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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Is there a video available showing this fact?
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    Swingweight affected by stiffness?

    When building two identical frames with different stiffness targets, the amount and orientation of fibres required to achieve the target stiffness will differ. This can create two frames with the same static weight and balance but with different swingweights.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I had to get it wrapped over the copper and black. I wish!
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    Wow! Upgraded Message Board/Talk Tennis Looking Really Good

    When viewing a forum category menu on a phone in portrait it's not possible to select a page number. When the phone is turned to landscape the options appear. I.e. You can select the final page of a thread rather than landing on page one. Am I missing a trick somewhere?
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    Question: How do racquet manufacturers get air into the yoke?

    There are a few variants on the materials used but essentially it's the same process. Carbon is wrapped around a small bag of PU beads or a rectangular piece of PU foam. The heat in the moulding process causes the PU to expand and push the carbon into shape whilst it cures. If you cut through...
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    Cant wait to see him in a padded jacket :)
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    That answers that then!!
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    Babolat Quality Control 2015

    Thanks for confirming. It will be good to know if a replacement is on the cards in the future.
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    Babolat Quality Control 2015

    Hi Josh. You mentioned the RDC machine in your post. Is it correct that this machine is no longer produced or supported by Babolat?
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    The rise and fall of racquet companies.

    from my understanding, the patent was owned by Jack Frolow and Wilson bought the patent when they realised it could restrict other brands. The patent was about 2000 pages long and hideous to circumnavigate!
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    The rise and fall of racquet companies.

    My first ever racket was a Yamaha. Mostly white if I recall correctly. I might have to search for one now you have reminded me about it!
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    Why So Many DIFFERENT Flex/Stiffness Ratings for Babalot Pure Aero??

    As I understand it, babolat are no longer selling or supporting / calibrating the RDC machines currently in use by retailers and there are few alternatives for measuring racket stiffness accurately. I wouldn't want to confidently assume a 20 year old machine in California will measure exactly...
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    Wilson Quality Control

    You're very welcome.
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    Wilson Quality Control

    Nothing shady or suspicious. The retailer was previously part of our distributer network but we no longer support this system as it was not possible to control the accuracy of how the frames were assembled.
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    Wilson Quality Control

    Just to clarify, The Angell frame you demoed was not built or supplied by Angell directly. The retailer you received the frame from has not been authorised by Angell for many years, partly due to the lack of control over build Quality.
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    Automatic Re-Gripping Machine: Is there a need?

    Just over half the handle..
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    calling all Dunlop Revelation experts!

    Those were the days! Looks like an 80's nightclub on a racket. I can remember the cosmetic colours but no idea about the specs. Sorry. My guess is 1989 or 1990
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    calling all Dunlop Revelation experts!

    Name doesn't ring a bell. Do you know the year? What colour is it?
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    3D printed tennis racquets ?

    Having prototyped several rackets over the years using all variants of the processs (SLS, filament and SLA) im afraid they are a fair distance away from being usable. The forces and strains a racket has to endure during stringing and playing are far too much for this type of manufacturing...
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    Accounting for good taste

    Try $7.79 a gallon..welcome to the uk.
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    Racquetaholics...what else do you collect?

    Motocross helmets from the 80's and 90's to remind me of when I was young enough to ride competitively without hurting all over!
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    All the green/yellow/black racquets

    Quite possible! Back in the mid 90's Henmans black and white harlequin frame was a deliberate attempt to stand out in newspaper images.. the world has got a bit more colour friendly since then!
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    2-3SW difference noticable?

    Is there a video of the experiment using an RDC? It will be interesting to see what happens now that RDC machines are discontinued and (I believe) unsupported for calibration and maintenance.
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    2-3SW difference noticable?

    1g at 12 o'clock can add 6 SW points.
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    wilson gripsize 5/8 to 3/8?

    Yes. It will change the RDC measured stiffness but not how stiff the frame plays. It's a good example of how measured RA is not a very accurate way of determining how stiff a frame feels during play.
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    wilson gripsize 5/8 to 3/8?

    Correct. It's why the measured stiffness of a frame will differ between a grip 1 and a grip 5. Because the foam stiffness is also measured as part of the frame pull on an RDC.
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    New Wilson frame paint finish. . .?

    Sorry about that. It was a bit of an unknown back in 2002. 15 years on it seems the issues remain.
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    Hypothetical: You play the Wimbledon final tomorrow, your frame of choice is?...

    Like every Wimbledon finalist in the last few decades... a custom frame underneath the highest paying sponsors paintwork of choice. :) I'm suprised we haven't seen a cocoa cola or McDonald's paint job yet.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    I'd rather be wearing them than my current "left foot" footwear