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  1. Cashman

    Mixed Shootout - what am I doing?

    Play left handed
  2. Cashman

    Djokovic ain't winning the USO

    Shoulder ‘injury’
  3. Cashman

    Dealing with a net rusher

  4. Cashman

    Olympics doubles final

    Said no athlete competing for Olympic gold ever
  5. Cashman

    Dealing with a net rusher

    Focus on hitting good, solid topspin passing shots off a stable base. Give yourself plenty of time and margin for error - you don’t have to paint the lines, just make him stretch a little bit. Don’t be afraid to whip your passing shot across in front of his body - if you get it dipping below...
  6. Cashman

    I’m a baseliner , how do I get to the net?

    Compass and a sack lunch
  7. Cashman

    How to prepare for singles tournament

    Manscaping and aftershave
  8. Cashman

    Opinion on Public Park Tennis Courts re: Time limits

    The rule essentially boils down to ‘when demand exceeds availability, everyone gets to play for an hour’ If I go and play for an hour, and nobody is there then sure I will continue on. If someone shows up after I’ve been playing for 90 minutes - I’ve had my hour and then some, fair’s fair that...
  9. Cashman

    Opinion on Public Park Tennis Courts re: Time limits

    Your interpretation is incorrect. The sign is very clear - "limit play to one hour". If it meant "limit queues to one hour" it would say that. Anyway, keeping people waiting for a full hour if you've already been playing for an hour plus is grossly inconsiderate. It's totally reasonable to ask...
  10. Cashman

    The Olympics are of no interest to anyone.

    What the **** does baseball have to do with anything? If a grand slam was tied to a number of things (it’s not) it would be 13, because the term originally referred to taking all 13 tricks in a hand of bridge Baseball. Jesus. ****ing Americans
  11. Cashman

    Djokovic title odds now a ridiculous 1.44.

    He will still find a way to squib it
  12. Cashman

    "Pete Sampras Is Doing Just Fine, Thanks"

    The accountant of tennis
  13. Cashman

    Nadal lost the record for most titles

    This is so American I want to throw up
  14. Cashman

    Uh oh. I've been Pickled.

    The important thing is to use protection, and if you’re married never let your spouse find out
  15. Cashman

    “I’m very single, I might be undateable.” - Venus Williams

    In Evert’s case she sounds pretty impossible Has like three or four failed marriages
  16. Cashman

    Kyrgios “ I can beat 50% of the draw with no preparation”

    The problem with Kyrgios is that he is too focused on the word ‘can’ He can definitely beat 50% of the draw with very little preparation. I’d actually say the number is higher. The problem is it’s very unlikely, and it’s even more unlikely that he’ll string together multiple wins in a row on no...
  17. Cashman

    Can Rec Players Benefit from Watching Slam Semi's and Finals Matches?

    Yes but it depends what you take away from it Most people focus on the wrong stuff
  18. Cashman

    Can you rally 100 balls from the BL?

    Non-consecutively, sure
  19. Cashman

    How to play relaxed doubles

    Man, Marko has aged badly
  20. Cashman

    Uh oh. I've been Pickled.

    I used to work with a guy called Dick Pichler
  21. Cashman

    I've Been Kidnapped!

    I thought you were one of those tennis players who burn up in sunlight - forever condemned to haunt the indoor courts of the Pacific Northwest, nary more than a legend used by tanned Floridian tennis pros to scare their young charges into taking their Vitamin D pills
  22. Cashman

    Adult competition path for non-cheaters (singles)

    yeah the door is over there marked LOSERS ha, got him
  23. Cashman

    How to handle young players cultural customs in hot" weather

    If don’t like to do wrong things, don’t wrong things do be the reed in the wind list your project for optional attendance and leverage personal investment
  24. Cashman

    Media claim that Djokovic is still the “third wheel” in Tennis Trifecta

    On one thing we can agree - Djokovic would be well executed