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  1. djNEiGht

    Dunlop 2.0 machine

    Does anyone have experience with this machine? Wondering what an "E02" code is Thank you
  2. djNEiGht

    Wilson Triniti Club vs All Court

    Happy Friday TW Staff Are the Triniti Club balls the same as the All Court (Minus the ball sleeves)? Thank you
  3. djNEiGht

    Volkl Power Fiber II vs Solinco Vanquish or comparable to...

    Hello Talk Tennis Folks. Looking for feedback on Volkl Power Fiber II users on what other strings could be comparable to it. Is Solinco Vanquish comparable? Any other strings you would put up against these two? This would mostly be for a full bed. Thank you
  4. djNEiGht

    Head Lynx Tour - in Orange

    Happy Friday TW Staff Do you know if the Lynx Tour string in orange found in the Radical Demo's will be something available to the public and when? Also did you notice a difference when using the current colors of LT compared to the orange? Curious to know as the demo racquet I tried felt...
  5. djNEiGht

    Gamma Table Top foot print dimensions

    I'm curious to know the foot print of the following machines. I have been using a cart for my previous table top and want to know if these will fit. Gamma eELS Gamma ELS Gama XLT Thank you.
  6. djNEiGht

    Goonies Never Say Die!

    Josh Gad had the cast of Goonies on Reunited Apart This is one movie I don't mind watching over and over again. Sometimes just to keep me company in the back ground while doing stuff at home. Link below HEY YOU GUYS!
  7. djNEiGht

    When should I restring my racket - according to Wilson

    I'm sure many of you got this email...but how many of you subscribe to this way of thinking when it comes to restringing and string types? Here is the link the email sent me to. HOW OFTEN SHOULD I RE-STRING MY TENNIS RACKET? The old rule of thumb has always been to re-string your tennis racket...
  8. djNEiGht

    tennis ball rebounder

    This is an item that allows you to hit by yourself and with out a wall. There are various types out there. I had the Tourna model years ago. I've noticed that many places are out of stock. For those that have used this...did you notice if it changed your swing path? Curious as I would like...
  9. djNEiGht

    Fixed clamp upgrading

    Has anyone upgraded their clamps? I have a Gamma Progression 602 FC with a Wise. The generation of the stringer I have has the following clamps. The following from Gamma cost $140 and has caught my eye The next clamps are also from Gamma but say they do not fit the 602 with GRAY BASE...
  10. djNEiGht

    Head Prestige Mid - Grommets

    Hello TW Staff I am writing to see if you have grommets that can fit the Head Prestige Mid. I believe it is the MicroGEL model. The data on the grommets are as follows Tk237 a-pat nr 386531 I took a look at the Tools & Supplies section. Would the YouTEK Prestige Mid be compatible? Thank you...
  11. djNEiGht

    What's in a name?

    What is the significance of your screen name? (birth name, affiliated to hobby, fan tribute, nick name, etc) mobile/venue disc jockey (dj) what I felt was a creative way to spell my nick name (NEiGht - Nate - Nathan)
  12. djNEiGht

    Babolat Pure Drive Roddick grommet

    Which grommet set do I need for this racquet? I lined it up next to a Pure Drive GT and the pattern seems to be a bit off. This racquet appears to be standard length. Thanks in advance and have a great day @Babolat Official @TW Staff
  13. djNEiGht

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Life is a challenge and we face many of them. Holidays are a challenge for many and we can feel the pressure, gloom, and other negative things... Thankful for many things which are often taken for granted. Hope everyone has a safe one. Pay it forward if you can. I'm making about a dozen...
  14. djNEiGht

    Boris Becker / Volkl Pallets

    Hello TW Staff. Do you have replacement pallets available? I am looking to put a 4 5/8 pallet and butt cap on a Boris Becker DC London Best Regards
  15. djNEiGht

    Tourna TAC vs MEGA TAC

    Anyone have experience with both? I have used the Tac but haven't tried the MEGA Tac. Looking for feedback between the two Cheers
  16. djNEiGht

    Dunlop 2Hundred Grommet

    Hello TW Staff. I'm looking for replacement grommets for the Dunlop 2Hundred Aerogel. It is the one found in the link below. What I saw on your site said 2Hundred Tour which I believe is a 16x19 and I need the 18x20 Thank you
  17. djNEiGht

