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    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    + the following matches against Rafa
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    Guga Kuerten no replacement grip

    Me. I play RF97 a grip size up (4) and two Wilson pro overgrips. Gives me a 340 gram strung RF about 6 pts head light.
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    Why do all pros seem to use white overgrips (besides tourna)?

    Because if that would make them earn just 1% of Federer, it would be more than 1 mill. a year.
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    Most Idiotic Post-Match Interview Question

    I have never lost to Federer, I will just retire.
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    Prepaire: No amount of titles or records can be comPaired to Benoits Paire

    His saireving is taireibly impaired. A most impairefect gaime.
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    Thomas Muster Racquet

    Was hoping for a video!
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    Pro Staff 97 Grommets

    But now I put my red/black on top of my black RF. And I am pretty sure that the string spacing is slightly different too. The crosses extend a couple of mms more towards the bottom of the frame, so there is a slightly wider string spacing in the lower crosses. Others might want to chime in, but...
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    Pro Staff 97 Grommets

    Interesting. I noticed the grommet on my red/black RF is different than on my black. The grommet on the black is a bit more solid/wider, has more material in it. So actually, I was thinking about ordering the black grommet, because my red/black racket feels a bit lighter than the black one, and...
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    Low static weight hefty swingweight head heavy racket

    Carlos Moya comes to mind.
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    Thomas Muster Racquet

    Strung, it should be more or less evenly weighted and a massive sw
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    What Grip Size are you Using?

    4 3/8 with overgrip is about right for me. But my last 3 rackets, I have bought 4 1/2, taken of the grip and play with just two overgrips (Wilson Pro). The feel is about the same as leather with an overgrip. I can fine tune grip size by combining Comfort and Sensation overgrips (different...
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    Why did Roger Quickly dismiss the tuxedo RF97?

    I do not think I posted any theories, just facts. Apart from the obvious assumption that Wilson was not pleased with his dumping of a new model.
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    Why did Roger Quickly dismiss the tuxedo RF97?

    In a presser around the time he went back to the black, he said something like "I just played so well with the black". In an extended interview a bit earlier, he said that changing to the all black (from the 2014 red/black) required some adjustment, but he had time for it. It was during the...
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    Did Tsitsipas change strings?

    Anyone know his tension?
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    Vivobarefoot Motus

    As the small and relatively new company they are, I think VB has gotten better at avoiding quality issues. Just my impression
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    Osaka splits from coach

    I still respect Osakas acknowlegdement of what Sasha had achieved with her, her words about being happy is more important to her than winning (good recipe for winning actually), and even the slight hint about something about "going behind her back".
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    Does Dominic Thiem uses retail Pure strike?

    I thought Roman Prokes customised Djokovic' rackets?
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    Pro’s specs “secrets”

    Yes, makes sense, since the wood rackets were allready available in different weights for the same model.
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    Jenn Brady Racquet and Strings

    Looks to me like Brady has lower SW, but swings quicker. Could just be me, from watching Brady 20 mins, and Barty not since before lockdown.
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    Vivobarefoot Motus

    I only got to play it a few times before the outdoor season started. I have been playing indoor barefoot for years also (Rebound Ace). But this winter, after a lay off, I developed a small blister, it burst, and I spread some droplets of blood on the court. So the club ordered me into shoes...
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    Vivobarefoot Motus

    I also exclusively use minimal shoes, or go barefoot. I use Vivo Barefoot. They have a newer tennisrelated model out, which I used a couple of times indoor, it was ok. Outside, on clay, I play without shoes. Without or in minimal shoes, I have never been close to spraying an ankle, which I did...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    My Andre Agassi limited edition is no. 10.000 something. Perhaps the limits are rather umlimited.
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    My impression too. The PT2 works great with fast, solid swings, high racket head acceleration. At 60 years, I am probably not up for it. Ironically, my weighed down RF97 (no leather grip, two overgrips) allows me to get away with "less effort". This is with POSG at 26kgs/57lbs, but I suspect I...
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    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Yes, and "i"-technology, and powerholes, and powerridges (or what were they called?). We could go full circle. Just kidding, partially.
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    OG Micro Sheep

    I am sticking with Prince OSG (gold) at the moment (full set). If my memory serves me right, the Gosen is livelier, softer, but the POSG is firmer, has better tension maintenance. Thing is, I never got over they stopped the "JC" version of the Gosen.
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    RF 97 - Why not switch the grip?- Why not tame the beast?

    I just bought me a RF black version. Went up one size in grip, from 3 to 4. Took of the leather grip, and play it with just two overgrips (which player is it that does that also, Nadal?). Wilson pro on top of Tournagrip. So now I have a RF97 at 340 g, 32,7 (5 pts) balance strung, as opposed to...