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  1. brownbearfalling

    Opening up the Baiardo

    @sman789 did you purchase the motor straight from Wilson?
  2. brownbearfalling

    No love for a favourite string of mine

    Kirschbaum strings are highly underrated. I think it is mainly due to too many offerings, Confusing naming, unique coloring and lack of marketing. My favorite kirschbaum string is competition. The only complaint I have with competition is the color. It’s spot on kirschbaum signature golden...
  3. brownbearfalling

    Neos Glide Bars

    The product video was posted 9 years ago and I’m surprised that I’ve never come across it. Definitely a cool idea but the clamp bases and locking mechanism does not look like there is much design in it. Perfectly functional though. You could maybe just purchase that conversion base plate and get...
  4. brownbearfalling

    Neos Glide Bars

    Email JC or the TM customer service and place your order in for the glide bars. I purchased one recently and they are exactly like stock. On back ordered items that I put my order in for, they came sooner than estimated. Jc definitely over delivers. I can’t imagine that machining glide bars...
  5. brownbearfalling

    Luxilon Element

    I’m surprised no mention of M2 has come up in this conversation. Haven’t had a chance to try element but I understand that it is an improved version of M2. For those who aren’t familiar with m2 the poly material is coated over softer (TPU?) material. Like others said durability is a huge issue...
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    And so it ends

    I’m glad to read the positive turn of events on this thread. Rabbit I wish for many more years of service in your mighty sensor. At some point I hope that you’ll have the longest running sensor in existence. It might happen with all the knowledge on this forum. When I read your first post, my...
  7. brownbearfalling

    Linear Gripper vs Rotational Gripper?

    I’ve never used a linear gripper on a drop weight but I have experience with the rest. I think the gamma gripper is the best because of one feature, the counter rotational adjustment. The gripper can be rotated counter to how the string pulls the gripper. This is useful for adjusting the...
  8. brownbearfalling

    Looking for a GOOD inexpensive stringing matching for both tennis and badminton

    For Gamma drop weight machines, the 602fc progression II machine is a great option. The weight on the machine splits into a lighter weight so that you don’t have to buy a second weight to string badminton. This model has all the high end features like swivel clamps and 6 pt mount. It is also...
  9. brownbearfalling

    Stringing two piece on a one piece

    Wow. I’m surprised that you had enough slack to channel the string all the way to the top. That racquet is an aluminum model. Honestly I don’t think they were designed to be restrung. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If there is no obvious hole for tie off, you can normal pick on of the...
  10. brownbearfalling

    When to settle down?

    Without going into extensive detail, the simple answer would be: if you do your own stringing = experiment. If not than stick with one string. Reason being is because there may be times where you try a string and absolutely hate it. The labor costs and string mark ups will add up if you are...
  11. brownbearfalling

    Racquet Strung Twice, String Broke Twice (the same place) in a Day.

    Visionary: where exactly on the crosses did the string break? Near the grommet is what most members are imagining. Also which crosses? Toward the top or bottom? What strings are you using? Don’t say 19g or badminton string strung at 70 lbs.
  12. brownbearfalling

    Alpha Strings Ltd

    It was the first thing that came to mind when the OP said “wrap the string around”. Otherwise it would have to be a rotational tensioning gripper but I have never seen rubber on those parts. (Klippermate, gamma drop weight and gamma els electronic rotational gripper)
  13. brownbearfalling

    New Yonex Commercial - New VCore Pro

    Wow the PJ looks very retro. Reminds me oh older Wilson frames. I think the sledge hammer 3.8 has similar paint scheme. Eager to see them in shops and get more details on tech upgrades
  14. brownbearfalling

    Alpha Strings Ltd

    Sounds like you are missing the Diablo. Posting a picture of your machine would help
  15. brownbearfalling

    Grommets for 2009 pure drive lite

    I’ve installed many Babolat grommets before and haven’t had much issue. Just a matter of doing things in the correct order and careful to get the grommets going in the correct direction. Actually I think the newer Babolat grommets are more difficult. I installed a set for a 2016 aero pro lite...
  16. brownbearfalling

    Grommets for 2009 pure drive lite

    Just wanted to update. The aero pro/jr/lite grommets FIT the racquet I had. No issues what so ever.
  17. brownbearfalling

    Anyone ever JB Weld a cracked/broken racquet?

