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  1. victorcruz

    Has anyone ever won 3 titles in 3 weeks (like Ruud) ??

    Would love to see him match up with Kyrgios in the first round of the french open.
  2. victorcruz

    Queue to see Rafa train at CITIOPEN

    Missed him, glad to see him out there even practicing. Realizing who knows how much longer he's gonna be out there is an uncomfortable thing for me to imagine.
  3. victorcruz

    Which member of the big 3 would you like to be if given a choice to lead their life ???

    Michael, what would you do with xisca :laughing: For the record, they all lead respectful lives so any of them will do.
  4. victorcruz

    Nagal news thread

  5. victorcruz

    NBA 2020-21 Thread

    I'm gonna guess the next brother that comes to the NBA (pretty sure he's paced to, supposed to be good unlike 37 and 43) will wear number #40?
  6. victorcruz

    NBA 2020-21 Thread

    It was the GOAT closeout game for Giannis. Good for him, after everyone sh*t on him the past few playoffs like BUILD THAT WALL AND HE CANT DO NUFFIN HAHAHAAHA. He worked on his game, he's only gonna get better right?
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    I take an electric scooter to work and back every day. But then again, I only work a mile away from home. It's just that parking is a pain both at home and at work, I don't want to be looking for a spot both places. Oh sorry, I digress. I thought about an e-bike but I prefer having more space in...
  8. victorcruz

    Roger Federer on twitter

    Does Rafa have wifi on his boat? Let's get on with this means of communication Rafa wth!!!
  9. victorcruz

    Congratulations to Nole fans

    Congrats to Novak and his fans. #20 is sweet.
  10. victorcruz

    Nadal is participating in The Washington Open starting 31st July

    My body is ready. Really missed him at Wimby. It's not a tournament I keep track of, the only match I've watched is the kyrios-tsitsi final 2 years back but for Rafa I'll watch.
  11. victorcruz

    Federer is annoying me right now........

    Let's go Roger, you've got my 100% support. Not that it means anything lol
  12. victorcruz

    Kyrgios - “Djokovic is a god”

    Rafa is a mere mortal. He has overachieved and maximized his potential and left everything out there. And most of Rafa fam is A-O-K with that.
  13. victorcruz

    It saddens me to no limit that

    One of these days, you're gonna call a savage a gentleman. And he/she will not take it in stride.
  14. victorcruz

    Why GrassDal is the best Dal IMO

    I have to admit, as great as he is on clay... nothing was more fun and nerve wracking than that 08 Wimby Final. I remember my ex at the time was hardcore Fed fan and she hated Nadal. So naturally I teased the hell out of her and the following year she refused to talk about the 09 Aussie Final...
  15. victorcruz

    Andy Roddick takes on twitter warriors re Rafa's Wimby chances

    I think it's hilarious someone on the internet that doesn't have any trophies is making fun of a slam winner who is a winner at life. No, you being a Djokovic fan does not make your life better than his. It just means you live harder through someone else's life than your own.
  16. victorcruz

    Swiatek racquet tap: hindrance or not?

    I've had a dude flip his shirt up and show me his tummy when he ran to distract me from shooting a 3... yes a different sport. And I missed, but laughed it off. And I'm not a pro. But I get it, tennis is a gentleman/woman sport.
  17. victorcruz

    That Statue Jinxed Rafa. Erecting A Statue Of An Active Player Is Absurd!

    Couldn't help but agree there. Have a feeling the jinx was done on purpose, they've been rooting for his end there for a while.
  18. victorcruz

    Tsitsipas would have beat Nadal today

    Give it a rest OP. Time to retire this troll account and come back with another.
  19. victorcruz

    Rate the 2021 Djokovic Open

    10 because it was entertaining and he beat the clay goat on his way. But he did cause unnecessary drama having to come back down 3 separate times and twice down 0-2. If I was a Djoko fan, I would have lost years off my lifespan :laughing:
  20. victorcruz

    Novak Djokovic "I can overtake Nadal & Federer"

    Mugs of the last era? The nerve of some of you ******** cult members. I'm sorry but my guy winning a slam brings a smile to my face and joy but I get over a loss easy because I have other things going. People like you, clearly don't. Enjoy living your life through someone that doesn't know you...
  21. victorcruz

    There will be no catharsis once Nole breaks Fed and Nadal’s slam count

    Whatever helps you sleep at night OP. I think it's time to appreciate the goats, who very likely will be with Djokovic on top because when they are gone... we will have nothing but the tweet generation.
  22. victorcruz

    Congratulations to Joker and his fans

    Goatness is goatness. All hail (y)
  23. victorcruz

    Women's FO title...

    Really? So more people will have watched the women's final than last night's box office semi? Say what you want about the big 3 still kickin, more people care about them win or lose than some random nextgen
  24. victorcruz

    Where Does the 3rd Set of Nadal/Djokovic RG21 Rank All Time ?

    I was at work but watched the stream during important moments. It was as good as it gets. Novak rose up in the breaker as usual after a tense and dramatic set.
  25. victorcruz

    The Passion of the Djoko

    If you wanna be a goat, you gotta have some of that crazy in you. Michael Jordan has been accused of being psychotic. I get it, gentleman's sport yada yada yada. But everyone has their own way, Djokovic def has that crazy dog in him, and I can appreciate that.
  26. victorcruz

    Musetti: "I did it for the crowd..."

    That's the generation for you. I play bball at my park and if my team goes up 8-1 or something, they tank the rest of the game and afterwards say haha I didn't even play that hard, you didn't beat me when I was trying. A whole bunch of kyrgios cases.
  27. victorcruz

    1880, 1883, 1887, 1925, 1967, 2000, 2009, 2021?

    I remember when Pete broke the record we were in awe thinking hmmm is anyone gonna break his record??? We have 3 guys that have passed him and they're all still active. Crazy stuff.
  28. victorcruz


    She's been offered as a human sacrifice for the Iga!
  29. victorcruz

    Medvedev could reach RG finals

    #WhyNot Fed confirmed this clay is faster than HC
  30. victorcruz

    Djokovic may be seething with Federer

    I really don't understand how much free time you must have to troll on this website 24/7. Seriously, you don't speak for all of us.