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  1. SystemicAnomaly

    Coveted COCKTAIL Concoctions Considered

    Favorite Cocktails? Originally had planned on this far simpler thread title but my annoying alliteration affliction auspiciously actualized. So which concoctions are your favorite poisons: Margarita, Mai Tai, Long Island Iced Tea, Grasshopper, Dry Martini (shaken or stirred), Manhattan...
  2. SystemicAnomaly

    Iconic Musical Riffs (Motifs)

    Most have been good little boys & girls and have waited long enough. So, here it is: A thread featuring songs or melodies featuring simple, yet magical, iconic motifs (aka riffs). Perhaps the most iconic of these is the the granddaddy of them all, the sound of fate knocking on the door... the...
  3. SystemicAnomaly

    What does the rest of the galaxy think of Earth?

    Experiences or thoughts on this?
  4. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP : Hal Holbrook (1925-2021)

    Just heard last night that legendary actor, Hal Holbook, had passed nearly 2 weeks ago, weeks before his 96th birthday, on Jan 23rd. He was critically acclaimed as an actor, director and writer. I had been listening to a tribute segment on the iconic British singer, Dusty Springfield, on Fresh...
  5. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP: Tanya Roberts (aka Victoria L Blum)

    Sadly, American TV/film actress, Tanya Roberts passed mysteriously at the age of 65 this past Sunday. She had been walking her dog and had collapsed afterward. Not certain if cause has yet been determined. She had done some modeling, TV ads and some bit acting roles in the mid / late 1970s. Her...
  6. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP: 2020 -- ¡Hasta la vista!

    It has been the most trying of years for much of the planet. Super-virus, lockdowns, social distancing & isolation, job losses, racial tensions ignited, restaurants, gyms & movie theaters closed, schools have become ghost towns, a major ammonium nitrate explosion, never ending wildfires and...
  7. SystemicAnomaly

    Caroline Wozniacki, 2nd career?

    Probably one of the major reasons Caro Woz retired after AO 2020 was her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. But will that prevent her from marathon running? Very likely. But golf is something she might fare well at. Seems she's been golfing at Michael Jordan's new course -- the one with air...
  8. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP tennis legend Dennis Ralston

    Ralston, known more as a double specialist, was the top US singles player for 3 years back in the 1960s. Lost his battle with cancer 2 days ago.
  9. SystemicAnomaly

    Aug 13th: International Lefty Day

  10. SystemicAnomaly

    Kelly Preston (RIP)

    So much craziness going on in the world these days, I almost missed it. I discovered only last night that Kelly Preston, American model & actress, had passed 3 days ago at the age of 57. Sadly, she lost her battle with breast cancer. Something she's been dealing with for 2+ years away from the...
  11. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP Naya Marie

    Sadly, there's a bit less GLEE in the world since last week. Hasta la Vista, Naya Rivera. Naya singing Songbird:
  12. SystemicAnomaly

    The Federer wall challenges ++++

    In case you missed it, RF has a #TennisAtHome wall volley challenge. Rog implores you to choose your hat wisely for this challenge
  13. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP: Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne)

    Sadly, co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, Adam Schlesinger, just passed away at 52 from covid-19
  14. SystemicAnomaly

    Showtime (9) channels FREE til Mon (3/30)

    Sling is currently providing Showtime (all 9 channels) for free from Fri until Mon (3/30). Available to SlingTV subscribers as well as Sling Free (app required?). Other freebies available as well:
  15. SystemicAnomaly

    Motley Fool (stock advisor)... worthwhile?

    Any experience, positive or negative, with Motley Fool?
  16. SystemicAnomaly

    Honeybee Math: Bees = Smarter than You

    Honeybees appear to be masters of 6 dimensional math. Their bee dances utilize an intricate and explicit language that incorporates a high-level, esoteric math concept known as flag manifold. Bee dances are performed to indicate sources of nectar, pollen and water. They can also dance to convey...
  17. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP: Cokie Roberts, legendairy journalist & political commentator

    (Disclaimer: Just realized that I misspelled LEGENDARY is the thread title. But Barney Stinson might approve) Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Roberts passed away today at 75. Complications due to breast cancer. Will be missed by many. I have listened to her voice, along with that of Nina...
  18. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP: Ric Ocasek, new wave rock visionary

    Instrumental in defining rock music of the 1980s. Ric, you were just what we needed.
  19. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP Konstantin Anisimov

    Who? This was Amanda Anisimova's father (and coach). Sadly, Konstantin (who was in his early 50s) passed away on Monday. Possibly a heart attack. Unexpected. Amanda, who has been out with a back injury, was supposed to return to play at the US Open next week as a seeded player. Understandably...
  20. SystemicAnomaly

    RIP Easy Rider (Wyatt)

    Counterculture icon, filmmaker and actor, Peter Fonda has passed away at 79.
  21. SystemicAnomaly

    Dunlop ATP vs Penn ATP balls

    Interested in primarily the Extra Duty (XD) versions of these, not the SD versions. I've not yet had a chance to use the newer Dunlop ATP balls. Have been a long time fan of Penn ATP ball and believe that the new Penn Tour ball is just a rebranding of this. So how does the new Dunlop ATP (XD)...
  22. SystemicAnomaly

    Milk Way is the best galaxy in the universe

    No particular reason. Possibly a bit biased. Just had to share this thought. .
  23. SystemicAnomaly

    Real Bounce vs HawkEye line calling

    Noticed that a Real Bounce system (not calculated) is being used for line call challenges at Hobart (AO Series) rather than HawkEye. Anyone have any details on Real Bounce? .
  24. SystemicAnomaly

    Season's Greetings... Feliz Natal

    Feliz Natal to those in Portugal, Brasil and everywhere else on the planet. .
  25. SystemicAnomaly

    Throwing Like a Girl... Fixes? Cures?

    First off. Many will find the phrase, "throw like a girl" to be derogatory or even offensive. But, even tho the gender gap has diminished quite a bit in many/most areas, overhead throwing mechanics continues to be one area where the gap persists. Girls who have been taught to throw at a young...
  26. SystemicAnomaly

    Separated at birth? Doppelganger?

    Are Luke Dunphy (Nolan Gould) of Modern Family and Austrian tennis phenom, Dominic Thiem, really the same person? Nolan Gould: CHALLENGE: Can anyone post a pic of Gould and Thiem together? I defy you to find one. .
  27. SystemicAnomaly

    Free will, is it real?

    It seems obvious to most of us that we have free will. I, for one, certainly feel like I have free will. But do I really? Is it an illusion? While I feel like I have free will, I am a firm believer in the concept of cause & effect. That is, all actions or effects are the result of a number of...
  28. SystemicAnomaly

    An ode to bacon

    (My apologies if this has been posted previously)
  29. SystemicAnomaly

    Problems with ATP site? This page isn’t working. I've not been able to access the ATP site for a while now. Don't recall any problems prior to August. Is this a problem only with Chromebook, the Chrome browser? Are other users having difficulties as well.
  30. SystemicAnomaly

    Roddick's tribute to Nadal...

    and other special crowd moments. Actually, Andy channels Rafa in a match against Roger. Love what ARod says at 1:06. (He's finally figured out the secret to beating Roger). (Apologies if this has been posted before. A Search came up empty)