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    String eater rackets

    What are their characteristics? Open (drilling) patterns, big head sizes, vulnerable grommets (ports for instance). Anything else?
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    Signum Pro Polaris

    The german string manufacturer has introduced a new string. Power and feel are advertised as its main characteristics. It looks to me like x-perience and yellow jacket had a baby. Anyone had a chance to hit with it?
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    Was Pat Rafter a luckier Tim Henman?

    Watching these two serve & volleyers from the past, I cannot say that Pat was such a superior player or he had a more complete game from Tim. In fact, I think that Henman had a better forehand and was equally good at the net. So, Pat went ont winning two slams and reaching two wimbledon finals...
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    Anyone craving a good, entertaining riddle during these harsh times, can give this one a go!
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    Prince Textreme 100p vs Prince Phantom 100p

    Has anyone played with both these frames and can make a comparison? If I put their characteristics in pairs, I would say: thick-thin beam, tight-open string pattern, power-control, higher-lower RA. Despite these differences, I have the intuition that these rackets are like cousins (as the naming...
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    Grip thickness

    A racquet with only a replacement grip (2,1 mm thickness) would feel the same size with a racket with a replacement grip (1,5 mm thickness) plus an overgrip (0,6 mm thickness)? Are the maths correct (1,5+0,6=2,1) or the overlaps add something more?
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    Racquet line with most variety

    I think the Prince phantom line takes the award. You 've got 93, 97, 100 headsize, 290, 305, 310, 320, 330 weight, open and tighter string patterns, low and higher swingweight. All these are covered by 8 models in total. What more can you ask?
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    Us Open 1996 seeding

    What happened that year with the seeding of the top players? I read that the organisers were accused of favoring some players (especially the americans) by putting them in higher numbers for the draw. Kafelnikov was furious with those actions and chose to withdraw from the tournament, as a...
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    Reason for breaking the crosses

    I have read that most people break their mains first. Is there a particular reason for breaking the crosses, for example a full spin stroke or an imperfect stringjob (maybe, crosses not clamped properly)? Edit: The reference is about a full bed of poly.
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    Broken pallet

    Hello guys! I own a Wilson kobra tour and the base of the pallet is nearly broken. I have read that Wilson does not provide replaceable pallets. What should I do?
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    R. Parnell interview (2019)

    For those interested, I put the link. As for the context, I agree about his opinion on the current trend: soft shaped polys and tensions below 20 kilos.
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    Signum pro overgrips

    I have visited signum's website and noticed that they offer a great variety of overgrips. Has anyone of you ever tried them (I am mostly interested in magic grip and wet grip soft)? Also, is it possible to order directly from their site, since tw and other e-shops do not provide the full catalogue?
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    Lockout calibration

    I have a relatively simple question: When you calibrate a lockout machine and you find the exact deviance (let's say 2kgs), is it necessary to adjust the screw? Can't you just set the tension 2 kgs higher or lower than before?
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    Question about double pulling

    I know that double pulling (pulling two strings at the same time) is a very common way for starting the mains but are there any disadvantages? Can the string or the tensioner be damaged if you are not careful enough?
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    Tier One Ghostwire

    Hello folks, In a facebook post, tier one has informed that early in the next year they are gonna release a new, round, soft, white co-poly, named ghostwire. It seems that it will be similar to multifilament strings in terms of softness. Who is excited? P.S. Check out their x-mas offers, 30%...
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    Lowest power frame

    Hey, guys which is the lowest power frame you have played with? Mine would be prince phantom 100,although it excels in the department of comfort. Also, from a few rackets I have tested over the years, Wilson blx pro staff 95 is quite low-powered..
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    Unusual knot

    I saw the following knot in one of my friend's racket. It looks like a standard starting knot that contains three loops (instead of two).Is it necessary to tie such a bulky knot? For starting knots, I believe Irvin's iknot is sufficient enough.
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    Best way for starting the mains

    Hey guys,which of the following would you consider the best method for starting mains? 1)Yusuki method 2)Parnell method(i know that he does not own this technique but i cannot find another term/as it is shown in his 16 min video,it refers to backing up a fixed clamp with a starting clamp inside...