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  1. Druss

    Big 3: who had the best post-prime performance?

    Epic performances from all Big 3, Fedr vs Muzza at Wimby 2015, Djoker vs Nadal at AO 2019 and Nadal vs Djoker at RG 2020. Not much in it between all three performances, however I’m curious to know who do the majority think had the highest level, performing closest to his peak. Discus and vote.
  2. Druss

    The greatest slam semi-final

    Which was the most epic SF (Big 3 era) ever contested? Really wanted to include RG 2011 in the list, however that went to 4 sets, so most likely that would be rated as the greatest 4 setter. If it's too close to call, list your top 3 in no particular order.
  3. Druss

    Did Federer truly peak at 33/34?

    What the Big 3 have done in their 30s is truly remarkable. The average age of the 8 QFist (- the Big 2) at this year's AO is 25. A number that has been consistent over the last several slams, +/- 1 year. Proof that the peak years of tennis players is generally 23-28. Of course there are...
  4. Druss

    Rate the non-Big 3 slam winners since 2004

    Rate from best to worst. For me, it's: 1) Safin AO 2005 2) Wawrinka RG 2015 3) Del Potro USO 2009 4) Murray USO 2012 5) Wawrinka AO 2014 6) Cilic USO 2014 7) Murray W 2013 8) Gaudio RG 2004 9) Murray W 2016 10) Thiem USO 2020 11) Wawrinka USO 2016
  5. Druss

    When the Big 3 are untouchable

    Federer vs Roddick AO SF 2007, 6-4 6-0 6-2 Nadal vs Almagro RG QF 2008, 6-1 6-1 6-1 Djokovic vs Ferrer AO SF 2013, 6-2 6-2 6-1 A dedication thread to the Big 3 when they are playing god-mode tennis. I'm sure there were other times when the Big 3 played at that absurd level...go ahead...
  6. Druss

    Federer vs Nalbandian 2004

    Back when I saw this match in 2004, I thought it was of a fairly high quality standard. A match between two rising stars, both 22 years old and in their prime. Fast forward 16 years; one is now an acclaimed GOAT, and the other referred to as a weak era mug, by some fanatics. Apparently it...
  7. Druss

    Ranking Federer's 12 Wimbledon finals

    In my opinion Federer's 2006 Wimby run was his best in terms of peak level of play. This is what this thread is about. He was just majestic, flawless for the whole tournament. Pity he dropped that tiebreak to Nadal, otherwise it would have been perfect. Separating 2003-05 is like splitting...
  8. Druss

    Is 33-38 really the new peak?

    If 33 to 38 years of age is considered peak or prime in tennis, where are all those players of Federer's era? Surely they had access to the same technology, nutrition, sports medicine etc that's been available to Roger, unless they have been in another parallel universe. Gonzalez? Hewitt...
  9. Druss

    AO 2019 average age

    So we are now in the semis of the first major of 2019. The average age of the four men's singles semi-finalists is 26.5. For the women's it's 25, so overall, between the eight, it is a tad under 26. I thought the peak age for tennis since post 2011 is 33 to 35! What's going on? Discuss
  10. Druss

    Your top 3 matches

    Which are your top 3 matches that did not include a player you were/are a fan of? So for me, no Agassi, no Federer. In no particular order: - Nadal vs Djokovic AO 2012 - Roddick vs El Aynaoui AO 2003 - Djokovic vs Wawrinka AO 2014
  11. Druss

    The Big 3 - who was better age for age?

    This is a comparison of level of play between the Big 3 age for age. 18/19y: 1) 2005 Nadal 2) 2006 Djokovic 3) 2000 Federer - Nadal alongside Borg and Becker, one of the top 3 teenage prodigies of the Open Era. He's miles ahead. 19/20y: 1) 2006 Nadal 2) 2007 Djokovic 3) 2001 Federer -...
  12. Druss

    Who will be the next 'new' Slam champion?

    It has been 4 years since Cilic won his lone slam at the USO and there hasn't been a new champion at any of the majors since then. So who will be the next first time major winner and when? Will it be someone from this new generation, like Zverev or Tsitsipas, or perhaps Nishikori and his gen?
  13. Druss

    Djokovic's highest level at USO as a runner-up

    A whopping 5 times runner-up. Which on these occasions did Djokovic play at the highest level, particularly in the final, but also looking at the tournament as a whole? For me it's 2007.
  14. Druss

    Highest peak - non ATG

    In the last 20 years there have been some incredible performances from non-ATGs to claim their major title. A few from memory come to mind: Safin's two slams, Kuerten at RG 2001, Del Potro at USO and Wawrinka's first two slams, IMO were the standouts since the dawn of the century. Who in your...
  15. Druss

    The most brutal slam final: Wimbledon 1999

    Agassi was at his best on grass, dropping just 2 sets on his way to the final. His QF and SF performances against former FO champ Kuerten and USO champ Rafter were enough to make any Agassi fan believe that he could beat Pistol Pete on his favoured surface. Sampras on the other hand wasn’t as...
  16. Druss

    How many slams 'peak' Wawrinka would win in 2004-07?

