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    Crazy Tie Off Positions

    . I’m not the most experienced stringer , but strung this racquet yesterday and actually had a few expletives slip out when I got to the final tie-off on the crosses. The cross tie-off is at 11 Throat. There was barely enough room to pass the string through and loop it around for the tie-off...
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    Prince Bandit 105 stringing pattern?

    Asked to string a Prince Bandit 105 but cannot find stringing instructions online. I don't have racket in hand yet so it may have instructions on the racket. Online I can only find instructions for Bandit 95 or 110. Thanks in advance.
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    Laver Cup Court Colors

    Have watched now both years of the Laver Cup and thought the court made for an interesting viewing experience. Wife just came into the room, stared at the tv and asked “What in the world is going on in this tennis tournament.” I asked what she meant and she said the court makes it look like...
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    American Twist serve

    Have played tennis going on on 3 decades but have never been able to hit the American Twist serve. Can someone list 3 or 4 pointers that one should focus on when trying to hit the American Twist? Things such as grip, stance, toss, swing, contact point, etc. I am not too far off from being...
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    What is Weather Forecast for AO Men's Final Tonight?

    Anyone know how hot it is supposed to be at the start of the men's final tonight?
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    Core Strengthening After Back Surgery?

    I have had back problems since around 2001. Began with bulging disc and sciatica that I learned to live with combined with relief from rare steroid injection from doctor. It was basically a miserable way of life, but one that I managed. In 2014, more disc herniation which led to nerve...
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    AC Joint/Rotator cuff pain in shoulder?

    This is now November. In August I woke up one morning having slept awkwardly on my right shoulder. My shoulder was in tremendous pain. I had never had pain in this area before. Right at the tip top of the shoulder. The pain has subsided but has never gone away. Sometimes it is seemingly...
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    Problem with TW website on my Smart phone.

    After the recent changes to the TW forum, and change back to the old lay out, my blackberry can no longer access the General Pro Player Discussion forum. I can access all the other forums, but just not that one. I never had that problem until the recent changes. I've cleared my cookies and...
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    Problems with Leg/Foot Numbness After Back Injection

    To begin with, I have an appt with an orthopedic next week to discuss my issue. In the meantime, I'm looking for similar experiences as the one I have now with chronic lower back pain which has worsened into leg/foot pain. Suffered bulging disc back injury over a decade ago. Over time and...
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    Federer Briefly Stops the Course of Time (Wimbledon 2014) -- WSJ Great article on Roger Federer's performance yesterday in Wimbledon final. "Federer Briefly Stops Course of Time" Wall Street Journal, Jeremy Gordon, July 7, 2014. Worth your time if you enjoyed the match.
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    In Defeat, A Vintage Federer Appears (Wimbledon 2014) -- WSJ Terrific article on classic match. "In Defeat, A Vintage Federer Appears." Wall Street Journal, Jason Gay, July 6, 2014.
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    Arthur Ashe Stadium Top Level View?

    Anyone that has gone to the Open and sat in the top level: what is the view like that far up? Is it too far up to bother with or can you actually still see the ball and follow the action from up top?
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    Wednesday Quarter-Final? Fed and/or Nadal

    Assuming that Nadal and Federer both get through to the quarter-finals, will they definitely play Wednesday at some point (barring weather issues?) I am seriously considering trying to get a ticket and driving 11 hours anticipating this match-up and making my first visit to the U.S. Open...
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    Grigor Dimitrov Nike Shirt in Monte Carlo

    What Nike shirt was he wearing in his match against Nadal today? I have a Nike shirt that is somewhat similar to that one but its several years old. If there is a newer version -- the one Dimitrov wore today -- I'd buy it in a heart beat. Really great collared tennis shirt. Thanks in...
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    Separate Families in Player's Boxes

    When did they start putting the player's families into separate seating boxes at Wimbledon? This year was the first time I've noticed that the two players' families were not forced to sit next to one another in the same box. I thought that also made it extremely awkward for the families.
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    Bodo picks Federer and also Murray

    Catching up on the pre-match analysis this morning I read Peter Bodo's column on espn's website and he predicts Andy Murray will win "because he [Bodo] believes in magic" and says the pressure is all on Federer. Ok, fair enough if you chose to believe that. Then I go to Bodo's
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    Best Way to Clean Grips?

