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  1. megamind

    Show your support for Berrettini

    The Prophecy states that if a good chunk of TalkTennis changes their avy to this, Berrettini cannot lose Help Berrettini win the Berrettini Open. Do the right thing.
  2. megamind

    The GOAT debate can finally end

    Who else can not pick up a racquet for like 6 months and play Call of Duty all day, and still walk onto a court, and beat a top 30 player who just won a grass court title? Can Fedr? Nope. Can Nadl? Nope. Can Djoker? Nope. Only King Kyrgios Kan. /enddiscussion /begindisgustion
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    Should Novak be fined for receiving COACHING?!?!

    This is illegal ;) And very cute
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    We are living in a Post-Fedal world

    Discuss or disgust?
  5. megamind

    Video: Djokovic is ENRAGED at beating Berrettini

    Djokovic was NOT PLEASED to have defeated Matteo Berrettini at the Roland Garros quarterfinals '' Edit: looks like the video was taken down, will try to find a more reliable source Update 2: No audio, but this is footage of him destroying stadium property more footage
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    The Official TalkTennis Rating System

    We have often referred to the TT rating system, without really going into detail about the different levels. In this thread, I propose a set of ratings, but am looking for feedback, so that we can create the most accurate rating system possible. 1.0 Tennis - posts on TalkTennis, but does not...
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    Fedr lookin' Rusty

    TalkTennis critiquers go do your thang on that video Really looking forward to seeing him play But watching this video kinda lowered my expectations Will still be a joy to watch though! First match is either Chardy/Evans. He might be able to win in 3 sets. Then might face Coric or Millman...
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    I love tennis

    It is so much fun :love: Like this post if you love tennis too(y)
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    Crosscourt forehand rallies are overrated

    When I used to do group tennis classes as a kid, the coaches would make us do a lot of crosscourt forehand drills. They said it was the most important skill. Why, Coach Jay? Why, Coach Todd? Why, Coach Magnus? Why? In a match, you never really wanna be hitting to your opponent’s strength...
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    Novak vs. Next Gen Novak

    That's the final we have, ladies and gentlemen Y'all hate to see it, but Novak is what pEaK pErFoRmAnCe looks like. A pusher at their finest. But all Medvedev is, is Novak just a few inches taller, and with a better serve, thanks to the upgrades of the Next Gen serum he drinks every night...
  11. megamind

    The reason Medvedev will win Australian Open

    Djokovic – ab tear, which magically healed thanks to the powers of fresh spring water from the mountains of bosnia Dimitrov – pelvic (back of abs issue) Thiem – injured (probably an abs issue) Ruud – ab strain Berrettini – ab strain Nadal – back of abs strain Kenin - ab strain Zverev - ab...
  12. megamind

    AO 2021 QF: [3] Osaka vs. Hsieh

    Super excited for this match! Osaka leads their H2H 3-1 3 of their 4 matches have gone to 3 sets Should be a cracker of a match
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    How you gone lose 8 finals How I kinda feel bad for him tbh Must really suck to be in his position
  14. megamind

    I've figured doubles out.

    hey guys what's up we're the bryan brothers if you're a frustrated doubles player and you're watching a bunch of poachable balls whizz by you if that sounds like you i'm gonna invite you to pick up a copy of the doubles playbook it's made up of 48 of our favorite plays we've been doing...
  15. megamind

    Federer responds to GOAT accusations!

    Now that we’re done with the clickbait title here is a really cute video
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    The athlete, best known for their boring gameplay, was quoted saying something not so boring after all “It’s like to be in the jail. They have no idea about tennis, about practice courts, about anything. It’s a complete disaster” Source: world’s most annoying tennis journalist twitter
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    #6: MaxTennis :: The Megamind Interview Series

    Welcome to the Megamind Interview Series, where we get to know one another. Our seventh guest of the show, is one of the most respected keyboard warriors in the community, not just for their smack talk, but for their actual tennis skills (and yes, they actually have videos to prove it) Who is...
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    Ubersonics - more options in January?

    will more options be launched in time for the Australian Open, or is it just the zebra print for AO? (just wondering if I should wait to cop some :P )
  19. megamind

    Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky prefers Fedal over Djokovic

    "Djokovic is pretty good, but there's something about Nadal and Federer playing and competing for a championship" See the first 2 mins of the video here:
  20. megamind

    What does a "heavy ball" mean?

    Is it a ball with a lot of topspin / is it a fast ball? When someone says they wanna hit heavier, what does it mean? [/spoiler]
  21. megamind

    Cold water / ice baths are the recovery GOAT

    Turn on the tap, coldest water possible wait for it to fill dip yourself into the water Feel the cold (it’s difficult for the first few mins, but dont get out of the bath) after a few mins, it becomes easier, stay in there for 10 mins leave the bath (dont turn on the hot water) if you do...
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    Who are the most under/overrated players with 2020 EOY rankings?

    Thanks to ThingThatMustNotBeNamed, we have this multi-year ranking system at the moment Here are the players I think are severely underrated or overrated Underrated: Pospisil -> Currently World No. 61 -> But has wins against Medvedev, RBA, Raonic, Felix, Hurkacz, Goffin, Struff, Millman...
  23. megamind

    Co-poly + stiff racquets are the cure for tennis elbow, according to Intuitive Tennis

    I was watching the youtubes, and this video surprised me, I think he usually makes pretty good videos, but this one feels off to me: Start watching at around 8:15, where he starts saying how multifilament is recommend for tennis elbowees, but it actually makes it worse according to him His...
  24. megamind

    Xisca hides the Nutella from Rafa!

    Rafa has cravings
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    #6: stringertom :: The Megamind Interview Series

    Welcome to the Megamind Interview Series, where we get to know one another. Our sixth guest of the show, is the #1 talk tennis keyboard warrior of all time, with over 91k messages! They're also famous for creating their very own language, which unfortunately, only they can understand. It is...
  26. megamind

    How much does temperature affect the stiffness of poly strings?

    Had a serve practice session the other day temperature was 10c/50f and Isospeed Cream felt harsher than usual (usually don’t notice it) so I was wondering if there were any stats / general experiences about the effect of temperature on strings (or more specifically poly)
  27. megamind

    Safin Rips Apart Rublev in SHOCKING Interview

    Translated segment from: Safin: "Andrey is a junior and will remain so. Language does not dare to call it otherwise. Do his victories this year mean anything? If truth be told, it doesn't mean anything. Here he...
  28. megamind

    ATP Players should have Patreons

    For those that don't know, Patreon is an app where fans can pay monthly fees to creators, and get exclusive content (in this case, it could be stuff like training sessions, fitness stuff, Q&A) We all know that if you can't consistently stay in the top 75, money can get kinda tight So why not...
  29. megamind

    Pure Aero players ==> Mega Spin

    Everytime I play against opponents with a Pure Aero, there's a considerable difference in the amount of topspin they generate, compared to non pure-aero users Is it really the racquette? Or just my luck? Wasn't sure if this should go into Racquettes or Adult League & Tournament Talk, it's...