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  1. RajS

    open stance serve

    Actually, I agree with you 100%! I found that open stance kills my shoulder, so I switched back to my original closed stance, and found it far easier on the shoulder and back. I found that my back problems are due to some other issue, not my serve, but obviously when my back is off my serve...
  2. RajS

    MOTYS treatment for knee

    I have the same problem with my left knee. The right knee is also arthritic, but in much better shape. I am also very sensitive to shoes! I have wide feet, so my choices are limited. I keep playing with inserts until one works - so far I have always found one that works. I think I am one of the...
  3. RajS

    What is the reason behind having: A closed racquet face on the backswing

    IMO, a closed take back forces you to swing up to open the racket face to the desired orientation during contact. Thus you should get a lot more topspin if your take back is closed. Also seems to be more conducive to good ESR with a semi-western grip which I use, and I have felt the difference...
  4. RajS

    Would you take a higher swing weight, over a higher static weight for the modern ATP FH?

    I have been playing around with weighting my rackets to get a bit more power, and I finally got an understanding of how adding weights to the head and handle works! The price I paid to get this understanding was many sets of horrible doubles matches where I kept changing rackets to figure out...
  5. RajS

    Battle in The ATL - MEP vs Travler Match Thread

    I have a tendency to take full cuts at slow balls... so if I played @GSG, I would lose unless you counted my score in home runs... But kudos to @travlerajm and @GSG for being such good sports! Really enjoyed the build up and execution.
  6. RajS

    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    Oh no! I heard Ian accidentally signed the NDA so no one will ever know the result!
  7. RajS

    Good videos

    Talk about effortless power!
  8. RajS

    If you're fat/slow/unfit

    @user92626 Well, you are right, improvements in reaction time and anticipation are also things to work on, which I do. It all starts with the split step, which is part of my drilling. I am far from immobile, so no handicaps are necessary, but my steady partners are all quicker and more explosive...
  9. RajS

    If you're fat/slow/unfit

    Man, you are so dedicated that I think you should get a coach, for at least once a week. The coach should either be able to see you hit with others, or hit with you himself. The reason I say this is that in order to improve, and quickly at that, someone should hold you to one style and one set...
  10. RajS

    An 88 mph first serve is more than fast enough to beat you.

    I was going to say Su Wei is the WTA version of MEP, but that's probably not correct, because a lot of her shots are outright winners or cause forced errors. IMO, it's her amazing tactical and placement skills, on top of everything else, that lets her beat higher ranked players with lots more...
  11. RajS

    Where should you stand as the server's partner with a weak 2nd serve?

    Well, there's no escaping the fact that you are a sitting duck if your partner has a weak second serve. When I am in that situation, I just try to play mind games with my opponents.
  12. RajS

    Chris Evert Instructional Video Describing Forehand, Backhand and Serve (1990)

    I am always struck with wonder when I see Chris Evert play. With such graceful movement and strokes, she would have dominated with any style!
  13. RajS

    Myth or a great tip?

    To add to the above, you would tend to aim the middle of the racket head at the ball during the swing. The ISR starting just before contact will shift the contact, on the average, to below the center.
  14. RajS

    Myth or a great tip?

    Maybe it happens naturally if the stroke is basically a linear movement of the racket head towards the ball, with internal shoulder rotation starting just before contact and continuing into the follow through, like all the pros seem to do.
  15. RajS

    One handed bh vids for Chas

    @Shroud Your backhand looks even better than it was as I remember it! Good stuff, man!
  16. RajS

    Pace! Are you sure you understand what pace is?

    Speed is simply MPH (or KPH) associated with a shot - what else can it be?? Pace could be the tempo of the game, I'm guessing, decided by how quickly the ball gets back to the hitter. The pace could be very high in an S&V game, I suppose, without the ball speed getting to be too high. When...
  17. RajS

    Match play video (Papa Mango v. Chaelaz)

    Hey guys, I am still in Campbell (CA), still playing... flogging the old body into doing things it doesn't want to do! I think I will outlast my old car, though!
  18. RajS

    Adjustments to technique and strategy as you get older (55+)?

    I am 64. Lots of changes are in the works for me, the serve being a big one since I hurt my shoulder some months ago. I am serving again, but am following Rick Macci's progression for serves in my quest to rebuild it from scratch so it is safe. It is working great for me, and I am kicking myself...
  19. RajS

    Stop talking nonsense about being relaxed when hitting the ball !!!

    If you do the theoretical calculations assuming perfect collision, a free standing racket will reflect the ball at around 70% of the incoming speed (assuming a 12oz racket and a 2oz ball). Whereas if the racket is moving towards the ball at a given speed, almost twice that speed will be added to...
  20. RajS

    Is hitting deep really that important?

    If the short ball landing near the service line comes at you like a kick serve (and it does in higher level tennis), it will be as effective as a deep ball I guess since you will be contacting heavy spin in an awkward hitting zone. Deep balls are great, of course, but if you are standing a few...
  21. RajS

    "left handed forehand" coaching makes my backhand worse

    In the forehand, when the back swing is complete, the right shoulder is stretched. Thus a body turn will pull the racket forward into the stroke, and all the good things happen after that. In a two handed backhand stroke, with two hands grabbing the racket, the take back won't permit a left...
  22. RajS

    Pushers follow same winning principle as anyone including pros!

    No... not that ... please no!! That was strictly a one time thing - an isolated moment of inspiration - like the great drop shot I hit a few weeks ago and impressed my buddy, but I could never do it again!
  23. RajS

    Pushers follow same winning principle as anyone including pros!

    I get what @user92626 is saying. To state it like a mathematical theorem: for each non-pusher belonging to the set of rec tennis players, there exists a pusher in the same set who is better than him. Right? (j/k)
  24. RajS

    Pain in lower back / left hip area after every session!

    If the pain is in the lower back area, to one side, it could be an over stressed gluteus medius muscle, and there may be bursitis as well. This was my problem. There are a number of things I did to my playing style to mitigate it, and even now I have to be careful, like doing my exercises and...
  25. RajS

    The target in tennis

    Don't know, but she would be a natural at hitting tweeners, I would think...
  26. RajS

    Stop talking nonsense about being relaxed when hitting the ball !!!

    @Curious I think @grzewas may have a discrepancy between what he thinks he is doing and what he is actually doing. Remember, as GD, he was very much against the split step, but when I examined his movement, it seemed to me that he was split stepping more often than not, and his movement is just...
  27. RajS

    Stop talking nonsense about being relaxed when hitting the ball !!!

    @grzewas Well, your grip has to be strong enough so that the racket doesn't fly off, that's for sure! There is a way of holding and positioning the racket through the take back and the swing forward, as @Curiosity has pointed out, that will lock the racket with your torso's forward rotation...
  28. RajS

    Symmetrical (360 degree) rotational tennis - from discovery, practice to deployment in real match, in week!

    Hey @oserver, your opponent is going to figure out that he should drop shot you whenever you are looking the other way! (j/k)
  29. RajS

    What is the problem with my two handed backhand ?

    @grzewas Yes, your two handed backhand is excellent. Replaying it at 25% speed, my amateur rec level eye sees all the elements there, including a compact back swing. It is very much a left handed shot, and you don't always curtail your follow through (it does wrap sometimes). Maybe a little less...
  30. RajS

    [Video] Clay points

    Yeah, man... topspin is great fun and all, but if you want to really play, it seems nothing beats good movement and good slice shots from both wings! Lesson noted...