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    Nike RF: A Complete Obituary

    Pretty amazing work you've done putting this together. I reckon Fed himself would be interested to revisit his history with Nike over the years by looking over what you've done. Side note - what awesome athleticism. I'd always thought of Fed as a skill player rather than an outright athlete...
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    ATP top 100 - 24 different clothing sponsors

    What's "Australian"???
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    Haha no worries, just reminded me of this one from last week
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    That’s a Koala
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    It’s disgusting how hot it is these last few days yes. It was 42 and dry for 2 days but now it’s 30 and humid. It will pass during the week but then we’re back up to high 30s for next weekend finals...
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    Never mind, I found it. Current collection
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    Any Lacoste fans ? (or other 'not Nike, Adidas or Wilson' folks)

    Personally I think Mullers shirt looks like a PowerPoint presentation from 1999 but each to their own. Just not a fan of the stripes and swirls
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    Any Lacoste fans ? (or other 'not Nike, Adidas or Wilson' folks)

    Not sure if sarcastic, but it’s Sergio tacchini, not Lacoste....
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    Hmmm not previous, he wore it yesterday
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    The retail version ain't bad, but not as nice as what he's wearing in the pic above (IMO) not much to like from here, again IMO. (maybe AU gets a restricted range...) looks great with the matched shorts and shoes
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    Who's outfits are great and who's aren't?

    Novak winning the kits in the mens at the moment, classy lacoste, much better than retail offerings
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    Any Lacoste fans ? (or other 'not Nike, Adidas or Wilson' folks)

    I think Djoko's kit is the best playing at AO right now. Even my wife commented that the lacoste looks great and she never gives two sh!ts about tennis attire (unless commenting how ridiculous Nike's outfits look this year)
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    Australian Open travel from US *******

    Don't know if you've left already, however - Anywhere in the city is totally safe to stay, but to have a nicer time, avoid king st/spencer st near the southern end (flinders st end) as the strip joints and backpacker hostels that are focused around there attract a rowdy and boozed up type of...
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    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    Got myself Barricade Boosts in the Xmas sales. Adidas AU had 50% off a few days before Xmas (then 40% off just after, and 30% off in the new year...o_O) so I was pretty stoked to find these at$120 AUD (~$95USD) from Adidas direct. From just trying them on and walking around they seem to offer...
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    Are tennis sneakers any different from regular sneakers?

    the soles are also very flat compared to the grooves and contours you find on running shoes and cross trainers various tennis shoes running shoe ultra boost
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    [3] Federer vs [24] Del Potro

    Amazing from JMDP, what a beast! And WOW, what a terrible crowd - cheering delpos 1st serve faults, and the d0uche in the front row corporate seats thinking its funny to get TOLD BY FED to turn his phone off, TWICE, at 0-30 serving to stay in the match, wtf. :rolleyes:
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    Ashleigh Barty enjoyed a bagel and a breadstick

    good result so far, but too bad about Kokk losing from 2-0
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    New Pure Drive 2018?!

    Agreed, I don't like the graphics on the throat - how off is it off centre, looks daft to me. Maybe it will be different in person, but for now I much prefer the PJ on the 2015 model and the Pure Aero, where the graphics are based around the different angles and planes of the mould. Hoop...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    see post 402...
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    Are Babolats really better for baseliners?

    yeah but even the APD and PD are just pro stock with a low to mid 60s flex anyway aren't they? Pretty much no pro using a 72 RA off the shelf PD....?
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    Babolat PDT demo racquet factory strings

    Hey mate, sorry for the late reply, I was giving it a few weeks before sharing my impressions of the MSV co focus in the pure drive (note that I don’t have the tour version, but my racquet does weight 332g strung with overgrip and dampener) So I’ve really enjoyed my first 3 matches (9 sets...
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    Wilson: Pro Staff vs. Burn vs. Steam vs. Blade

    The pro staff is a 97. You'll find that power and spin are determined more by other factors rather than head size alone (age. Talking about the difference between 90-100). Mostly string type and tension, but also string pattern, especially for spin. Technique being equal that is.... From my...
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    Babolat PDT demo racquet factory strings

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm planning on putting in some MSV poly next week. I've got some co focus and focus hex so will try them both and let you know what I think. What tension did you go with?
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    Westworld Season 1

    Stick with it - I know a few people who gave up after 2-4 episodes, but it's worth sticking it out for the second half of the season (if you can avoid reading spoilers online)
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    is the evidence already in on Kyrgios

    Yes, Miami 2016, he beat Raonic in the QFs, lost to Nishikori in semis. Also won the Tokyo ATP 500
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    People who try to win the warmup

    i'll just take longer on the warm up with these types. If they ask whether you're ready to start playing, you just say no, still need more warm up as you haven't gotten a rhythm yet/enough clean shots to warm up. :\
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    Babolat PDT demo racquet factory strings

    Ha! you're right, that is really strange. To be fair I've only had a look in chain type sports shops like Rebel - maybe tennis stores get different stock?
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    Babolat PDT demo racquet factory strings

    Sure, i'll let you know what I go with and how it feels. I played again last night with the spiraltek and felt a bit more dialled in than previous weeks (I only play once a week so it's takes a while to get used to different set ups :confused:), as I really concentrated on more ripping more...
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    Babolat PDT demo racquet factory strings

    Just for reference, I actually got my racquet from the UK. I've looked in store in Australia and saw Pure Aeros and Pure Drives strung with spiraltek, and OP is in Salzburg with the racquet from France strung with spiraltek.
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    What is this racket?

    does it look like this? sounds like this one Head Intelligence i.Caliber Head Size: 107 sq. in. / 690 sq. cm. Length: 27.50 inches / 69.85 cm Strung Weight: 9.70 oz / 275 g Balance: 5pts HL Swing Weight: 274 Beam Width: 23.0mm Tip/Shaft: 23.0mm / 23.0mm Composition: Graphite Composite w /...