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  1. megamind

    Most efficient player of all time?

    Karlovic/Isner/other servebots and then the rest Djokovic is the most efficient of the rest
  2. megamind

    ATP agrees to M1000 expansion

    I guessing they fixed the seating situation for Belgrade 2?
  3. megamind

    Medvedev News 6.0

    Still got a lot of work to do on clay
  4. megamind

    What was KEY to Medvedev's win tonight?

    Medvedev's movement was phenomenal. I'd say that was the key
  5. megamind

    Strong Era confirmed

    What does @weakera have to say about these findings?
  6. megamind

    Medvedev News 6.0

    Haha, his celebration was very quirky indeed
  7. megamind

    US Open 2021 the most memorable slam ever?

    Amazing US Open. Incredible tennis in both draws!
  8. megamind

    Djokovic News

    Iconic fit tbh
  9. megamind

    Medvedev News 6.0

    And now he has the Slam to back up his mouth
  10. megamind

    Medvedev News 6.0

    The crowd booing him while he was serving for the match was very disrespectful
  11. megamind

    The day Novak became the people's champion.

    He earned the prize he deserves, but not the prize he needs right now
  12. megamind

    The day Novak became the people's champion.

    I think it was a beautiful moment for him, happy for him, despite the loss
  13. megamind

    Medvedev News 6.0

    The prophecy has come true! Congrats Medvedev on an amazing match, and his first Grand Slam!
  14. megamind

    Medvedev News 6.0

    The prophecy has been written Daniil is The Chosen One The one to stop Novak on his quest to 21 slams
  15. megamind

    Kei winning the Gold in Tokyo would be more important and meaningful than 3 SLAMS easily.

    So according to this logic, MuryGOAT has at least 9 slams!
  16. megamind

    Compact Del Potro forehand?

    I had the same thought @zill thread, oh here we go again…:-D:-D:-D
  17. megamind

    Where does Kyrgios' serve rank in the Open Era?

    those players have losing records to the best returner of all time, whilst Kyrgios has a winning record Kyrgios is the Service GOAT
  18. megamind

    Djokovic meal...

    Is Novak getting enough sodium in?
  19. megamind

    TennisProdigy has RETURNED!!! (BIG Match vs. UTR 10.5)

    Welcome back OP! Glad to have you back. All the best with the match
  20. megamind

    Who is the best shotmaker the game has ever seen ?

    Davydenko for the 21st century so far
  21. megamind

    Dear lord, who hired Chanda Rubin?

    This might be THE BEST video I have ever seen
  22. megamind

    Grasping for air: Heat and humidity a major issue at Olympic tennis venue

    Novak is calling upon too much energy from the Bosnian Energy Pyramids. The stadium is overheating. It is unfortunate
  23. megamind

    Tsitsipas with NEW shoes at Hamburg, What shoe is that ?

    Old barricades looked amazing
  24. megamind

    Thiem playing Left-Handed vs 5.0: Who Wins??

    Yea, they’re such great buddies that Zverev decided that he didn’t want USO 2019, and he’d rather give it to Tim Zverev might give you the Indian Wells trophy if he likes you enough!
  25. megamind

    Thiem playing Left-Handed vs 5.0: Who Wins??

    According to the official rating system, he is at least a 5.0, thanks to his friend Zverev