    I use the white soft Wilson pro Hybrid grips from the factory with no overgrip. They are starting to get rather dingy looking and I'm sure they are losing some of their tact as well. Anyone advise against simple soap/brush/water to clean these grips? I obviously don't want to make my...
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    RPM Blast as Hybrid -- Tennis Elbow

    As a long-time sufferer of tennis elbow, I use low tensioned, multi strings. Seems though that I read somewhere RPM Blast was supposed to be an "arm-friendly(ier)" poly. Is there anything to this, or is it just more arm-friendly than most polys? I was thinking of using RPM Blast as a...
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    Can It Damage Racquet if Tie-Off in Wrong Grommet?

    I have one of the newest Wilson Pro Staff 95s. Stringing instructions from Wilson say skip 7,9 top/bottom and tie off mains at 8 bottom. For me, it is impossible to tie off at 8 and not worth all the trouble. Instead, I have been tying off at 6 bottom (I think). What is the danger in...
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    Stringing Instructions -- 2012 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 95 BLX

    Anyone have stringing instructions for the 16 x 19 version?
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    Tournament Guarantees for Players?

    I recently got a Kindle and while looking up books on tennis ran across "Hard Courts" by John Feinstein released back in 1990. In the book, Feinstein followed both the men's and women's professional tours from start to finish back in 1989. He discusses the controversy over tournaments...
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    Federer and Preserving Break of Serve

    Since 2006 I have only missed watching a handful of Roger Federer's tennis matches in every tournament he has played. Over the past two years or so I've noticed a trend in his game that doesn't get anywhere near the attention it deserves from the tennis media. Roger has developed a...
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    What happened to Wilson K-Gut String?

    Been using another string for awhile and went to TW to order some Wilson K-Gut string and can't find it. Has it been renamed or discontinued?
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    Comparison: New Wilson PS 85 v. KProStaff 88 (Sampras reissue)

    I recently demoed the new Wilson Pro Staff 85 reissue and really love this racquet. I'm sure this has been covered, or mentioned, but haven't run across it. How does this new PS 85 compare with the Sampras Wilson KPro Staff 88 that was put out a few years back? I've never hit with one...
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    Clamp Slipped After Tying Off 1st Main

    How does this affect tension? After tying off the first main, I proceeded to start tying off the second main. I had to reach underneath the frame to push the string back up through the knot of the second main tie off. When I did, I hit the first main's clamp and it fell loose. The...
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    Racquet Balance Question

    Just so I can get this right in my head. Assuming you lay the racquet down on a balance board -- If the racquet's balance point is closer to the butt end, then it is head light? If the racquet's balance point is closer to the head end, then it is head heavy? I'm asking. Thanks.
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    What is Antidote to the Lob Fest?

    Was at a high school tournament the other day and decided to walk around the grounds to see some of the different matches. On one court, the two top level girls were playing for the championship. I kid you not, I would estimate that 97% of all shots hit during this match were lobs back and...
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    How to Replace Racquet Butt Cap?

    Are butt caps attached to the handle with a staple, or glued, or what? I have a wiggle in the butt cap of my Head Pro Tour 280 MP. I assume the butt cap is cracked and needs replacing. I don't want to take the grip apart until I know what type of job is required. Any help? Also, if I...
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    Replacement Butt Cap for Head racquet

    I have an old Head Pro Tour 280 MP that I still use but the butt cap is starting to move in my hand. I haven't removed the grip to check, but in past experience I have a feeling that the butt cap is cracked and needs to be replaced. So, seeing how they no longer make Pro Tour 280 MP, will a...
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    Receiver Moves During Serve

    Obviously, the receiver is entitled to move while returning serve. I understand that. However, tonight I saw something quite strange and wondered if the Code or rules address the issue. When the server began his service motion, the receiver would run up to the service line in an obvious...