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  1. Znak

    Website certificate issue

    @TW Staff you might need to chat with your webmaster your site and forum are inaccessible due to a bad or old certificate.
  2. Znak

    LO Machine Maintenance

    Hoping to get some clear instructions on what I should be lubricating and what I should using isopropyl alcohol on my LO machine. Currently, I'm only cleaning the clamps (teeth), rails, gripper with alcohol — but now there's alot of squeaking in the base of the clamps. I tried taking off the...
  3. Znak

    Graphene 360+ Presitge MP/ Graphene 360+ Speed Pro/ VCore 95 '21

    Out of curiosity which is closest to the Blade v7 18x20? I've been reading that both Head racquets are similar to some degree to the Blade, but curious as to what characteristics they all share and which are the outliers. I'm aware of the TF40 being a direct comparison, more interested in other...
  4. Znak

    Raising a Champion

    Thought this was fascinating to watch — former WTA player Julia Efremova raising her children to be competitive tennis players. She was also recently featured on the Functional Tennis Podcast. I can't tell if I'm impressed by what it takes at such a young age to become great, or terrified for...
  5. Znak

    Big 3 stats against one another

    Racquet Magazine published this today, I thought it was interesting — pulled some interesting graphs/quotes. The full spreadsheet can be found here. I find it wild they have nearly the same career win rate percentage: In recent years Djokovic has dominated Nadal on hard courts (Djokovic’s...
  6. Znak

    Favourite smaller brand: TierOne v Mayami v Grapplesnake v Toroline

    I already have so many strings in my box to test out, but seeing all these great reviews makes me want to test some of these smaller brands, (I didn't include ProsPro just because I don't have access to it). I know there are already individual threads on each brand, but curious to hear from...
  7. Znak

    Upgrade Parts (Pro's Pro Comet)

    This is more out of curiosity — I enjoy my stringing machine as it is, but I do like to geek out and mod/upgrade things. What is possible to upgrade or modify on this stringing machine? The K brackets? Clamps? Clamp base? Anything on the tensioner head? Open to 3rd party brands not just Pro's Pro
  8. Znak

    Zverev in alleged hot waters

    Dicey dicey...
  9. Znak

    What did I miss?

    Been off of here for a few months, anyone have a TL;DR summary for me — miss anything good? :unsure:
  10. Znak

    Swingweight customization question

    Hoping you guys could help me with some math because it's late at night and I'm not getting it. I have a DR 98 (310g) that I added a leather grip to (an increase of 8g). Without knowing what the new swingweight is with the leather grip, is there any way of figuring out how much lead (and where)...
  11. Znak

    Wilson Trap Door Stock

    Hi there, just seeing if you guys will be restocking this butt cap in L3: Thanks
  12. Znak

    18x20 string gauge

    When they say a 17 gauge string lends better to stringing a denser 18x20 pattern, do they mean 1.25 or 1.20? And is it simply to help ease the stringing, or are there any other benefits? Thanks
  13. Znak

    Fashionable Rivalries Through the Years

    Fun write up on different rivalries through their years and their fashion personas:
  14. Znak

    Bad Parnell

    Once in a blue moon I'll get a Parnell knot wrong. I can't seem to replicate this error... what is this knot that I've done and will it hold? (It's my racquet not a client's).
  15. Znak

    Did you want Djokos racquet?

    Here you go
  16. Znak

    Name that shoe

    What shoes are these?
  17. Znak

    2020 Wilson Ultra

  18. Znak

    Private destination clinics

    I know this topic has been mentioned before, but what are your thoughts on the 2 days clinics some of these online coaches are offering. Do you think 2 days is enough time to grasp new knowledge or fix poor habits (for $1000+)? I've been following both sets of coaches for some time now and I...
  19. Znak

    Wilson Blade v7 18x20 cross stringing question

    I'm pretty sure I did this wrong... I'm so used to Yonex 2-pieces which end up so clean. I bought a new 18x20 v7 Blade and as per their site, it mentions to tie the x-string at 6T, 12B. Problem being the mains have already travelled back to tie off at 7B which leaves a bundle of strings like in...
  20. Znak

    Wilson 18x20 v7 incorrect review score

    Hey there, I think there's an incorrect value for the slice on your review page — I'm assuming it's an average of all your 4 scores? If so that would make it (9.1+8.8+8.5+8.8)/4 = 8.8. Unless the calculations are done otherwise, I was just surprised by the score considering it's one of the...
  21. Znak

    Wilson v7 Balance

    Hey there, Quick question for clarity — on your site it shows the 18x20 v7 balance as 4pts and on the official Wilson site, it says 7pts — is it 4pts strung? Thanks!
  22. Znak

    Racket Logger

    I just stumbled on this — most of you probably know of it, but I thought I'd share for those who don't. It's pretty rad to be able to organize strings and racquets on a graph to compare them visually:
  23. Znak

    Lowering my tension

    Wondering if anyone's experienced this — I usually string at #57/52, but I noticed I start really gelling with my strings when the overall tension drops 3-4lbs. So the other day I strung up at #55/50 and it was terrible, didn't have the same feel for some reason, very trampoline-y. I ended up...
  24. Znak

    Fed hinting at retiring after Wimby 2020?

    Full article here:
  25. Znak

    Two Handed Serve

    Lord have mercy
  26. Znak

    That Hansel is so hot right now...

  27. Znak

    Canadian Location

    Is Canada on the horizon? We'd welcome on you with open arms as there's not much competition here and could use your selection and offerings!
  28. Znak

    Wimbledon grass wear over the ages

    Neat article showing the different wear patterns over different eras (there's more photos I just picked a few):
  29. Znak

    Organizing your racquet bags

    I was wondering how you all organize your compartments in your bags. I'm pretty anal retentive and need to have all my wrist bands together in one section, my exercise bands and skipping rope in another, my dampeners and wraps in another, etc... But I'm still finding tough to sort through it...
  30. Znak

    RF97A poly question

    Question for Michelle or Troy, hope you can help! Looking for a recommendation on a poly for the RF97A, that has more feel to it than Hyper G, and that is not overly plastic-y or wiry? Open to round or shaped suggestions. Thanks in advance!