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  1. TeamOB

    Mens tour a mess at the moment.

    I'm actually kinda sad HAMMER got banned. Yeah, he was annoying, offensive, and absolutely awful, but he was entertaining. It would have been fun to keep that thread going for a few more hours.
  2. TeamOB

    American style of tennis

    This is the Courier-mold of player. Many American players in this generation are effectively mini-Couriers. Big serve. Big forehand. Average or below-average everything else. It's actually very strange. Why are they taught this way? Why aren't there any guys taught in the Agassi-mold? IMO Andre...
  3. TeamOB

    How to teach a 1hbh to a young kid?

    Many people say that the rarity of the 1hbh in today's tennis is due to the fact that kids are starting earlier and earlier. It seems that kids need to be playing by around 8 years old if they wanna make it big. The problem is that it is very difficult to teach a 1hbh to a kid this young. Most 8...
  4. TeamOB

    Top 10 Rap Songs of All Time

    Not a famous song, but I consider it one of the greatest in hip-hop: Gazing at the Moonlight - Hopsin
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    Backhand DTL is a game changer

    Yeah the BH DTL is a crucial shot. I think Agassi said in Open something like: "If he doesn't take the BH up the line, I will own the baseline" (don't remember exact quote, but it was something to this effect). The BH is generally a less explosive and flexible shot, so most good players center...
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    Novak Djokovic's Strategic Thinking

    Well, here's what the man himself has to say about it:
  7. TeamOB

    Federer's ground strokes seem a bit off.....

    How many slams would Agassi have won if he had stuck with his GOAT racquet?
  8. TeamOB

    How many split steps?

    I take either 1 or 0. I'm not very fast, but my anticipation is pretty good. So my movement relies heavily on anticipating my opponent's shot and starting to run early. When I get a good read on my opponent's next shot I sometimes just hit and start running immediately to cover his expected...
  9. TeamOB

    Cincinnati R3 2014 : Roger Federer (2) vs Gael Monfils

    In before BP attributes Federer's racquet toss to a deep, subconscious hatred of the RF97.
  10. TeamOB

    Cincinnati R3 2014 : Roger Federer (2) vs Gael Monfils

    Combination of losing some motivation for competitive tennis, becoming more involved in other hobbies, becoming lazy and most importantly going off to college.
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    Cincinnati R3 2014 : Roger Federer (2) vs Gael Monfils

    Monfils robbed on that call....
  12. TeamOB

    Cincinnati R3 2014 : Roger Federer (2) vs Gael Monfils

    WTF is going on right now!? Neither of these guys wants the lead by the looks of it!
  13. TeamOB

    Djokovic is 4-6 in recent 10 sets

    Yes, they did. AND THEY WERE WRONG! The people saying Djokovic is done after Toronto/Cinci are going to turn out to be just as wrong IMO!
  14. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    Nope, just because someone is offended doesn't make it bad. A lot of people are offended by my political views and my opinions on various social issues, but it doesn't make me a bad person. I have a right to my own opinion.
  15. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    I work at a country club and never have any problems. I never swear around my boss or any of the members, but around my co-workers I loosen up on it. It's not intentional or anything. Profanity is just a normal part of my relaxed vocabulary. It takes a conscious effort on my part to stop it from...
  16. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    Stereotyping much? Also, I never said that people who swear a lot are necessarily honest or good people. I was just pointing out that they are not necessarily bad or anything. IMO there is really no connection. You can be the most soft-spoken guy but also be an absolute *****, or swear like a...
  17. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    Well, you connected it with "personality and class", "violence", "drunkenness" "the 'level' of a person" and "rigid obnoxious" behavior. I'm not sure who's making the false connections here!
  18. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    Yeah, I'm just an individual case. But I know a lot of similar people to me. There are a lot of guys who grew up with me who lived in the hood, did drugs, swore a ton etc. but are the most honest, loyal guys you could imagine. I would trust them with my life.
  19. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    I'm a Harvard student who rarely gets drunk, has never fought anyone (and doesn't plan on it) and is considered a genuine nice, classy, smart guy by most of the people I know. Yet I swear a lot. There is really no connection. I grew up in a rough neighborhood, hung out with a lot of Cuban...
  20. TeamOB

    Top 10 Rap Songs of All Time

    Don't have time to put together a full list of 10, but it's absolutely awesome that OP included What's Beef in his list. IMO that is the most underrated biggie song of all time. Not nearly as well known as some of his other stuff (like Hypnotize, Juicy, Big Poppa) but IMO this is his best song...
  21. TeamOB

    If Dimitrov is BabyFed, then who is BabyNadal?

    I don't see why people say Paire is similar to Nole at all. Their gamestyles are very different. Paire is an erratic, low-percentage big hitter. Nole is a very consistent, methodical aggressive baseliner. Nole takes the ball early and hits high-percentage probing shots looking for a short ball...
  22. TeamOB

    Ban the "F" bomb

    Yeah they should get code violations for obvious loud swearing because its annoying not some people. But if its not all that loud its no big deal. I also don't get the whole "being nice around kids" thing. When I was 13 I swore way, way more then I do now. Parents need to stop thinking of their...
  23. TeamOB

    Court 3 at the Cincy Masters sucks !!

    Hahahaha! yeah he's going over tomorrow I think. I'll see how the bet goes. I doubt he'll get more then an autograph and a selfie. Don't think he has nearly enough game to actually get lunch with her. :):):)
  24. TeamOB

    Court 3 at the Cincy Masters sucks !!

    I watched a match on court 3 last year (Mannarino vs. Karlovic) and it honestly wasn't so bad. I sat in the little bleacher area behind the baselines and the view was amazing! Yeah, a bit more seating behind the baselines would have been good, but there isn't much space for it without tearing...
  25. TeamOB

    Worst overrule ever (Errani vs. Wickmayer)

    Wickmayer missed the return. Sara is arguing that since Wickmayer hit the return before the call was made, she should win the point as opposed to it being replayed. Watching the video, it seems that Sara was right. The umpire called "out!" a bit after Wickmayer hit the ball and thus could not...
  26. TeamOB

    RIP Robin Williams

    So sad! I'm watching Mrs. Doubtfire right now as a tribute to the great man. That film and Dead Poets Society are his best IMO. Such a loss to everyone who appreciates good cinema. RIP Robin.
  27. TeamOB

    Can we fix Sorana Cirstea's tennis ?

    Not sure about her game, it is just very streaky. She has some good runs, but also many puzzling losses. Her face and body need no fixing at all though!
  28. TeamOB

    Marinko Matosevic - What a Jerk

    Yeah, it was kinda excessive but I don't judge him much. Getting a bad call on match point is very frustrating. I remember a junior dubs match I played where something similar happened to me. On match point I served to the forehand and my opponent ripped a return that was about an inch out...
  29. TeamOB

    As the US Open nears, I miss James Blake

    Miss him a lot too! One of my favorite players to watch. Just so athletic and hit so damn hard! Actually I just found out that for my freshman year at Harvard I will be staying in the same dorm he lived in (my suite is a floor up from where his was). Amazing coincidence!
  30. TeamOB

    Match ups that surprisingly didn't happen often

    Murray vs Hewitt! Only happened once despite a pretty big overlap between their careers.