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    Nadal Crushed By Schwartz, So ...RG Win Guaranteed

    Well, only if avoids Diego in Paris. Otherwise, bagels and breadsticks on the house.

    Congrats to Thiem!

    This match reminds me of Lendl's run to his first slam title at RG 1984, having lost several slam finals before that point, not to mention also coming back from 2 sets down to beat McEnroe in the final. Congrats to Thiem and commiserations to Zverev the choker.

    Qiang Wang withdraws from US Open

    Wise decision. Willingly jetting off to the US right now is akin to a suicide mission.

    Zoolander Zverev

    Big deal, he's just young, dumb and full of ...

    Is the USO Serena’s best shot at #24?

    Not if she has to win 7 matches in a row. Someone will trip her up along the way. Count on it.

    When you started following this forum?

    I think i've started 5 or so threads in the time i've been here, so that makes at least 5 quality threads by my count. :p

    When you started following this forum?

    I started frequenting this forum back in 2010 after i completely ran out of patience with those folks over at MTF. My first impression of this place back then was, "wow this is legit tennis talk, so many quality threads". Nowadays i have to sift through several pages of trash before running into...

    Super Tall Servers Are Ruining Tennis

    I agree with the notion that excessive number of aces can be boring for the audience from time to time. But you can't penalise someone for being tall, and for having spent countless number of hours on the practice court working to maximise their potential. Also, just by being tall doesn't...


    Another of his favourites is: "This is tennis nearer the gods, no mortals may approach".
  10. NEW_BORN

    Federer is Michael Jordan, Nadal is Kobe, and Djokovic Lebron

    None of them can be compared to Jordan, imo. It's more like Federer is Kobe Bryant (stylish and beloved), Nadal is Lebron James (athletic yet brutal) and Djokovic is Tim Duncan (efficient but boring).
  11. NEW_BORN

    With the proper mentality what Tomic would have archived?

    6 Wimbledons would have been on the cards as a starter.
  12. NEW_BORN

    Since US Open 2011, the only American men to reach a Quarterfinals at a Grand Slam are Sam Querrey, Tennys Sandgren, John Isner, and Frances Tiafoe

    One slam is conspicuously missing. In fact, the last American to make the last 8 in Paris was Agassi in 2003, 17 years ago.
  13. NEW_BORN

    Can you be the GOAT and the Choker at the same time?

    Only if you are deemed the GREATEST choker of all time.
  14. NEW_BORN

    Todd Martin: Djokovic is the BOAT

    Todd Martin now joins a long list of former greats in reaffirming the fact that Djokovic is undeniably the Boringest Of All Time - BOAT. Who'll be next to join the marching band, maybe another former coach of Novak's? Stepanek? Only time will tell.
  15. NEW_BORN

    What are the chances of Wimbledon still hapenning ?

    Almost certain to most likely to happen in 2 or 3 years time., fairy certain but don't bet on it.
  16. NEW_BORN

    Fognini enjoying his time off

    I'm sure one of these 2 will give you a straight answer.
  17. NEW_BORN

    The Nice Guys of Tennis: Thiem and Wawrinka - Who is more likeable?

    Didn't Wawrinka intentionally smack the ball into Martin Klizan's jewels from point blank range? Not very nice if you ask me.
  18. NEW_BORN

    Your way of losing

    Only if they provide me with a plate of cheese to dip into:p
  19. NEW_BORN

    Your way of losing

    I'd feel pretty good about myself for not squandering 10mps, so bring on that bagel.
  20. NEW_BORN

    Madrid Open to happen virtually

    Bring it on! Hey look it's Fed Vs Murray.
  21. NEW_BORN

    Build your dream team

    Federer Thiem Sampras Kyrgios Murray I think i've got all bases covered.
  22. NEW_BORN

    What is the most impressive feat in your opinion....

    I acknowledge and respect that Nadal plays virtually every point with a never-say-die attitude. I acknowledge and respect that Djokovic has no real exploitable weaknesses in his game.
  23. NEW_BORN

    ESPN2 showing slam matches reruns

    Yep, looking forward to some classic Federer-Nadal USO battles, not.
  24. NEW_BORN

    Ranking Federer's 12 Wimbledon finals

    Best to worst 2005 2006 2017 2003 2004 2007 2012 2009 2008 2015 2019 2014
  25. NEW_BORN

    #YourThoughts on this match?

    Worst match Ferrer's ever played. Should'av been 0-0-0.
  26. NEW_BORN

    Fed’s Greatest Performances Year by Year: 2003-2020?

    I'm just going to name my favourite match from year to year for you to consider, and why not start from the turn of the millennium. 2000 - Federer-Enqvist Basel final 2001 - Federer-Sampras Wimbledon r16 2002 - Federer-Safin Hamburg final 2003 - Federer-Moya Vienna final 2004 - Federer-Hewitt...
  27. NEW_BORN

    Where will djokovic lose his first match in 2020?

    Consider this, the last time Djokovic won a "national cup" (Davis Cup) back in 2010, he went 43-0 through till the SF of French, losing to Federer who was incidentally the last person to beat him back in London (YEC). This year, Djokovic once again wins a "national cup" (ATP Cup), so naturally...
  28. NEW_BORN

    If Djokovic didn't retire against Roddick at AO09...

    From what i recall, Nadal was virtually unplayable in the early rounds. He was so full of confidence, he just steamrolled everyone in his path, not dropping a set untill that encounter with Verdasco, who played the match of his life. As for Federer, he too was toying with his opponents, apart...