    Wawrinka's best years were 2013-16 winning 3 slams and 1 Masters. Had he peaked in 2004-07, how many slams would he have managed? Replace his 2013 with 2004 and so on until 2016 vs 2007. I have him at 0. I just can't seem him beating peak Nadal at RG, that's mute. Perhaps 2004 RG I give him...
  17. Druss

    Question to Big 4 fans

    Have you ever genuinely rooted against your favourite player in a big match, perhaps before you became a fan of his? The last 2 times I recall rooting against Federer were: AO SF 2005 USO F 2005 Now looking back, it's like the unimaginable thing to have done.
  18. Druss

    Which is the weakest era since the dawn of the Open Era?

    Since the dawn of the Open Era we have seen some years more competitive than others. I have listed 5 eras of a 3-4 year period which are almost always mentioned when there is talk of weak era. I myself don't actually believe in a weak era, I prefer to say instead that there has been some years...
  19. Druss

    Safin vs Wawrinka - who is the better player?

    Wawrinka and Safin are similar in some ways. Both have incredible high peak levels, high enough to challenge peak/prime Federer, Nadal or Djokovic. Both are unpredictable/inconsistent, beating ATGs to win a slam one tournament, only to lose to challenger level players the next, frustrating as...
  20. Druss

    2017: Nadal @RG vs Federer @Wimbledon

    Both past their primes, yet won their favourite slam in emphatic fashion. So which one had the greater more impressive run? Cast your vote.
  21. Druss

    The top 10 slam finalists since 1990

    The criteria for picking my top 10 slam finalists are: - making more than 1 slam final - who they lost to...was it an ATG (Federer, Nadal, Sampras etc) - how many ATP titles won - highest ranking achieved - versatility on other surfaces/slams, not just making a final on one surface and doing...
  22. Druss

    'Young' Djokovic vs 'old' Federer....higher level of play

    Many Djokovic fans like to bump up 'old' (post-prime) Federer so as to make Djoker's competition of 2014-16 look somewhat tougher, where as some Fed fans like to point out that 'young' (pre-peak/prime) Djoker was indeed a consistent No3 for a good part of Federer's slam winning stretch of...
  23. Druss

    The top 5 teenagers of Open Era

    Going by accomplishments in terms of winning prestigious tournaments or making finals, titles won, ranking and level of play against fellow top 5-10 players. 1) Boris Becker - won 2 slams, multiple Masters (equivalent), 12 ATP titles, consistently in top 5 peaking at No 2 all before turning...
  24. Druss

    H2H Nadal vs Sampras prime for prime

    Let's just say they played 40 times, I can imagine Sampras winning a couple each on grass, indoor HC and a very few on medium-fast like Cinci/USO (?). Overall I'm going with a most likely H2H of 30-10 in favour of Nadal, baring in mind Sampras had a weaker bh than Fed (and less variety) and...
  25. Druss

    If only Safin had Djoker's 'mental' toughness

    Safin would have done the right training, conditioning and preparation for tournaments (instead of partying with Moya and Scud), which would mean avoiding getting certain injuries, in conjunction with less on-court meltdowns, resulting in more consistent results and rankings. He would have...
  26. Druss

    The most memorable match your favourite player won

    This has nothing to do about the top 10 or best matches of all time. It is about that one match you absolutely can never forget, the one your favourite player won when he was not expected to. State why it means so much to you. Mine is Roland Garros SF 2011: Djokovic on one of the best runs...
  27. Druss

    Federer had it the toughest out of the Big 3

    In my opinion and I’m sure many would agree, the golden age of tennis was 2007-2012. A period where we saw 3 legends of the sport who were at, or close to their prime. Nadal captured 9 slams in that period, whilst Federer won 8 and Djokovic 5 slams. Only Murray and Del Potro, with 1 slam...
  28. Druss

    The best Top 8 of the Fedalovic years

    This is not about the Big 3 or 4 fighting it out for the major tournaments but about the quality of the top 8 players. In my opinion 2009 comes out well on top. You had Del Potro, Davydenko, Soderling playing at a level close to the Big 3(4), even post prime Roddick had his fair share of top...
  29. Druss

    Nadal vs Sampras, who had it tougher getting to 14

    Sampras vs Nadal and the verdict 1) Agassi @US or Puerta @RG - Agassi though only 20, still the tougher opponent. 1-0 2) Courier @W or Federer @RG - Fed's least fav surface, but still tougher than Jim. 1-1 3)...
  30. Druss

    Replacing Djokovic of 2014+ with 2004/07 Federer

    Which slams and WTFs would Federer of 2004/07 win, from 2014 to present, with Djokovic out of the picture? Federer 2014 AO - r/up to Nadal (Nadal wouldn't have had anything 'wrong' with him in final had he faced Fed) RG - r/up to Nadal W - winner USO - winner WTF - winner 2015 AO - winner RG -...