    Head i.Prestige MP Grommets

    Happy Friday TW Staff. I recently purchased the grommet set for an i.Prestige MP. The racquet had a very worn down CAP grommet set. What I got was not the CAP grommet but worked just fine. I plan on ordering more but wanted to know if you had any CAP grommets available? Regards
  18. djNEiGht

    Replacing only crosses

    I have a friend that I have been doing hybrids for in his RF97A. Poly w syn or sometimes multi. He is req to just do the crosses this time What to expect and how to do this? I have a rough idea but looking for those that have any experience. He knows this will be the first time for me The...
  19. djNEiGht

    Optimal racquet choice for recovering pinched nerve

    Early in the month of August, I noticed I had some motor issues on my forehand. It seemed like I would loose control on my forehand side. I even had problems feeding a ball to start a warm up rally. I found myself running around and hitting my 1 hand back hand more and even using them to...
  20. djNEiGht

    Nishikori vs Wasrinka 2014 USO quarter finals

    Nishikori vs Wawrinka 2014 USO quarter finals After a very late night for Kei...what is Wawrinka to expect from this match?
  21. djNEiGht

    Alternative to Gamma Ruff

    Gamma Ruff 16 is one of the most textured strings available on the market. Stringers hate it but you'll love Gamma Ruff if you're seeking maximum ball bite for spin without a stiff, harsh feel. - per Tennis Warehouse product detail A bunch of my Uncle's friends who grew up on Synthetic Gut...
  22. djNEiGht

    Tier 1 Sports - A/B/C string sample and tests

    Anyone doing the latest string test from Tier 1 Sports? I've been pretty happy with their customer service and the strings. I'll share my test results when available. Not sure what string/string type I'll get.
  23. djNEiGht

    Torn calf muscle...

    Every find yourself having to write with your off hand? Or try playing tennis with your off hand? That's what I feel like with my legs. It's been nearly a week since I tore my right calf muscle. I was just starting my 3rd singles set and was chasing a drop shot. It felt like someone punched...
  24. djNEiGht

    String tension listed on racquets - CP or LO?

    I've been learning to string for the past half year. I started with a 2 pt drop weight with flying clamps. I then got a 6 pt drop weight with fixed clamps and shortly after put a Wise unit. My question is... The recommended tension listed on the racquet usually is a 10 lb range (give or take...
  25. djNEiGht

    colors to stock in inventory

    What is a white round poly string to stock up on for customers that doesn't break the bank? I've considered Discho Poly Premium, Prince Tournament Poly. Thought about Wilson Ripsin...but costs a bit much. I've been stringing for a few more friends and relatives as of late. You get the...
  26. djNEiGht

    Nike Vapor 9 VS Nike CB 4.3 VS adidas Barricade 8

    Are these even allowed in the same sentence? Anyone have any say in the wear/fit between the three? I'm a Vapor 8 and 9 user with Superfeet insoles and Thorlo 3s. When wearing regular socks I need to double up. Size 12 C/D flat footed. Regards
  27. djNEiGht

    TW Staff/Team Racquet Reviews with string input

    Hello TW Staff, Thanks for the reviews on all of your gear. I have a request on your racquet reviews as I have seen it commented on and off about certain strings/tensions. It's understood that it is a racquet review and not a string review. Just the same, it's a thought. -strings used...
  28. djNEiGht

    Head Youtek IG Radical OS string(ing)s

    My child-hood friend is finally moving on from his two Head Ti.Radical OS after who knows how long he's played with them (no, not Andre). He has had it long enough to go through x2 sets of grommets on both. He was playing with a round poly at 58 (58-68 rec tension) for a long time and...
  29. djNEiGht

    TW Private label leather most similar to Head Leather Tour

    Hello Tennis Warehouse. Which Private label grip do you think is most similar to the Head leather Tour
  30. djNEiGht

    Gamma Live Wire XP/Prince PA (Natural vs Black)

    Has anyone hit with both and have any pros and cons regarding the two in terms of color/dye? I have only hit with the natural (Live Wire and PPA) in a full bed and had a great time with it. Have yet to hit with them in a hybrid and will plan on doing so in the future. I am considering...