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    Racquet Matching

    I was just wanting to clarify this topic. I am looking into purchasing two new racquets soon and I am looking to get them matched. To my understanding, the matching service costs $20 per racquet (so $40 for 2 racquets?) but what does that include? Which specs are matched and what is the turn...
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    NTRP Play

    Just wondering what the rules are. Can a junior self rate and play in say a Combined 8.0 doubles tourney? Or are juniors prohibited from playing in NTRP events.
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    Adidas Barricades

    Hi everyone, I'm not up to day on tennis apparel so my question is what's going on with Adidas? Elaborating, is Adidas releasing new colorways of the Vs or are they gonna release the VIs?
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    Links on the TW Home Page

    On your home page, you have 6 different displays of Adidas clothing... But none of them go to the Adidas Clothing page.
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    Barricade V - White, Black, Pool Blue

    As promised, pictures of my new Barricade Vs in White, Black, and Pool Blue. Sorry, picture is from my Macbook Photo Booth.
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    Barricade Vs

    I was wondering if the Barricades came in today as planned. Thanks, Zhou
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    Tennis Balls

    I am looking into buying a case of balls. I am wondering what balls should I get.
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    Free Shipping

    I am wondering, what if I am $.27 short of $75? Would I still have to order another item to get over $75?
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    Tension Recommendation

    I just received the string I won in the Samster String contest of 6/25. It is a hybrid of Dunlop Max Comfort 17 and Klip K-Boom 17. I will be stringing it with the Dunlop Max Confort in the Mains and the Klip K-Boom in the Crosses as suggested by Samster in a Pure Storm Ltd. Now I need some...
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    Djokovic is OUT!!!

    Yes, Safin just owned Djokovic!
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    Klip Legend Durability

    Exactly how durable is Klip Legend 18? I just went hitting with it and broke it in my new Pure Storm Limited in like 5-10 minutes. I am not a string breaker.
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    One of my grommets on the Pure Storm Limited I ordered and received last Friday was cracked. I did not have a chance to post this because I was in Chicago and did not have a computer. I have not played with the racket yet. It was cracked when I received it. Can you guys help me out?
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    Question for Gamma Tech

    After looking at my old machine for a while, I noticed that the Gamma Progression II 602 FC I received had a Gamma Progression base but a Gamma X-Line turn table and mounting tower. Why is this? The pads on the mounting tower were red not blue though. The machine I purchased did not match the...
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    Stupid Gamma

    Today, my rotational gripper failed on me. I cleaned it and everything but the stupid gripper won't properly grip the first 2 mains to set my anchor clamp.
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    Starting an Prince Racket

    Starting a Prince Racket I have been wondering, how would you set your anchor clamp on a Prince 03 technology racket. When tensioning the first 2 mains to set your anchor clamp like on any other racket, wouldn't the strings just come together instead of being separated like on a racket with...
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    GSS Symposium

    Who here is going to the Symposium?
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    The Middle Tension Club

    For all those who don't fit into the High Tension Club or Low Tension Club. Your tension range of your usual setup would fall between the 2 clubs at 55 to 65. **I string PHT at 58 and NXT at 62 on my usual setup, I am using TiMO because I wanted to try it and love it but now I have to go back...
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    Aeropro Drive Grommets

    I just recieved my order of Aeropro Drive grommets but on the grommets it says Bumper Grommet Aero.Drive/Jr. Does it say Jr because it also fits the Aeropro Drive Jr?
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    Babolat Pure Drive + Stringing Pattern

    On the TW website, it says to string 1 piece but on the Babolat website it says to string 2 piece?
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    Waiting for an Alpha

    Do you think it would be worth waiting for the Alpha Apex II to be in stock or to just buy a Gamma 6004? I am still open to other machines though.
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    Alpha Apex II vs Gamma 6004

    Right now I am looking into buying a new stringing machine. I have narrowed it down to these 2 but am still open to new suggestions. If at all possible, would it be possible for someone to compare 1) The clamp bases 2) The 5 tooth clamps of Gamma and the 3 tooth clamps of Alpha 3) Their...
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    I know that the diablo releases some tension off of the string gripper when tensioning, but is it really needed?
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    Tips on Stringing Natural Gut

    I was wondering, are there any tips on stringing Natural Gut that I should be aware about? I am stringing on a Gamma Progression II 602FC. Also which gut brand is better Pacific or Babolat VS.
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    Gamma Shipping Method

    Is it me or did gamma switch from Fedex to UPS? I remember when I ordered my Gamma just a week ago it was Fedex I believe. Now when I look it is UPS. I don't know I may be going crazy.
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    Package Tracking

    I purchased a Gamma Stringer off Tennis Warehouse. The machine ships direct from the manufacturer so will I be sent a tracking number from Gamma? Sorry if this is a stupid Question.
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    A butt cap question

    I have a little rattle in the frame of one of my APDC. I am wondering, if I were to remove the butt cap trap door, would i have to replace the whole butt cap or would the trap door just pop back in place? My friend has the APD but the trap door won't stay in.
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    Faxing off Credit Card Info

    Well today I was offered a dunlop preferred player package. My mom is skeptical of this because she thinks it could be a scam and my mom doesn't believe it is safe to fax off Credit Card Information. Does anyone know if Kristin Mears is really on the Dunlop team?
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    A problem...

    I just got offered a preferred player pack by dunlop. My problem is that I just purchased 2 brand new rackets just last year in September. The rackets are APDCs. I am wondering if i should take the offer or keep my old sticks. I am also looking for some feedback on the Dunlop Aerogel 200 & 300...
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    Cyberpower Mains/ VS Team Cross

    I am wondering how this setup preforms. For me to go to the stringer would be a good 40 minute drive without traffic and I really don't want to be wasting gas on going back and forth trying different string setups. I am a good 4.0 and am looking for more spin on my forehand, a little more power...