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  1. kanjii

    Racquet selling question

    Hello all, If selling a racquet whether here or elsewhere, are pics of serial # necessary? I remember a few years back when people were selling racquets, they had pics of serial #s when selling. I think it was due to fake models being sold.
  2. kanjii

    New racquets from older models worth anything?

    Hello all, Just wondering if older model racquets but brand new worth anything? Maybe a 1st gen areopro drive non-cortex or a Sampras racquet or even older like Becker's Puma racquet or Lendl's GTX Pro..etc. And, I do not own any of these. Thinking of picking one up to play or collect...
  3. kanjii

    From APDGT to...

    I'm getting older and my playing style needs to change a little. Currently playing with APDGT with a smaller grip 4 1/4 for that extra spin with an overgrip and 58lbs on Babolat black strings. Western forehand and one handed backhand. I added an extra overgrip which helped in me hitting the ball...
  4. kanjii

    Where to add lead tape to apdgt?

    Looking to put more plow through on this racquet. Where to put the lead tape and how much? Thx.
  5. kanjii

    Goodbye Babolat..

    Well, it's been fun for while with Babolat and a lot of hype. Went through the pure drives, aeropros, non cortex, and cortex. I haven't played well for quite a while, but today, I went back to my old Head iRadical. It's almost 10 yrs old, I played better than I ever did. It's time to upgrade and...
  6. kanjii

    Lendl's legionnaire's cap

    Hey all, I am looking for that style of hat. Does anyone know where to buy one? I've searched the web and can't find that particular look. Not looking for a baseball cap with flaps (I have this one, but it doesn't split the flap and it covers my ears), but more of a flat top and the flaps go...
  7. kanjii

    Recommend me strings for my K90 Tour..

    I play with a western forehand and 1hbh. My first string job on it was Gamma TNT, I think? It felt great for a few hours but during a hardcore power rally, I felt it loosen up, and now it just gets by as a racquet. Strung at 57lbs. Now, I'm looking for control again and durability, meaning no...
  8. kanjii

    AeroPros...Which is better?

    Ok all you hardcore AeroPro players, which of the 3 is your favorite and why? APD APDC APD-GT
  9. kanjii

    Adding weight to an APD

    Looking to give it a little more plow through. If I add lead tape, do they sell this at hardware stores or do I need to go to a tennis shop....and at what position should I place the strips at and how much of it? 3 and 9 position or 12 or all of the above?
  10. kanjii

    Head iRadical

    What's it going for used? I saw one for sale. Excellent condition, strung, grommets and head guard in excellent shape also. Includes the full cover. This is OS and in black and red orange with that fiber look on the side of the throat...I think Andy Murray was using model for quite a while...
  11. kanjii

    KPS 88 - Too much power?

    Its a nice racquet but my shots have flattened a bit so the question is... Should I need more spin to bring it down? OR Should I tighten the tension? Current tension is 55lbs on Gamma. Usually play with a western grip and timing is a bit off too.
  12. kanjii

    How do you hold your KPS88 and K90?

    Hello all, Just wondering how do you hold your racquet during a forehand swing? near the end of the handle or choked up a bit? Little pinky finger barely dangling at the bottom? And why? Is it for more control? more snap of the wrist?
  13. kanjii

    Egg shaped head or inverted bridge racquet

    Would these racquets do well in todays game? Some of the greats used them in the 80s and 90s. Give them 95-100 sq...and how would these current players on tour do? There must some kind of advantage to them, right? Lendl, Becker, and Wilander did very well with these types of racquets after all...
  14. kanjii

    Doubles racquet

    I am a total baseliner who plays with a western FH and 1HBH. Never plays the net unless I really really have to. That being said, I have a K90 and KPS88. Which should I use to play doubles with?
  15. kanjii

    Dead strings

    Recently played a game where I was up 4-0...then all of a sudden, normal forehands and backhands, even slice would go into the net...even wimpy shots too. Is this a case of dead strings? I was playing with an APD...about teh same year the APDC came out and had the original PHT strings on them. I...
  16. kanjii

    Any of the Wilson K factors make a good doubles racquet?

