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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    I have a 'banana doppio' (2021 yellow doppio). It did feel too head heavy / sluggish feeling when i hit with it the 1st time and i'm looking to add weight to the handle. swingweight was ok, but i think i prefer more headlight. How much weight do you suggest adding to the handle? I was...
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    Quality starting clamp reccomendations

    +1 vote for Alpha starting clamp. I bought one finally after years of stringing without one and it has been quite useful. Great quality for the price. I've seen cheapo generic versions of clamps on the auction site but wanted to ensure I got a quality tool and purchased the Alpha one instead.
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    Outer Banks, NC 6/26 to 07/02

    Anyone 4.0-5.0 able to play around Outer Banks, NC 06/26 to 07/02 ? have a court nearby up for singles, doubles, drilling or just hitting around, anything.
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    Can a UTR 7 girl who placed at state self-rate as 4.0?

    Yea I think he moved back to South America. I see. I guess you have quite a history with him then :)
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    Can a UTR 7 girl who placed at state self-rate as 4.0?

    Was this in NJ? and a guy named Fabian? Lol sounds exactly like the ringer I know of. 4.0 -> 5.0 progression. Not sure if he had atp points, but played Futures.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    My string finally popped the other day. Very good durability. Looking at the zx crosses it still looks pristine. I know some of you guys re-use Zx, but how? After tying knots during stringing and cutting it, I don't see how you can re-use it again in the same racquet as it would be tough to...
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    When do you guys cut out kevlar/zx? or just wait until it breaks? Mine has been strung about 2 months.. probably 50-70 hours of use on it. Slightly frayed in the middle, but showing no signs of breaking any time soon. I'm not a chronic string breaker.
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    St Thomas,VI 3/30 - 4/5

    Any good players in St Thomas, VI any date between 3/30 - 4/5?
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    Stringing machine review help

    Looks like an earlier version of Eagnas Flex 940. Yes it will be more than enough to string for yourself + friends. Items to look out for: after purchase, make sure tension spring is calibrated/correct. Clean the grippers/clamps.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    Is there a huge difference in pre-stretching the 16g vs 17g monogut ZX? i could stretch the 17g maybe 6-8", but the 16g i couldn't stretch it any longer at all.
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    In praise of Kevlar/ZX hybrid!!!

    I see a lot of people like the kevlar/zx hybrid. Does the kevlar have to necessarily be the Ashaway one? Is there anything special or different about the Ashaway kevlar string vs another kevlar string? Is the ashaway kevlar softer? My tendons/elbow is kind of string-sensitive right now...
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    I will never again buy a light fixture that isnt LED

    LEDs that are built into fixture are bad. They claim 50,000 hours of use, but several i've installed have 'died' super early. Once they die you have to change the whole light fixture which becomes annoying. I prefer fixtures that have bulb bases so you can just swap a new led bulb in. LED...
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    if you hit mainly flat but know your opponent has only one racquet and it has multi's in it with some signs of fray would you hit more spinny shots...

    Reminds me of a time I played against a high school player in a just-for-fun casual match. My strings broke and it was close to the end of the set and I only brought 1 racquet. I asked if I could borrow his spare racquet to finish the set and he said "no, if I lend you mine you might beat...
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    How to improve my serve? Videos from last year until today

    You have a waiters tray. Have to fix that first.
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    Any Feedback on Pro Kennex Newer Kinetic Frames?

    I've tried that 1st gen black/yellow PK 5g and it was a bit too whippy / light for me. The frame on mine actually cracked/broke on my very 1st outing with it after buying it used from someone else, so maybe it could be a bit flimsy. I eventually settled on the newer PK Q+ frames and they are...
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    nCode 90 Grommets?

    Yes I can confirm Wilson Ncode six one tour 90 is G7561. I have some for sale.
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    Looking for way to practice timing at home.

    You mean like this? :D
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    to cut out natural gut or not?

    Seeing as natural gut is quite expensive, do you ever cut out natural gut or do you just play with it until it basically breaks? Have about 35-40+ hours (strung over a month ago) on this poly mains/natural gut crosses hybrid and the natural gut is pretty frayed with loose strands coming off...
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    Soft string for crosses suggestion.

    prince premier control
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    My hitting video!

    Elbows seem to be too close to body on both groundstrokes. I think it's called "chicken wing groundstrokes" ? Need to use body weight transfer more, extend forehand stroke further forward If you're only 5'5, you have to really use your body weight efficiently/effectively to get more power to...
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    WILSON PETITION: Sign below if you want Pro Staff Tour 90 GROMMETS!!!!!!

    I have a bunch of Wilson KSix one tour 90, Ncode/BLX 16x18 and 18x20 grommets if anyone's interested in purchasing them. Shoot me a PM with your email address and what you are looking for. Thanks
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    Prince Beast XP?

    i've got extra leftover individually packaged sets of Beast XP 17g if anyone is still looking for them and wants to buy them off me.
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    US Open Qualifiers

    I saw the 1st and 2nd set of the Mayo Hibi / Kiick match. Nice FH/volleys, but her 1HBH seemed kinda weak. She returned a lot of moonballs back. Not sure why Kiick did not attack it more often and then punish the weak returns. I only saw her attack w/ her BH sparingly.
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    US Open Qualifiers

    Uhh.. i think that's his son, Miroslav Jr. Not Miroslav Mecir Sr. He's got the same name. If you click into the link his birth date is 1988.
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    Any Grass Courts In Nj/ny Area?

    I think Paramus High School in northern jersey has artificial grass turf courts.. Newport RI at the tennis hall of fame has a grass center court.. played on it once a little bit during the annual Campbells july 4th tournament.
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    Ektelon H / Neos 1000 mounting question

    Just an update, I played around with the hex screw piece and it does seem to make a difference. When I was testing it earlier I didn't have a racquet mounted so I thought it didn't make much of a difference when I turned it counterclockwise, however once I mounted a racquet in there it...
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    Ektelon H / Neos 1000 mounting question

    I have an Ektelon H machine that when I mount a racquet using the levers, the racquet mount slips sometimes when I get near the end of a stringing job and then the racquet moves while i'm tensioning the string. It's like the mounting system is not holding the racquet as tightly as it should...
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    Just bought a stringer

    Nice.. how much did you pay for all of it?
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    Ektelon H questions for you owners out there

    When you say pattern alternatives, do you mean like One piece stringing? Are these short glide bars for racquetball racquets? Do you happen to know if there are any videos or pictures demonstrating how they are to be used properly? Thanks! :)
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    Ektelon H questions for you owners out there

    Thanks for the quick response and the advice.. Can you tell me how many clamps and glide bars an Ektelon H should originally come with? I think if i read the neo manual correctly, it's 2 long glide bars, 2 short ones, and 2 clamps? or is it 3 clamps?