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  1. DelPo2016

    Replacing gripper

    I’m replacing the gripper (old one cracked) on my revo 4000. At least I think it’s called a gripper, just the Metal block that grabs the string. I took the old one off no problem but I’m really struggling with putting the new one on. I feel like I’m missing something as alpha’s guy said it...
  2. DelPo2016

    Help with Alpha Revo 4000

    I took apart my alpha Revo 4000 to try to fix the issue that the machine wasn’t properly gripping string and it would slip out when trying to pull tension. Anyway I think I cleaned it enough and now I’m having trouble putting it back together. I’m pretty bad with this sort of thing and should’ve...
  3. DelPo2016

    Hit in Madrid this week?

    hey I am in Madrid for a week, leaving Sunday. Is there anyone on here that lives in Madrid that would want to hit? I know it's a stretch but I would love to hit on some clay courts for the first time. Of course I could pay court fees. I am about a 17 and a 4.5 by USTA standards. I'm staying...
  4. DelPo2016

    I Stand By Denis Istomin: The Mad Uzbek

    What a legend. Just took down the Novak Djokovic in 5. He's been working hard for years. A car accident at 16 took him off the courts for 2 years but he still made it pro. He has 1 title, at Nottingham in 2015.
  5. DelPo2016

    Milan To Host Next Gen ATP Finals Starting in 2017
  6. DelPo2016

    DIII Advice Needed

    Hey I'm a junior in high school who really wants to play college tennis. i'm a 1 star, 9 utr with good high school experience (district champ sophomore year etc). i realize D1 isn't a possibility, and it sounds like too much of a load anyway. For D3 I've been looking at Wheaton College in...
  7. DelPo2016

    2016 US Open QF: Lucas Pouille (24) - Gaël Monfils (10)

    After a huge win over Nadal, Lucas Pouille heads into his second slam QF. Two frenchmen, but only one match between them. Monfils won at the Australian Open in 2015 6-7, 3-6, 6-4, 6-1, 6-4. Both players are probably happy with the results of the tourney so far. But a great opportunity for either...
  8. DelPo2016

    Wimbledon 2016 3R: Del Potro- Pouille

    No thread on it yet. Shaping up to be a good match
  9. DelPo2016

    How would you advise Delpo?

    If you had the chance to a tell Delpo what to do from here on out what would it be? Retire now? One last bang at Wimbledon? Play through the pain? It's an interesting topic on how people view athletes, whether or not they owe it to anyone to play through it. I think he should go all out at...
  10. DelPo2016

    Delpo out for rest of 2016

    He tried to make the comeback. But sadly it just wasn't meant to be, Delpo looks distraught, he really gave it all he got. I for one, eagerly await Delpo in 2017, if he's fully healthy.
  11. DelPo2016

    Best on court banter?

    My favorite has to be Del Potro when he was 19.
  12. DelPo2016

    AO 2016 4R: Monfils (23) VS. Kuznetsov

    Looks like no one made a thread, so I did Head to Head is 2-0 for Monfils. First grand slam meeting. This would be both players first AO quarterfinal.
  13. DelPo2016

    Closest Racquet to Yonex 95D?

    I have used wilson frames for years until I chanced upon a yonex vcore 95d. The switch from pro staff to it was easy, loved the power plus the feel I was used to. I can't find many frames online, so I was wondering what newer racquets play similar to it? I realize I could find more 95d's if I...
  14. DelPo2016

    Funny Incident

    I was using my pro staff blx 6.1 95 from 2012 today. I had a kid come up to me and say:" nice retro racquet"... This is a fairly well ranked junior. What has youth tennis come to... Marketing teams must be loving it
  15. DelPo2016

    Worse Touch From a Top Player?

    Who has the worst finesse and touch of top top players? I'm thinking slam winners, or recent top 10 players if they apply. In my opinion Raonic seems pretty clumsy if we're talking his caliber of players
  16. DelPo2016

    U.S. Open 2015 SF: Novak Djokovic ([1] - Marin Čilić [9] Cilic/Novak Djokovic (Head to Head) Head to head is 13:0 in favor of Djokovic. Their most recent meeting was handily won by Novak. Very bad matchup for Cilic, but if he finds last year's open form, he has a great chance. I haven't seen anything...
  17. DelPo2016

    U.S. Open 2015 QF: Roger Federer (SUI) [2] - Richard Gasquet (FRA) [12] Federer/Richard Gasquet Federer leads the head to head 14-2. Gasquet has never beat him outside of clay in 2005 and 2011. Who wins the battle of the beautiful backhands?
  18. DelPo2016

    US Open 2015: Novak Djokovic (SRB) [1] vs. Feliciano Lopez (ESP) [18]

    Interesting matchup, but you would think Novak is happy with this opponent. Novak has been fairly convincing so far, only dropping one set, but looked shaky holding serve against Agut. Lopez has to be very happy with himself so far, only dropping sets to Mardy Fish (who must be feeling bad right...
  19. DelPo2016

    U.S. Open 2015 R4 - Kevin Anderson - Andy Murray

    You'd think Murray comes into this match with a big edge, he's playing a big server, and is one of the best returners right now. But Murray's form hasn't been very convincing, whereas Anderson has only dropped 1 set. Still think Murray has this one, but if Kevin serves like he has so far this...
  20. DelPo2016

    US Open 2015: Berdych (6) vs Garcia-Lopez (31) Round 3

    Tied up 1-1 after 2 tiebreaks. Thought this deserved a match thread.
  21. DelPo2016

    US Open: Rublev - Anderson

    Thought this match deserved a match thread, tied up at 1 set each going into the third. Rublev looks to be the only youngster to emerge so far this tournament.
  22. DelPo2016

    Cillic-Del Potro at 14 years old

    Cool watching these guys, and seeing how their games progressed. Cillic looked very clumsy, whereas Delpo was short and quick. Not a big fan of the amount of Vamoses from Juan, glad he changed that.
  23. DelPo2016

    Cool story about young Fed

    I have recently started training at a new academy. Anyways, the coach there is from South Korea and played futures and challengers until an injury. In 1998 (I think) when he was 18 he played in the Australian boys singles tournament. He said Rogers coach contacted him about hitting, and they...
  24. DelPo2016

    Fish Looking Strong

    Fish is currently up a break on Andy in Cincinnati, playing some good aggressive tennis. He is doing great things for folks struggling with mental issues. Big fan of him! Thoughts on his play?
  25. DelPo2016

    What pro player are you most similar to on court?

    What pro player do you feel is most similar to the way you play? This could include strategy, body type, and certain strengths and weaknesses. This shouldn't have anything to do with which pro you like or dislike. Just thought it would be interesting. I personaly would say raonic, I'm 6'5 and...
  26. DelPo2016

    Djokovic vs. Nadal on grass

    who is the better grass court player? Might be obvious for Novak because 1 more slam, but nadal beat nearly prime fed on his best surface, while 2 of djokers were in fairly weak years against an old fed. I'd think nadal would win in each primes, but Novak seems to have more longevity and much...
  27. DelPo2016

    Gosen polylon: best bang for your buck

    I have been using polyester all of my relatively short career, and have used Luxilons, volkl cyclone, and head hawk. None of them compare to the cheap string that is gosen polylon. Strung at 58 lbs in a customized pro staff 95. I never have to worry about it sailing long. I have the yellow reel...
  28. DelPo2016

    Rio 2016: Predictions and Significance

    Rio 2016 could very well be the nail in the coffin for Feds goathood. At that point djokovic might start creeping in the discussion. Either way, this tournament will be very important. It will be played on hard court, and rumored to be red hard court. What are your predictions? And what...