    I am in the process of getting a pair of KPS88s, but was wondering if those make good racquets for doubles play. Any suggestions?
  17. kanjii

    K95 to KPS88 or ......

    Hello loyal Wilsonians, How many of you started with a K61 95 or K90 or KPS88 and moved to one of the other and why? I demoed the 95 and 90 and like the 90 a little in serve and backhand. Unable to demo an 88, but have read some moved to teh racquet while others stayed.
  18. kanjii

    Racquet suggestions

    Right hander baseliner who plays with a western forehand and one handed backhand. Currently playing with a Babolat APD. Any suggestions? Wilson K series? Dunlop? Head?
  19. kanjii

    New Adidas Frames out yet in Europe or Asia?

    Wondering if anyone has played with it yet and how does it compare to a Babolat APD or Head Extreme Pro....sorry, these are the only racquets I played with :mrgreen:
  20. kanjii

    1HBH..a lost art?

    Many coaches lately have been teaching 2HBH. Why? I know it's more difficult to teach, but if you are starting young...why not? The best players #1 players in history have all used 1HBH such as Fed, Sampras, Lendl, Mac, and others....well, when it comes to being #1 for a long period of time at...
  21. kanjii

    William sisters' Wilson racquet

    Hey there, Even though males and females use the same racquets, has any males used the William sisters' Wilson racquets? How does it play? Hope you guys aren't playing or demoeing because it looks too girly or something.
  22. kanjii

    Novak Djokovic AKA....

    Anyone notice when mild mannered tennis dude Novak is not playing tennis, he stars in the Disney Channel's hit series Wizards of Waverly Place? =)
  23. kanjii

    Afraid of the Big Black Racquet

    I have been playing with different racquets all my life from Lendl GTX Pro-T, through all of Agassi's colorful Donnays and Heads, but recently I purchased my first black racquet...Babolat APD. OK, technically it's not all black, but for the first time in my life I have been swinging and not so...
  24. kanjii

    Aero Pro and Aero Storm and Tour

    Hello there, Anyone play with both or all three? I was wondering per your experience what is lost or gain if going to the Aero Storm or Tour. I currently play with the Aero Pro Cortex.
  25. kanjii

    Tennis ball decision

    Are the pros superstitious when it come to using a particular ball or number??? Watching the pros as the ball person gives them 2-3 balls, they seem to pick the two and get rid of the third, kinda studies it. Does anyone know what they are looking for in a ball?
  26. kanjii

    Which racquet do you wish you can have again?

    Hello all, Other than a Wilson Pro Staff and all it's PS types, POGs, and possibly the yellow/black Radicals.... Which racquet do you wish you had again? For playing purpose and memories....not for selling out as brand new...heck, if that's the case, I'd buy a truck load of GTX Pro-ts, St...
  27. kanjii

    Lendl GTX Pro-T on the E***

    There is an outrageous bid for a brand new GTX Pro-T for $650...Ack!!!! what is this world coming too??? Is any racquet worth that kind of price????
  28. kanjii

    gin and juice

    Mu brother in law has this version of Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice read like a poem, not sung. For all you folks out you know the artist is? My brother in law couldn't find the artist's name. Voice is of an older gentleman sounds almost like Alex Trabek reading's pretty cool.
  29. kanjii

    Aero Storm and Aero Storm Tour

    I called my tennis shop, the current Aero Storm (Original) will be called the Aero Storm Tour and the new Aero Storm will be lighter than the current. I look forward to this new model and hope it gets better reviews.
  30. kanjii

    APDC+ and a 1HBH

    How many of you have an APDC+ and play with a 1hbh? Wondering how does it feel and any regrets not buying the standard. Any pros and cons is helpful too.