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  1. airchallenge2

    Did Nike or Adidas win 2021?

    Were I live, close to a big tennis club with 20 courts that are booked 90% of the time, I see 75-80% to be asics. nike and adi look like exceptions rather than the rule.
  2. airchallenge2

    Djokovic News

    My hero!
  3. airchallenge2

    Gasquet Le Coq Sportif Shoes

    That's made pretty clear in that video ;)
  4. airchallenge2

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    This kid got style!
  5. airchallenge2

    Gasquet Le Coq Sportif Shoes

    So far so good: I'll be waiting for the performance review next..
  6. airchallenge2

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Don't know about that. He looked like he hurt his left foot at the end of the 4th set.
  7. airchallenge2

    Djokovic News

    Wow, that's unexpected. From AP to Seiko and now to Hublot. I'm really happy for him and congrats to Hublot. Jean-Claude Biver is a marketing genius and that makes me curious to see what they will do with Nole.
  8. airchallenge2

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Pros do get their own customized shoes. Some are built around their individual last or stretched to fit a customized last.
  9. airchallenge2

    Djokovic News

    Wow! This should be real life size poster! I'd buy few ;)
  10. airchallenge2

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    It's rare alright. I'm not sure you can play in it, ;)
  11. airchallenge2

    Djokovic News

    Next thing: get the shoes, too. If they can make shoes that work for Danil, they can make shoes for Nole.
  12. airchallenge2

    New Balance Lav V2

    The blue-purple colorway Lav is really tempting!
  13. airchallenge2

    Djokovic Lacoste outfits: full catalogue

    Really like how they work together. While I do love Lacoste, I'm oaky with him wearing the Japanese Tiger brand. Not everything has to be matchy, matchy.
  14. airchallenge2

    "Graceful" Does Not Retain Its Value

    Sure, 8 GS is more than 7, no?
  15. airchallenge2

    Diadora Borg Elite

    Yes. I played in the Lendls that were retroed 12 years ago. Everything was good except their durability and cushioning. I took care of its cushioning by replacing their stock insole with a PU insert. Lots of good looks!
  16. airchallenge2

    Nike Vapor Lite All Court

    They're okay. That toe swoosh makes them have a clown shoe look, though.
  17. airchallenge2

    Medvedev is the champion we need

    After Nole retires, I'm taking the Meddy train! :)
  18. airchallenge2

    Do you miss any shoes from the past?

    The beginning of the dynasty :)
  19. airchallenge2

    Coolest pictures of pros

    It definitely works for him ;)
  20. airchallenge2

    Lotto Raptor 2021

    Great video. Thank you for sharing.
  21. airchallenge2

    The Lacoste Club

    Hahahahahahaha, the most successful male tennis player ever is what he is: the most successful.
  22. airchallenge2

    The Lacoste Club

    Big Lacoste fan (all my life) and Nole fan since 2011. To me, Nole is doing Lacoste great justice. He is taking the brand to the highest places possible in the history of tennis. I always loved the fact that Rene himself is a 7 GS titles winner. Nole is a worthy successor of Rene Lacoste's legacy.
  23. airchallenge2

    Djokovic : Without pressure, there is no professional sport

    Or more. He's got nobody else to share the load...
  24. airchallenge2

    Sergio Tacchini Sampras kit retro!

    So cool. I know you did the actual shirt, too. Was it a good seller for you?
  25. airchallenge2

    Sergio Tacchini Sampras kit retro!

    Wow, to me, that shirt is legendary. Not only Pete showed up out of nowhere to beat future ATGs on his path to a GS victory, he was wearing a shirt with an archer printed on it! The guts on ST do that is amazing. They sold out all their sizes, except 4X. Good on them. Happy they paid respect to...
  26. airchallenge2

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Absolutely, He is been extremely helpful for someone like me who wants to know how each shoe is put together. People who don't need his videos, don't need to watch them.
  27. airchallenge2

    Djokovic to go sleeveless in Tokyo

    He looks good. Let's get that Gold now!
  28. airchallenge2

    Djokovic News

    Maybe if Rafa got the Covid, he'd go win 3 GS in row, like Nole did.