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  1. Heck

    Why does almost every female pro wear a visor and not a single male pro wears one?

    I rock a visor because I get the benefit of the shade over the eyes and a bit of sweat blocking and it keeps me cool on a hot day. A hat is like an oven on my head.
  2. Heck

    which tennis shoes have the most cushioning?

    GP Turbo but a narrowish fit for a wide foot. 8 months one of the air bags went flat on me so I was out of luck as the shoe had plenty of life left in it. Dr sholes work boot gel insoles I use in most of my shoes.
  3. Heck

    Rate my forehand? Been working on it with a ball machine. Ready for matchplay?

    Like ChaelAZ says the only way to know what rating you are is to play many matches vs computer rated players that are active in league play. With that said you have a solid looking forehand with good rotation. It's true you have an issue with falling back at the contact with most of them. I had...
  4. Heck

    Lone Coach needs help

    I sent you a few ideas.
  5. Heck

    Ever been threatened?

    Crazy people play tennis also. I think if the captain of the team lets him get away with things like that not much you can do. I had issues with a guy and I just used my word vs his to get him shunned from the group. He later started getting out of hand with others and they learned the hard way.
  6. Heck

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    It feels like my left sneaker went flat today. Felt like it had a bubble under the front pad of the foot and when pressure is put down the bubble went flat. It would come up again when pressure was placed on the heal. Now after 20 min of playing like that it just feels flat. Has anyone have a...
  7. Heck

    Why do clubs even host USTA leagues?

    You would be surprised what happens when you get people in the door. USTA league seems to do just that. Many think it's total crap but it may be keeping the sport alive. I went to a free family day at my niece's program. The coach ran this so the parents and family can have fun. Also, it was...
  8. Heck

    Why you don't catch the ball in the air

    It's not my personal problem but it is a rule for a reason. If an official sees you catch a ball before a bounce you will lose the point 100% of the time. So leave the catcher mitt at home at official matches lol.
  9. Heck

    Why you don't catch the ball in the air

    In a USTA match, a guy did it and it was a mile long so all he got from me was a warning. He was annoyed that I even gave a warning that I was going to take the next point if he did it again. I thought I was being too nice when in the rules it should have been our point. I guess I am a jerk to...
  10. Heck

    Blood in urine after tennis

    I passed about 100 stones from pepper to bean size. Sometimes after tennis but not often I can **** coolaid red and be fine the next day. Yeah the first few times was shocking but I just walked it off.
  11. Heck

    Share your Match video!!

    2 3.5 vs 2 4.0 in a practice match to get ready for a doubles tournament. The 3.5 guys made it into the semi finals a few days later.
  12. Heck

    It’s time to face my problem...

    Can you post a video of your FH so we can understand what you mean?
  13. Heck

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    How long were you out? How did you fix labrum? Surgery needed?
  14. Heck

    Tourna 600 ES

    I have the 300 CS and love it. I would be interested in maybe getting a quick release on it. If it helps a little it might be worth it. Took me a while to get the hang of it because my other stringer was a gamma drop weight lol. The work flow is so much better.
  15. Heck

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    MadDog, weren’t you injured a few years ago? What happened again? Are you back to playing tennis? What racket u like now?
  16. Heck

    You got it. Let me know.

    You got it. Let me know.
  17. Heck

    So I think it might be interesting content for my channel to have a fun challenge and to see how...

    So I think it might be interesting content for my channel to have a fun challenge and to see how it plays out. We can do a few things with the difference in levels. Most times I go in with a video idea and get something totally different. So I plan to shoot and get lucky with the content. I am...
  18. Heck

    String coming back from wrist injury?

    I am pretty sure I changed the balance but the search for comfort is more important. Now I just got a 2nd racket with the same set up. I have not yet put anything in the handle. Next time I play I will see if I can feel a difference. Maybe even weigh and rig up a balance test. Good idea for a video.
  19. Heck

    Video for feedback

    Hell yeah! What was the challenge? Conti grip moon ball?
  20. Heck

    Video for feedback

    I am down for any challenge for the video lol. Maybe we can do a few different things at the same session. I got ideas!
  21. Heck

    String coming back from wrist injury?

    I found my cure for tennis elbow with soft strings and arm friendly rackets. Now I string for myself and friends and see how people were hurt with the likes of RPM blast and Babolat. Now with that said I just changed rackets from a Yonex DR 98 to the new Pure Aero Team. I can deal with that...
  22. Heck

    Nike Zoom Zero's replaced - did I miss something?

    I got the Turbos also and the toe box is tight for me also. I am hoping it breaks in more because the air cushion is plush and that is what my poor feet love. I had to go from a 10.5 to an 11 and lucky I did.
  23. Heck

    Why cooperative rallying is a waste of time, generally

    Ha we talked about this after my pro said it's the biggest thing the high end coaches work on with high level students. "We work on the serve and service return a lot"
  24. Heck

    Considering switch to two handed backhand

    Best thing I did to start winning matches.
  25. Heck

    Pure Aero players ==> Mega Spin

    A club gave me a demo of the Pure Aero Team with a hybrid string set up. I had arm issues in the past so I always felt Babolots were harsh and stayed away from them. I fell in love with the new Aero team. My shots had more easy spin from the first to last hit of a 2 hours session. My arms felt...
  26. Heck

    Video Editing tool

    Went from Movie studio 13 to 17
  27. Heck

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    I did not say "most of the time" I just said it is possible and maybe big sis helped little sis get a title. But thanks for the insult you are a real class act.
  28. Heck

    Local ladder match video

    I been around here for a few years and not just trying to drive traffic to my channel. Some of my post even try and help people the best I can for my level. I have seen people on here just fight and argue but that seems ok with the Admins to a point. I am only posting my videos for the enjoyment...
  29. Heck

    Margaret Court's Inflated Record Down Under

    What about the father's effect. Did he not arrange what sister would win or lose when they faced off? Or deals made between the sisters? Zero evidence but possible lol.
  30. Heck

    Local ladder match video

    I did not see that. It may show an ad and that may be the reason for my ban. It's a shame I can't make 5 cents for a thousand views lol. I even have seen Tennis warehouse ads running on my videos lol. I had my videos up here for years and I guess something changed. Maybe I should not monetize...