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  1. RGT

    The Yonex VCORE 98 fanclub

    Hi all, This thread is for all you VCORE 98 fans out there. I feel that this frame is often overlooked and it doesn't seem to get the praise it deserves. I know there is a VCORE 2018 thread already but I think this frame deserves it's own dedicated thread. So please post your thoughts on this...
  2. RGT

    New Prince Beast

    Hi folks, I saw this video of the new beast line of Prince. I don't understand Japanese but the cosmetic looks great. Anyone with more info? Verstuurd vanaf mijn ANE-LX1 met Tapatalk
  3. RGT

    String stiffness effect on racquet flex

    Hi everybody! Maybe this question has been covered somewhere but I couldn't find a good answer. I was wondering if a stiffer string leads to more flex (felt by the player). My idea was that stiffer strings deflect/stretch less and therefore the energy of the ball causes the frame to bend...
  4. RGT

    Does anyone know if wilson is going to release a thinner gauge of Wilson Revolve? TW staff?

    I'm currently testing out revolve and so far I'm liking it. But it's doesn't come in a thinner gauge than 1.25mm. I usually play with strings around 1.20mm thickness because I'm not the biggest stringbreaker. Does anyone know if Wilson is planning on bringing a thinner gauge on the market...
  5. RGT

    Are there people using a balance more HL than 305 mm?

    I was wondering if there are more people using a more HL balance than 305mm because you don't see it (often) made by the racket companies, and I was wondering why. I found out that my frame is at 300mm because I added a leather grip and it plays great. Verstuurd vanaf mijn HUAWEI VNS-L31 met...