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  1. J

    New Yonex Commercial - New VCore Pro

    Agreed 100%. I disliked VDM on all the new models with it.
  2. J

    Cap Grommet for Head Graphene Touch Prestige Midplus

    They fit. The XT version is actually 95. The grommets for the graphene, Graphenext and graphene touch prestige MP are the same. They won't fit the 360+ version.
  3. J

    HC Swing Extreme -- the NITE version

    The Extreme tour nite is a beauty. Hope they become avaible in south america.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Mines are with 325, 330 and 330, strung.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    You could get the blade PRO then, it's pretty within this specs.
  6. J

    Most powerful 98 16x19 racquet with low launch angle

    Extreme Tour doesn't offer more power than the blade. I completely forgot about the 2021 radical MP, in fact, that should be perfect for what you are looking
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    So, 7 months after getting kicked in the a*% by Wilson QC and getting two blade PROs with a strung SW of 350 and 351, i decided to sell both of them and try my luck again, just got them measured on a head 3-in-1 machine. 295SW and 300SW unstrung, both with 307g. I really can't complain this time.
  8. J

    Most powerful 98 16x19 racquet with low launch angle

    Get a Blade PRO 16x19 or a Blade v6 without the countervail. Tecnifibre RS 305 is also an option. (18x19 though)
  9. J

    Head Extreme Tour 360+ versus Dunlop CX 200

    Agree with everthing. I do feel the gravity tour is very polarized, which i don't really like. Loved the feel and power, but couldn't maneuver it at net or on serves.
  10. J

    Head Extreme Tour 360+ versus Dunlop CX 200

    For my game, a felt the CX200 just a bit less stable, but the ET is not a very stable frame to begin with, as i feel it lacks mass in the head. But you can fix this easily with a feel grams of lead.
  11. J

    Head Extreme Tour 360+ versus Dunlop CX 200

    I tried both, in my experience, the gravity tour is way less maneuverable than the extreme tour.
  12. J

    Head Graphene 360+ Extreme Tour Alternate Paint Release?

    The tour will also get the "nite" paintjob? I thought it would be only for the MP.
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    Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310) vs Babolat Pure Aero

    I think the ezone 100 or 98, or the vcore 98 or 100 would suit you better. All of them are quite powerfull and more arm friendly than the Pure Aero. Another option would be the head speed 360+ MP or even the new Radical MP. The vcore pro 310 is low powered and more control oriented than the...
  14. J

    2020 Bab Pure Aero VS

    Confidential is usually my go to string, but on the PAVS i felt more control and comfort with Lynx tour. What i like most with confidential is the bite and spin it generates, but the PAVS is already a spin racquet.
  15. J

    2020 Bab Pure Aero VS

    Tried with confidential, lxn smart and Lynx tour, I liked it more with Lynx tour at 52 lbs.
  16. J

    Head Extreme Tour 360+ versus Dunlop CX 200

    Played with both, they are really close to each other, CX200 has a thinner and constant beam, which, in my experience makes it a bit less stable.
  17. J

    Head Extreme "night" version

    Pictures will be deleted, but is an all black frame with the extreme logo in neon yellow.
  18. J

    Head Extreme "night" version

    I saw the pictures on instagram, it is a really nice PJ, but unfortunately, from what this page said, it is only for MP and PRO versions. No extreme tour nite version
  19. J

    Hole on trapdoor (head prostock)

    Sorry if this is on the wrong forum. I received some head prostocks today and i noticed that the trapdoors had a hole drilled from the silicone addition (at least this is what i assume they are for). So, why some pros drill this hole instead of removing the trapdoor and applying the silicone?
  20. J

    Blade 16 x 19 98 vs Pure Aero VS

    Vs is much faster to swing, since it is more HL. So i found it better on serves and at net. Like said above, Blade is more stable, has more control and a better feel. VS ir more powerfull and higher launch angle
  21. J

    Blade V6 2021 (finally without CV)

    Does anyone know the actual balance spec of these? TW listed then as 3pt HL strung, but some other places, and Wilson website, lists them at 5pt HL
  22. J

    Wilson Eco-Friendly Rackets

    Lets follow some wilson logic here: A regular Blade v7 is sold for 219usd; Which is a "naked" version with the regular PJ added; A custom made blade v7 is sold for 259usd; And as i can understand here they grab a "naked" frame and paint the racquet with the PJ selected by the costumer, which...
  23. J

    Pure Aero VS 2021

    I really liked them, nice spin, maneuverable, forgiving, and not hollow as other babolats. It is a bit hard to control if you are a used to a more control oriented racquet.
  24. J

    Blade 98 16x19 v7 vs. Gravity Tour

    Played with both. Both great feeling racquets, but i like the gravity feel more. Similar power, more spin from Blade and more control from gravity. The one thing i disliked on both was the lack of maneuverability, specially on the gravity.
  25. J

    Bonjour from Babolat: Part Trois

    Josh, any updates on the release date of the Pure Strike VS?
  26. J

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Has anyone played with the ASL2 and a TC 97, 310g, 9pts HL, 16x19? If so, any thoughts on power and spin? Thanks in advance.
  27. J

    Blade v7.0 vs ProStaff v13 - cosmetic

    Matte and velvet are different paint finishes, i don't mind the matte finish either, i just can't stand the velvet finish, specially since i live in a hot city in a hot country, and this velvet sticky feeling is absolute terrible at hot days.
  28. J

    After 6 years, I'm lost again...

    If you liked the Gravity PRO but found hard to swing it fast, maybe get the gravity TOUR. I know a few players that had the same love with the PRO but couldn't swing it fast, so they got the TOUR and solved the problem.
  29. J

    Blade v7.0 vs ProStaff v13 - cosmetic

    It is totally velvet, except at 12 o clock. The feel is the same weird sticky from previous versions.