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  1. JOSHL

    100in Frame that plays like a 95?

    Does such a thing exist? Looking for maneuverability of a 95 but in a 100in frame. I’ve hit most of the phantoms and two Gravities- the tour is the only one I haven’t tried. Let me know what you guys think!!!
  2. JOSHL

    Lynx tour Orange

    Hey @TW Staff any idea when reels of Lynx Tour Orange will be available? Thanks!
  3. JOSHL

    100in frame with the lowest power

    I’m assuming maybe a Phantom but whaddya got?
  4. JOSHL

    Peppermint Everything>Pumpkin Everything

    Fight me.
  5. JOSHL

    Blade 98S

    Hello. Apologies if this has been asked before but will the Blade 98S CV grommets fit the previous version as well? Thank you!
  6. JOSHL

    Question for Chris

    Hey Chris! What shoes are you wearing in the new yonex ezone 98+ video? Love the color! Thanks!
  7. JOSHL

    LA area courts

    Not sure where to post this but does anyone in the Los Angeles area have info about when courts will reopen??? Thanks!
  8. JOSHL

    Triad string

    Hey @TW Staff! Just saw the Triad video from Troy. I see the hybrid set on the website but when will the Reg sets and reels be available? Thanks!!!
  9. JOSHL

    Yonex Dry Grap

    Loving the Dry Grap from YY, @TW Staff will it be available in any other sizes than the 3 pack? Other colors would be awesome too! Thanks!
  10. JOSHL

    Pro staff update

    It seems like an eternity since the Pro staff has been updated. Any news you could share on an update would be amazing! Have a great weekend!
  11. JOSHL

    Not all dampeners are created equal

    So I’ve used the Sampras style “O” dampeners pretty much forever. In an attempt to be Mr. Aesthetic I threw a “W” Wilson dampener on my Pro Staff. It felt horrible. So much vibration. I used to think it really didn’t matter which dampener was on there, they all did the same thing. My life has...
  12. JOSHL

    Tourna String test

    Hello I asked this question in the Tourna string test thread but have not heard anything. Do you prefer full stringbed or can we do hybrids? Thank you!
  13. JOSHL

    Diamondback strings

    Anyone try this string? I have a demo set on the way. Can’t find any info on the forum about them at all.
  14. JOSHL

    Prince Warrior response reels

    Hi!!! I noticed there are no reels of prince warrior response string on your site anymore. Is this string doomed???? Thanks guys!
  15. JOSHL

    Wilson ‘Tour’ Mold

    The Wilson tour mold-ie-Steam 96, Burn 95, Ultra 95. Is this mold the longest running/most variations retail frame out right now? Seems like it’s been around forever. Must be pretty popular if they keep re-inventing it.
  16. JOSHL

    Prince Tennis

    Hello @TW Staff. I’m not sure if you guys are the correct people to ask but just in case-If there is ever a sales rep position for Prince please let me know. I would love to sell more of these fabulous frames and strings and equipment. Thank you!
  17. JOSHL

    Favorite Twisted String-

  18. JOSHL

    Jaziri ditched his Prince!?

    Using Yonex now. Wonder what happened/why.
  19. JOSHL

    Angell K-7 Lime

    Anyone know the beam width of this?? Love the PJ and specs!
  20. JOSHL

    High static Low SW

    Ok. So I just jumped on the Tec DC LTD because TW had it on happy hour. Love the way it hits. Then yesterday came across a used Head Prestige Tour circa 1993. Unfortunately it’s not my grip size but I hit with it and enjoyed it as well. It got me thinking what are some of the heaviest racquets...
  21. JOSHL

    Uncanny resemblance!

    Anyone else notice this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. JOSHL

    Warrior Response string

    Hello! I don’t see any info on the Warrior Response string in the database. Do you happen to have any info on this fine string? Stiffness is mostly what I’m in search of. Thanks!!
  23. JOSHL

    Wilson/Forever 21 collab

    Looks like Wilson and forever 21 are launching some throwback tennis apparel. Kinda dig it!
  24. JOSHL

    Head Speed 360

    Hello @TW Staff, Does the Head Zepp sensor work for the Speed 360 line? Thank you!
  25. JOSHL

    Over/Under on TW written review 93p

  26. JOSHL


    Makes too many great racquets! How do you pick one and stick with it???
  27. JOSHL

    Wilson #SeriesNoir

    Looks like Wilson is giving all racquets the ‘testing phase’ look. What a great way to further disguise what pros are using!
  28. JOSHL

    Wilson Pro Staff 97

    Looks like the Red/Black paint scheme may be discontinued. All black non CV version up on their site and out of stock on the Red/Black one......Hmmmmm
  29. JOSHL

    Soft poly vs Syn gut

    Hey string gurus! Any positive or negative for using a soft poly like CyberFlash over a Syn gut like OGSM? I noticed that CyberFlash is softer than a lot of syn gut strings, but I’m having wrist issues so I’m hesitant to try it out. I like poly though. Let me know your thoughts! I appreciate it.
  30. JOSHL

    Delpo stick

    When is Delpo going to ditch the FST paint job?