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  1. boredone3456

    2019 WTA SDL: Wimbledon

    Welcome to the 9th event of the 2019 WTA Sudden Death League season: Wimbledon WTA SDL SHEET IS HERE - Rankings 2019 Rules of the game: 1. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next round. If she loses, you're out. 2. You can pick a player only ONCE...
  2. boredone3456

    WTA Sudden Death League Eastbourne

    Welcome to the 11th event of the 2019 WTA Sudden Death League season: EASTBOURNE Play starts on Monday 24th June WTA SDL SHEET IS HERE - Rankings 2019 Rules of the game: 1. It's a knock out-system: if the player you picked wins, you're through to the next round. If she loses, you're out. 2...
  3. boredone3456

    Rod Laver on To Tell The Truth

    So I'm off work today and watching a game show channel and to my delight Rod Laver turned up on To Tell The Truth....the announced it as right after he won his first CYGS. I know a fair amount about Laver but I never knew he was on this show...suffice to say the panel all correctly picked him...
  4. boredone3456

    The big tennis nations

    I got into a discussion the yesterday with a friend about the idea of the most prominent tennis nations. We discussed the fact that, originally, that the USA, Britain, France and Australia made up these nations...however my friend brought up Czechoslovakia, Germany as well as more recently...
  5. boredone3456

    Players who never got off the ground

    I've been thinking about this thread for a while and what to name it, and this may still be wrong. But I was wondering who people think are players who could have acheived, but never got the chance because of injury, illness or some other personal reason. I'm not talking about the like of...
  6. boredone3456

    Lisa Raymond

    Lisa Raymond announced her retirement following her loss in the mixed doubles at the US Open. This thread probably won't get any responses but in a tour where doubles players pop in and out she was a doubles specialist who actually succeeded for a long time. Her achievements 6 majors in women's...
  7. boredone3456

    Great years with no major title- men

    Same as the women's thread, just for the guys A few that came to my mind Wilander in 1987 Lendl in 1983 Connors in 1975
  8. boredone3456

    Great years with no major victory-women

    Thought this would be fun. What are some players and years where you look back and go "it's a shame she didn't win a major that year" A few to start Davenport in 2005 Dementieva in 2004 Clijsters in 2003 Hingis in 2000 Vicario in 95-96 Martinez in 95
  9. boredone3456

    Women's supertournament of champions

    This is inspired by the tennis magazine tournament thread, however I have expanded it to include pre 1960s women and increased the field to 64 women. the bracket is set up the same as the tennis mag one seed wise to make it easier. Everyone is seeded by number of majors won with ties broken by...
  10. boredone3456

    Best woman to never reach a major final

    This topic has been done for the men but I figured we could do it for the ladies. Who are some of the most talented women to never play a Major final? A couple of my own thoughts Nadia Petrova: 2 french Open SFs, many other QFs. Possibly her closest call would have been 2010 at the Aussie, she...
  11. boredone3456

    matches you wish had been on tv

    We frequently now-a-days have lots of posters on here who will say "why is this match on TV when (insert names) are playing at the same time?" I've thought on this for a bit and decided to make a thread out of it. What match or matches do you wish you could have watched on TV? As in live and...
  12. boredone3456

    Helen Hull Jacobs...where does she rank all time?

    Helen Hull Jacobs is a player probably not often heard of or mentioned. She was a contemporary of Moody and later Alice Marble. She won 5 majors in Singles and was an 11 time runner up ( 6 times to Moody, 3 to Marble included in those). She did beat Wills once by. a retirement on the part of...
  13. boredone3456

    best to never win a major men & women

    While trying to do some research for the thread in relation to players who have reached the semifinals at all the majors I came across an article that talked about the best players, male and female, to never win a major. Now of course I cannot refind the article to put it in this thread but I...
  14. boredone3456

    Best number 1 & 2 Combo in WTA history?

    Ok...we give the current women a lot of flack and knock them around for their bount of weaknesses. I'll be the first to admit that the current one two combo is probably one of the worst quality wise that womens tennis has ever seen... try and discuss something positive...which is...
  15. boredone3456

    Fed Cup Tie's Discussion

    Well not that anyone cares but the Fed Cup Tie Lineups have been announced and the first rounds are as follows Australia vs Italy Russia vs France Slovak Rep. vs Czech Repub. Belgium vs USA Australia vs Italy: This one I am thinking may be interesting. Italy has been really the dominant force...
  16. boredone3456

    Who Rates higher all time- Hingis or Gibson

    Since we just had the thread regarding Becker and Edberg bumped up, I thought this would be a nice female counterpart to it. Both Women have 5 slams and for a short time were arguably the most dominant player in their times (Hingis in 1997, Gibson in 1957-58 ). Both also were well accomplished...
  17. boredone3456

    Bueno, Goolagong or Venus, who rates highest?

    I thought this would make for an interesting poll. We had one going about Bueno and Goolagong awhile back, but I thought since Venus in many eyes is pretty much done winning slams (and if she gets another, likely Wimbledon, she still could be argued as closely together with these 2 ladies), so I...
  18. boredone3456

    Weakest Womens # 1 before 2008

    Since we have a poll going for the Weakest mens number 1, I figured this was appropriate. I chose the stipulation because if I included recent times I think Safina, Jankovic and Ivanovic would dominate the poll and since we have all given our views on them it would not be a very interesting...