more than they would like to admit? Roddick is constantly messing with his charity bracelet and it does not stay still when he swings. Another good example is the large "bling-bling" that the Williamses and Sharapova to name a few are seen wearing. Could pros'...
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    Going coachless or really not so much coaching

    Do pros really need a coach? Federer went coachless last year, and many dogged him for doing so, but it all culminated with winning three out of the four slams, compared to only one so far out of the three already played this year guided by Roche. His playing level clearly showed in his slam...
  14. GotGame?

    Your dream partner?

    Which pro would you want to hit with and/or play doubles with? My choice is Donald Young. He's only a year older than me, probably taking it down to a few months actually in age difference, so I can relate, and I would like to observe the incredible focus he must have to do so much at a young...
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    Senior Tour or ATP Tour - which is more an appealing watch?

    The Senior Tour is nice because you get to see many of the legends, but compared to the ATP Tour, IMO the rallies don't last as long, and the pace is not as fast. The ATP Tour is more exciting especially when you get to watch a young guy like Federer go to work.
  16. GotGame?

    Out with old, in with the new

    Taken from SMASH magazine : Out: taking the ball on the rise like Andre Agassi, In: standing behind the baseline and ripping topspin like Nadal Is this really what tennis is coming to? Watching kids around my age(15) in this area, it feels like that is all kids do. Stand behind the baseline...
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    Sampras vs. Federer - at their best, who would win?

    There is one thing for sure IMO, this match would go to five sets. Nobody has been more clutch than Sampras coming back from deficits and beating back challenges. Federer showed this in the Miami final this year against Nadal, but succumbed to Safin and Nadal in tight sets at the AO and the FO...
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    Playing without glasses

    Hi, I usually play with my glasses, but I broke my glasses recently, so I decided today to give it a go anyways without them. To my surprise, I played well, but there were some noticeable differences. My hitting partner said that some balls that I could have "powered through/put away" I...
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    Who had the better career: Sampras or Agassi?

    Who in your opinion had the better career? Sampras holds the record for most slam titles and was #1 for a record six straight years. Agassi is one of the elite few to have a career grand slam and holds the record for most masters events won. This two players could not be more different, one...
  20. GotGame?

    Searching for my long lost Volkl stick

    A while back, say around three years ago, I got to hit with this Volkl frame, and to this day I can't seem to forget how much I liked it. I barely remember anything about it except that I know that the guy who it belonged to always bought the most expensive in racquets, strings, etc. So...
  21. GotGame?

    What is your "signature" fashion?

    My "signature" fashion is not really all that "signature". The only thing I can think of for me right now is the backwards turned baseball hat and I have to wear the normal length of socks or longer, the short ankle socks are killing me LOL. Donald Young has his sideways-tugged baseball hat...
  22. GotGame?

    How will Tommy Haas fare at the Open?

    Do you think Haas can finally make a breakthrough at a slam? He had a good run at these courts last year winning the Mercedes-Benz cup event, and had his best ever quarterfinal run. After the injuries and such, I would love to see Haas win, and I remember watching him back in 2002, this "stud"...
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    What pro's/s' game/s does your game resemble?

    What pro or pros does your game resemble? I never really modeled my game after any pro, but reading through some things on Wilander, it seems like my true game resembles him; at least that is the only pro I could find for now. I'm more of the baseline player with my concentration/mind being my...
  24. GotGame?

    Wall vs. Ball Machine

    So, this much discussed question is put up on the TW boards? Which is better to practice your tennis, the wall or the ball machine? IMHO, I think their value is equal. If you can get your hands on the ball machine, I would go for it because there are numerous things you can do to work out your...
  25. GotGame?

    Prince and Gamma suggestions

    Hi, Could you suggest the best stuff from Prince and Gamma? That's all shops seem to be carrying these days; at least that's all my dad could recall last time he got a frame of mine strung. I was thinking of just getting it strung with PSGD 16 again. I'm looking for a good well-rounded...
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    Which pro/s got you into the game?

    Which pro/s got you into this game of tennis? What made you fall in love with tennis? For me, it had to be Sampras and Agassi. Their rivalry lighted up the scene when I first saw tennis, and their playing styles contrast so much. They turned out to be legends in their own ways. From then...
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    Trial Club Membership

    Hi, I'm planning on joining a tennis club. The point of this is to be able to play with all varieties with people, and the people tell me that there will always be someone to hit with. Of course, I'm doing this to help further my tennis. I'm going to give this try and see how I like it...
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    Olympic tennis at Wimbledon in 2012

    All credit for this post goes to the user named simi; I am just reposting what was posted in the other thread in the 'Odds and Ends' section. Can I hear Federer and the golden slam? I know just a grand slam is a tough feat without even factoring in that Federer will be 30 years of age by the...
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    Summer Olympics in 2012 to see London, not France
  30. GotGame?

    Leading up the Prince TT Bandit MP

    Hi, I have been playing a bit with this frame, but only the stock version. Did anyone else using this racquet feel that it needed lead? Where did you put the tape and how much tape did you put? Reading through some threads here, I get the idea that adding some lead will make this frame more...