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  1. prairiegirl

    US OPEN WOMEN'S FINAL: Emma v. Leylah

    Whom do you think will win? Most pundits are saying Emma, but I'm going with Leylah.
  2. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov needs to learn from Leylah Fernandez

    This young teenager is not only incredibly talented, but she plays SMART. She constructs her points with patience, insight, intelligence and a formidable ability to stay calm and focused. Leylah doesn't try to do too much but always plays the court and her opponent with a wonderful ability to...
  3. prairiegirl


    This should be a fantastic match. Both players are in good form - hard hitters and great on this surface. Harris will definitely want to show he can dominate Shapo, while Shapo will want revenge for Dubai. Who wins?
  4. prairiegirl

    2021 Wimbledon R 4: Shapovalov v. Bautista-Agut

    Whom do you see winning?
  5. prairiegirl

    Why was Murray knighted?

    With all due respect, he won 3 slam titles and one Olympic title. How is that worthy of knighthood?
  6. prairiegirl

    What has happened to Bianca?

    Since her return, she has not played well at all. She went out in R1 of both the AO and the FO. Now, she's out in R2 of Eastbourne which doesn't bode well for Wimbledon. Is it that she never recovered from her injury, or was her brief series of spectacular wins just a fluke?
  7. prairiegirl

    Queen's Club at risk due to weather

    The weather forecast for London is an entire week of rain with no let up in sight. Today is a wash-out, so is tomorrow and Sunday. I don't know what they can do about this. It's a shame too for players, fans, and organizers.
  8. prairiegirl

    My Dream Wimbledon

    I would love to see Andy Murray & Roger Federer play one last final together. I know it isn't likely to happen, but it would be so lovely.
  9. prairiegirl

    Williams is out at RG

    A brilliant match by Elena Rybakina. I'm not a fan of Williams. Never have been. So, for me this is a good win at RG. Good luck to her!
  10. prairiegirl

    Russian player arrested

    Yana Sizikova: Russian tennis player arrested for sports corruption and fraud - CNN
  11. prairiegirl

    Bianca tests positive for COVID

    Bibi has announced on her Twitter feed that she tested twice prior to leaving for Madrid, but upon arrival, she tested positive for COVID. She says she's resting and actually feels okay. Wishing her a speedy recovery!
  12. prairiegirl

    What does Shapovalov Need to Do?

    We have discussed his problems, but what is the solution? A different coach? He's already had several. A psychologist? He's already seen someone. Could it be a physical problem with his shoulder? I notice he's asking for the trainer quite a lot in recent matches. That would explain why he's...
  13. prairiegirl

    Denis and Felix need to learn from Bianca

    It's been a real pleasure having Bianca back on the tour. As I watch her, I feel Denis and Felix could both learn from her. She knows how to fight in a match until the last point. She knows how to be a consistent winner and win titles. She won't win everything, of course, but I believe she has...
  14. prairiegirl

    What happened to these players?

    Several players who were at least top 20 and some top 10 have completely fizzled out lately. Borna Coric Frances Tiafoe Taylor Fritz (has fallen 8 points in ranking) Fabio Fognini Gael Monfils John Isner All have fallen in the rankings in the last few months. Thoughts?
  15. prairiegirl


    Does anyone here know what time the matches are this coming Monday?
  16. prairiegirl

    Yet another horrible loss for Denis

    I don't know what's going on with him but he's a shadow of the player he was a few months ago. They mentioned a shoulder problem, and I could see tape under his shirt. But, it's the same old problems. Double faults, going for too much, inconsistency, poor choices, poor concentration, etc. etc...
  17. prairiegirl

    Shameful display by Shapovalov

    I have been a fan of Denis since I first began watching him. But, today, I saw something which I felt was one of the most shameful displays on the tennis court. Denis is literally throwing this match away. I don't know why, but I think it needs to be looked at. Many have said he doesn't have a...
  18. prairiegirl

    Cologne 2 Schedule?

    Does anyone have a link to when matches play tomorrow? Thanks.
  19. prairiegirl

    Shapovalov v. Wawrinka - St. Petersburg QF

    Two very stylish, powerful players, both with a beautiful OHBH.
  20. prairiegirl

    St. Petersburg QF - Shapovalov v. Wawrinka

    Two very stylish, powerful players, both with a beautiful OHBH.
  21. prairiegirl

    Rome SF Schwartzman v. Shapovalov

    Should be a cracker of a match. The clay court specialist v. the Canadian rap artist. LOL. Seriously, who do you see winning this one? I think Schwartzman might just be too much of a conundrum for Shapo to figure out. On the other hand, Shapo is playing seriously good tennis. I'll go with Shapo...
  22. prairiegirl

    Players Whose Games Annoy You

    This is not an issue about personality, but strictly a player's game. Are there any players whose games either annoy, bore, or frustrate you? Do you prefer not to watch them? If so, why? 1. DeMinaur - I find his game to be completely boring, While I recognize there's some talent there, he just...
  23. prairiegirl

    Purchasing matches

    Does anyone know of a place/person who sells copies of past matches? There was a fellow but he doesn't do it any longer.
  24. prairiegirl

    The players whom you think will never win a Slam

    I know we can't predict the future and who knows what each tournament will bring, but there are some players I just don't think have it in them to win a title of this magnitude. Here's my list. 1. Rublev 2. DeMinaur 3. Coric 4. Tiafoe 5. Fognini 6. Monfils 7. Paire 8. Isner 9. Evans 10. Opelka...
  25. prairiegirl

    Props to the Next Gen

    Aside From Djokovic, next gen players are really stepping up in this year's US Open; Shapo, DeMinaur, Auger-Alliasime, Tiafoe, Medvedev are all going to the fourth round. Although FAA isn't through yet, his opponent has won just one game in two sets. So, it's looking good for Felix. I wonder how...
  26. prairiegirl

    How is Goffin in the top 10?

    I find his tennis to be boring, pedantic, and a waste of my time. I can't bear watching him. How did this guy get into the top ten? He's never even made a slam final.
  27. prairiegirl

    Yet another shapo loss

    Again, just as with Felix Denis should have won this match. He served for the first set and couldn't close. Was good in second set and third up until the last game which he had no business losing. He's still losing matches he should win and at 21 this is unacceptable.
  28. prairiegirl

    Felix loses in 2nd round

    This is a truly disappointing match from Felix. He has a break in the 3rd set and gave it away. He was up twice in the tie breaker and gave it away.
  29. prairiegirl

    When does the Cincy draw come out?

    Still waiting on this. Can't seem to find it.