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  1. prestigetang

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    There is no difference in mold between my H19 18x20 and retail Ultra Tour. The installation process met with zero resistance!:D
  2. prestigetang

    Perfection: Wilson H19 16X19 Pro Stock

    Not 16x19 but I fit the retail Ultra Tour Grommets onto my H19 18x20... without any sweat
  3. prestigetang

    DC 315 LTD (!!)

    I would say nothing;)
  4. prestigetang

    DC 315 LTD (!!)

    Finished playing with the first set of strings on the 315Ltd DC. While pulling out the old strings I discovered something interesting (not sure if it's been shared here before): The new TF 315Ltd DC is FOAM FILLED!!! Wow what a pleasant surprise! (And no wonder it feels more muted than the...
  5. prestigetang

    Bouchard new racquet?

    Genie is practising with a Wilson Ultra at Indian Wells...
  6. prestigetang

    New Prestige Touch "Tour" --- 305g 18x19

    Graphene Touch Prestige Mid G Touch Prestige Mid Sounds like a sexy toy.
  7. prestigetang

    Detailed Prestige Touch MP Review

    I think the difference between 57a and modern Prestige MPs isn't at the throat piece near the handle.
  8. prestigetang

    Head Graphene Touch Prestige

    Watch 'em flop. Watch 'em flop.
  9. prestigetang

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I've also subscribed to the traditional HEAD pallet shape. So I applied the simple fix: Works just fine.
  10. prestigetang

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    I've been playing with an un-modded Ultra Tour for a while now. Strung with Luxilon Alu Power full bed at 50/48lbs. No harsh vibration / arm issue noticed.
  11. prestigetang

    New Head Prestige?

    Heard that HEAD finally decided to drop the 93" Rev Pro. What a flop it has been.
  12. prestigetang

    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    Sorry to come back and visit this again. Not doubting the author's credibility, I'm just trying to state a certain simple fact: Foam-filled handle DOES NOT EQUATE foam-filled frame. The latter has a more complex process involving injection of foam solution, which I don't think applies easily on...
  13. prestigetang

    Federer setup: Natural Gut mains, Luxilon Alu Power Crosses, why?

    It's a habitual/superstitious thing for most pros. Once they get comfortable of a setup they refuse to change, no matter what technology advancement brings. Power spin control et al, they all come from technique. End of story.
  14. prestigetang

    Donnay Pro One 97 16x19 is the reason for the RF97A

    I found the Pro One 97 and RF so similar that I went on to black out the 3/9 o'clock:
  15. prestigetang

    Donnay Pro One 97 16x19 is the reason for the RF97A

    Pardon my ignorance... I have compared Wilson H22 and Donnay Pro One 97 and find them VERY similar in mold. Also through side-by-side comparison I find RF97 and Pro One 97 very similar except for the obvious PWS and spacing between crosses. Playability wise, Pro One 97 is highly customisable...
  16. prestigetang

    Tennis shops in Singapore?

    Leisure Sports @ Far East Shopping Centre, 545 Orchard Road provides the most professional racquet service islandwide.
  17. prestigetang

    New nishikori racquet

    The thread started with someone thinks he's spotted that Kei is using a 'new racquet'... hmm
  18. prestigetang

    The Cult of PT57

    Love the split-color CAP grommets. Had that same idea myself a while ago. You can even consider splitting the throat piece ;)
  19. prestigetang

    Graphite Pro Makeover

    Thanks vsbabolat for chiming in! Once I realised it is not an integral part of the frame I felt much better:p Here is the completed job with the molded-in head guard away and a set of translucent TK292 grommets on! Not the best of my work though. Now the problem is, is it worthwhile to string...
  20. prestigetang

    Graphite Pro Makeover

    Thanks Sanglier. But if it is the primer it should persist across the whole body of the frame isn't it? That rubbery material underneath the paint only exists around the outside of the hoop area. At the inside of the hoop for example, the paint becomes hard as on normal frames. My guess this...
  21. prestigetang

    Graphite Pro Makeover

    Acquired this Graphite Pro (EU version I believe) from an innocent seller for a few bucks. I noticed that the outside of the entire hoop has started to disintegrate (2 pics on the left), while my other Graphite Pro (same version) still feels tight and sturdy. So I decide to give it a make...
  22. prestigetang

    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    Nope not really. haha. Just want to make sure they are there when I string with gut in the mains.
  23. prestigetang

    Happy 30th Anniversary HEAD Prestige On Tour Since 1986

    The holy grail gets the treatment it deserves.
  24. prestigetang

    Understanding racket marketing

    LOL! Coaches do like to tell a lot of things they think are right, don't they? "Everyone should be able to handle a racquet that's 300 grams." "If my student came with a Prestige Mid I'd tell him to get lost." etc. etc. The fact is that what measures a coach's success (not on-tour coaches...
  25. prestigetang

    Please Help! Deformed/warped Prestige Tour 600

    I've tried stupid things like stringing the racquet and then leaving it in a hot car; gluing all the string intersections and then cutting several strings near the bent side... nothing works. It makes me wonder how it got bent in the first place... lol
  26. prestigetang

    Please Help! Deformed/warped Prestige Tour 600

    Nah I gave in eventually. Sold it to someone who's able to accept the condition of the racquet at a low price.
  27. prestigetang

    Leather grips lovers

    The problem with Kimony leather grips is that they are not as absorbent as other leather grips. So your overgrip gets slippery a lot faster (like 15 minutes or so for me).
  28. prestigetang

    Head XT Prestige Rev Pro ???

    A good racquet... with 30 grams of lead and silicon on(in) it! Joke aside I own both Graphene and Graphene XT Prestige Rev Pro. The XT definitely feels like an upgrade. Less jarring, more touch. Only if HEAD can sell replacement CAP grommets, I wish.