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  1. Yoneyama

    Babolat Tonic/ Gosen AK Pro CX (NatGut/SynGut)

    Some people might have seen that I have been raving on about Gosen AK Pro CX in a few threads lately. It is an extremely good string and leagues above other SynGuts. Probably the closest thing to real Natural Gut I have ever tried (tried a lot of multifilaments and things like Zyex or Bab...
  2. Yoneyama

    Has Sergio Tacchini exited tennis market?

    With Gilles Muller retired, and Fucsovics, Kukushkin, Strycova all no longer have Sergio sponsors as of 2020, is this indicative of Sergio Tacchini no longer making tennis apparel? Anyone have any insider knowledge?
  3. Yoneyama

    Hubert Hurkacz - Yonex Power Eclipsion 3?

    Are these shoes being warn by Hubert Hurkacz new Yonex shoes? They say Eclipsion on them. I've down some searching but can't find anything so hopefully someone here more in the know can give some info. They look really nice, cleaner and more refined compared to the current PE2 design.
  4. Yoneyama

    Yonex Rexking 24 (R-24) Japanese Colourway

    For those into old Yonexes, here is some photos of my newly acquired R-24s in Japanese colourway (well at least I have never seen this colour for sale outside of Japan?). I bought two, both were advertised as grip size 3, however one of them was clearly grip size 1. The unstrung, ungripped...
  5. Yoneyama

    Yonex Plastic Collars at top of Handles - Do they come off?

    Hi all, Do the plastic collars on the older R## model Yonex racquets come off the same way that they do on the older Head Prestiges for example? Is there a recess under the plastic collars on Yonex racquets like in the Head racquets, or is it just handle foam? I have some older R models on the...
  6. Yoneyama

    Custom Mounted Stringing Machine

    I thought I would share today's project. I have mounted my Gamma Progression 602 FC II turntable, and a Wise 2086 tension head onto a Seville 6 door tool trolley. This was inspired by some photos I saw posted here by another member in an older thread. What I used to do this: - Seville UltraHD...
  7. Yoneyama

    Maximum Height Distance Between Racquet/Handle and Diablo?

    Hi all, I am adapting my Gamma Progression 602 FC II Turntable, and Wise tension head to a workbench surface. With the original Gamma base, I have 360 rotation when using the dropweight bracket. The distance between diablo/string gripper and the racquet/handle is 15-20mm with the original...
  8. Yoneyama

    Pro's Pro vs. Alpha

    Hi guys, So I am wanting to get a stringing machine. Not just to save money in the long run, but it is also something I have wanted to be able to do for quite some time. After doing quite a lot of research, the idea of a manual machine + a Wise 2086 tension head sounds like a good setup. I...
  9. Yoneyama

    Yonex Couguss YY7200

    Hi all, Just bought two brand new Yonex Couguss wooden racquets, still in plastic and with tags for $95 Australian. Not sure what these things are worth but they are mint so I thought why not. Can't wait to give these a hit. Does anyone know anything more about these racquets? Not a great...
  10. Yoneyama

    Does all white stencil ink suck?

    I have the Wilson white stencil ink. It has the consistency of liquid paper/white-out on the strings. It can be scraped off with your nail, and as such it comes off within a few minutes of play. Moving the strings by hand scrapes it off. Are the other brands available the same? I don't want to...
  11. Yoneyama

    Angelique Kerber's Yonex

    Hi all, Does anyone know why Kerber's Yonex is mostly blacked out, and has been all year? Closer inspection of some recent Getty images make it look like the racquet is painted in the dark matte navy blue of the Vcore Pro line, without any of the other graphics. Any have some more info on...
  12. Yoneyama

    Are there any Wilson players without light strings/ red stencil?

    This just struck me. I can't seem to recall there being any Wilson players, past or present, with say black strings and a white Wilson stencil, or say red strings and a black Wilson stencil... Do any exist? Is this some sort of unwritten Wilson rule that you must role with light strings and a...
  13. Yoneyama

    Where can I get proper grip finishing tape?

    Hi all, Last year I bought a roll of black grip finishing tape. I believe I got it from tennisonly which is the Australian distributor for Tennis Warehouse America. Neither tennisonly nor Tennis Warehouse America carry the roll of tape I bought last year. It is plain black grip finishing...
  14. Yoneyama

    Is 58lbs on an electric stringers the same as on a manual?

    Hi all, So ever since I moved and joined a new club, my racquets have been strung by one of the top of the line electronic machines by Wilson. I always get 58lb mains 56lb cross. The old bloke at the pro shop always always questions my decision for such a high tension on the electronic...
  15. Yoneyama

    Stanimal IS playing WTF!!

    delete double thread
  16. Yoneyama

    Stanimal IS playing WTF!! Read the caption. Does anyone think this is LEGIT???
  17. Yoneyama

    Luxilon 4G vs Tecnifibre HDX Tour

    Hi all, Has anyone used both of these strings? I am looking for a terrific tension maintenance string. I have found 4G and like it with Klip Legend Natural Gut mains. However I have noticed that the Tecnifibre HDX Tour has considerably better tension maintenance/ lower total tension loss...
  18. Yoneyama

    How are racquets painted? Specifically Logos/ Graphics

    Hi all, Does anyone know how graphics, logos, wording, etc etc are applied to racquets? I plan on delving into custom painting racquets, but I want to be a step above the usual DIY racquet painter. What methods are there of applying graphics, words, logos and all that? Surely from the...
  19. Yoneyama

    The 'Sound' of Wawrinka's shots

    So I have been depressed lately due to the lack of Stan on the scene and have been watching lots of highlight videos on youtube. Something that has become apparent is the unique sound of Wawrinka's shots compared to almost all other pros. Wawrinka's shots have a kind of smooth whistle to them...
  20. Yoneyama

    Klip Legend Pro Tour Hybrid Stringset

    Hi all, Has anyone ever used this in any gauge: Hybrid set by Klip consisting of Natural Gut and their own Poly. I currently use Klip Legend Natural Gut 16 mains and Alu Power Rough 16 crosses and absolutely love it. I just noticed Klip have their...
  21. Yoneyama

    Compensating Balance for Fairway Leather

    Hi guys, First time poster here. I've recently started playing tennis again at 24 years after having 6 years off. I'm appreciating the technicalities more rather than just hitting a ball with whatever racquet. I bought a Yonex Vcore DuelG 310g and have been really enjoying how it plays. I...