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  1. Racketdesign

    Cosmetic preferences

    As some of you know, and my name suggests I am involved and interested in design, especially tennis rackets! With quite a broad mix of design styles on the latest models released by some brands, is there a specific part of a racket cosmetic that attracts us? Paint colour? Type of finish...
  2. Racketdesign

    Name change?

    Hello, Is there any way to update or change a username? I choose mine before starting Vantage and its been questioned as an act of delibrate stealth. If its not possible to change the username, can you confirm that TW is happy for me to use my company name and position in my signature...
  3. Racketdesign

    Paint finish matters ?

    Partly because im curious.. and partly because ive never started a post with a poll.... Does the finish on a racquet affect your decision on purchase ?
  4. Racketdesign

    Any US coaches without a racket deal ?

    Hi everyone, Some of you may have seen previous posts from me mentioning my background and future plans. For those of you that haven't, I was previously the racquet design manager at Dunlop/Slazenger. Since leaving I have been working to develop a new brand of equipment that is specifically...
  5. Racketdesign

    Weight and balance

    Hi everyone, I would be very interested to get an idea of what weight and balance you guys use, regardless of racket. Please indicate if the specs are strung or unstrung. cheers
  6. Racketdesign

    Head rackets

    Hi, Please can one of you "Head" experts please remind me which models use the "Pallet" handle? ( The handle is made from 2 pieces, not directly molded) Cheers
  7. Racketdesign

    Replacement bumpers and Grommets

    How often do you guys replace bumpers and grommets ? Is the cost high or ability to get them difficult ?
  8. Racketdesign

    Industry workers ?

    Hi, anyone here work as a distributer for sports goods... or know anyone ? Im looking to chat with people all over the US and Uk.
  9. Racketdesign

    Brand image, player endorsment or racket play feeling?

    Im interested to get some views... If we all agree that most pro players use paintjobs... do they really help sell serious players rackets ? Or is everyone buying their frames after demo's ?
  10. Racketdesign

    Anyone using a Dunlop MW 200g 90 ?

    Hi, If anyone uses this frame or would be interested to try let me know.. w - 330g., b- 310, SW - 296
  11. Racketdesign

    Calling all Dunlop or Slazenger racket users....

    Hi, I would love to hear from any current Dunlop or Slazenger racket owners that are looking to replace or change their racket in the near future. Until the recent take over of Dunlop Slazenger,I held the position of Racket Design Manager and have been largely responsible for all of their...