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    paciific x-force replacement

    i used pacific x-force for years (in 18 and 17g) and love it. now it's gone from TW and I'm looking for replacement. Any advise?
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    Does anybody take pure MSM ?

    I mean pure MSM and not with GS/CS or another supplements. Apparently should reduce any joint inflammation in several days!
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    Yonex Vcore xi98 and vcore tour 97 310

    Did anybody try both? Did you notice any diffrence between them? Looks very close by specs......
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    Club recommendation in ATL

    Moving to ATL and trying to locate tennis club with outdoor and INDOOR courts around my new home in Suwanee. My subdivision doesn't have tennis courts so I'll be looking for a club to join to find new partners and potentially join ALTA and USTA teams. Appreciate your advise.
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    Fischer M speed lignt vrs another Fischers

    Three racquets from Fischer have very similar specs: Fischer Magnetic Tour Fischer Pro Tour Fischer M speed Pro #1 Light Can anybody comment on their differences? Feeling, sweet spot, forgiveness, better for ground strokes or net or serves...?
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    impact from diffrent types of serve

    Is it correct that kick serve create more impact on the shoulder than flat serve? What about back injury possibility from the serve motion? Thanks
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    light player racquet?

    I decided I need to move from 'real, 12+oz' players racquet to something lighter. I don't care about headsize, but I want to have headlight, low swingweight ( around 310), low power, around 11.2oz strung racquet. After playing with TW racquet finder I was able to find only one : VOLKL TOUR...
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    What TV screen is better to watch tennis?

    TV experts: what modern, flat TV (more than 40", LCD or plasma or DLP or LCOS) is better to watch tennis ? I don't want to see trailing shadows!
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    12oz racquet for 10 year old?

    Can little kid, 10 years old, 70#, can play with 12oz racquet? Is it safe and will it help him to develop good game? He is playing now with 10oz Volkl but really likes to play with my racquets and performing quite good. Thanks
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    Gamma Natural Gut 17G Tennis String ?

    Did anybody try Gamma Natural Gut 17G Tennis String? Can you compare them with another brands natural gut 17G ? Thanks
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    German natural gut

    Did anybody buy them on * German Natural Gut Tennis Strings String: 16ga/ Natural Gut 42' (2 sets) Play with what the ATP and nationally ranked players use. Super durability, excellent power and control, holds higher than normal tension longer. (Very Strong Gut) I am currently...
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    FH Followthrogh teaching

    Looking for advise how to teach/ reenforce constant FH followthrough movement. Any special exercizes or drills? Thanks
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    VOLKL Tour 8 SE FIRE ?

    Racquet gurus: is there a difference between VOLKL TOUR 8 S.E and VOLKL TOUR SE FIRE? Looks like a good racquet for a kid.
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    Hitting on rise question

    If you hit a ball in front of you would it be the same as take it on a rise?
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    Tennis in Hong Kong

    Any experience or knowledge?
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    How do you seat in your car after the match?

    If you play somewhere with no shower after the match and have to drive home for shower what is your tip how to protect car seat ? Do you use towel over the seat or something else?
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    Why pros don't play with ESTUSA?

    If Estusa is such a great true player racquet (by TW review) why non of pros use one?
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    Estusa PBB and RDX500 mid

    Did anybody try both racquets and can compare them on different strokes? I play with Estusa PBB (no lead added) but every six month I feel I need to try something else. Thanks
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    Hammertec 18 - what is it?

    I found couple packs of Hammertec 18 in my 'tennis box' and I don't know anything about it! Did anybody use them? Looks like it's kevlar? Thanks, Mike
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    Best strings for Estusa PBB

    What could be the best strings for PBB if I don't break strings, play 3-4 times/week, like high tension and hate when they move! Definetely I don't want to pay for the guts but agree to pay for premium m/f strings. Advise, please!
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    Left Knee Pain

    I'm 48 and sometimes I feel quite discomfortable pain in my left knee. It could come after 2 hours of single or just from nowhere in a calm Sunday evening. After one-two days it's gone! Is it muscles weakness and I need special exercises or I need to see surgeon? Regards to all
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    Who is making Estusas?

    I like Estusa PBB - it's my primary and i want to know who makes them and what country they are belong to.... Somewhere I read Puma and Boris B. were involved in manufacturing. Is it true? doesn't provide much... Thanks, Michael