    By all means you could give it a go but I foresee so many issues that could happen. On top of what has already been mentioned, the epoxy could get into the internal of the frame through that opening and cause rattling. Also the epoxy being heavier than carbon fiber, the repair would through off...
  18. brownbearfalling

    Finding it hard to commit to a racquet. Advice?

    All great advice here. Even the advice to not settle. I think the racquet journey has to involve tasting what other racquets have to offer before you find the one that suits you. Of course you have to be objective about it otherwise you’ll never narrow down your specs. Similar to what is206...
  19. brownbearfalling

    $250 for this Pro's Pro/Eagnas Stringer?

    I can’t believe you used a klippermate for that long. I learned on one but instantly switched. Great purchase. At that price the machine is worth it. I used a machine that had those Babolat star 5 copy clamps and they worked well for me. I would advise to give a thorough cleaning/ lubing and...
  20. brownbearfalling

    Some (probably) basic questions from someone new to the strings conversation

    Welcome to forums. I’m sure you are member of golfwrx as well. To answer your questions: 1. Go off the diameter. The gauge rating is like golf shaft flex descriptions. Golf shafts can be stiff, regular or lite but they can vary widely between manufacturers. Also with tennis string, some...
  21. brownbearfalling

    Ideas for videos to do?

    Kudos for starting a YouTube channel. Check out vacation tennis, mark sansait, tennis spin and tennis nerd for strings that have already been covered. Personally I am a huge fan of Signum pro strings. Highly underrated. But I understand that for the price point players would rather buy the other...
  22. brownbearfalling

    Tourna strings - are they actually good?

    My experience is that Big hitter silver and blue and much like topspin cyber flash and cyber blue. All 4 strings lose tension quickly. I think if you are looking for that quality of string, pros pro has more value. Or spend just a little more for a better quality string. I had high hopes for...
  23. brownbearfalling

    Pro Staff 100 v13? Discuss here!

    I would love to see more comparison of this frame with six one 95 models. I’m still playing the 95 and this racquet has tempted me. Although it would be nice to have the extra headsize for sweet spot and power I can’t imagine the 100 sq in feeling as crisp as the 95. Eventually though it think...
  24. brownbearfalling

    Top 1.20 polys?

    For me ALU hold tension much better than other polys on the market. I know some people on the boards have experienced otherwise. ALU lasts about 25% longer than solinco 1.20 strings. It’s about equal to weisscannon silver string. Another string that has held tension well for me is Pacific Poly...
  25. brownbearfalling

    Top 1.20 polys?

    Since it hasn’t been mentioned: Weisscannon silver string Luxilon ALU power 1.20 17g Both are fairly stiff strings. Due to the stiffness they hold tension well
  26. brownbearfalling

    Hardcourt shoes for Flat Feet?

    What I have learn from flat feet is it matters less about the shoe and more about the insole. Put a pair of superfeet green or powerstep pinnacle orthotics in any shoe and you will be golden. I’ve worn all kinds of shoes and all of them are fine with insoles.
  27. brownbearfalling

    How much would a Star 5 with only 250 racquets strung be worth?

    I agree with the majority stating that $2600 is a bit steep for a star 5 right now. That doesn’t mean it is not an excellent machine. I could go on forever about all the benefits of the machine. Like all Babolat machines it is well designed. Just wondering: anyone have a break down or...
  28. brownbearfalling

    Grommets for 2009 pure drive lite

    Esgee I can’t thank you enough for the information.
  29. brownbearfalling

    Grommets for 2009 pure drive lite

    Anyone know if any of the current grommets in stock will fit the 2009 pure drive GT? It’s the first generation GT model that is all blue with white accents and cortex. I ordered the 2015 pure drive lite grommets because they were the only ones in white color. They do not fit.
  30. brownbearfalling

    Gamma 6500

    Stringing machine prices have been going up. That is a great price for that machine. Does it have the string length measurer on it? I’ve always wanted that feature but I probably would not even use it.