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  1. Crocodile

    Similar racquets to Pure Drive but not as stiff?

    Diadem Nova perhaps - more comfortable than PD
  2. Crocodile

    Own a Vehicle from "Mad Max: Fury Road"!!

    XB Falcon hardtop is the way to go, even better if you can buy the real thing.
  3. Crocodile

    Will lines people ever be phased out?

    One day Hawkeye will make you comply if you have different thoughts.
  4. Crocodile

    facebook really hacked or are they tricking you for your Id?

    I was wondering how many people here are on FB or have deleted it and how it turned out for you.
  5. Crocodile

    Cynic or Empathic? Whats most powerful?

    If you are looking at power from a virtuous perspective then empathic would be spiritually considered more powerful due to its positive intended outcome. Off course this is under the impression that one is being genuine.The problem occurs when one is demonstrating their empathic traits in a non...
  6. Crocodile

    Racquet price increases are insane!

    We currently have a very distorted economic situation and money supply issues and quantitative asking hence prices of many items are going up including houses, cars and racquets. The flip side is that production is down, small business decimated and jobs gone.
  7. Crocodile

    What book are you reading?

    The laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene
  8. Crocodile

    Question for Cricket fans

    I think he would go well.
  9. Crocodile

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    I just feel like escaping out into the country and buy some land far away from disease, grow some fruit and vegetables, make goats cheese, build a tennis court and be done with it. I don’t want this AI control taking over our lives. Surely people don’t want what all this centralised control...
  10. Crocodile

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    Scott’s joined your mates at the WEF so make your mind up where you want to be.
  11. Crocodile

    Best arm and spin friendly racquet?

    1. Pro Kennex racquets 2. Angell K series Red and Lime 3. Prince Phantoms 4. Wilson Clash 5. Pacific frames 6. Tecnifibre T F 40 315 7. Older Volkl 10 series frames, not current ones 8. Diadem Elevate MP 9. Head Prestige MP
  12. Crocodile

    Has the Pure Drive become…Taboo??

    Every company pretty much has something like the Pure Drive. You can go all the way back to Pro Kennex when they released their Destiny wide body frames, ( composite, Ceramic, Graphite) the Rod Laver Heritage frame and their Asymmetric frames. Volkl also released their V1 line of frames in...
  13. Crocodile

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    Now that you will except your passport don’t forget we have the chip coming soon and to save the climate we want you to try it first. All biological Metrics will be monitored here and we want to keep you safe. Scott is now on your side. Be happy, love Klaus
  14. Crocodile

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    You can work on your social credit score from home now.
  15. Crocodile

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    They can and they will!
  16. Crocodile

    The increase is here…….

    There’s an opportunity!
  17. Crocodile

    Biological metrics - are you okay with it?

    Sharing is caring!
  18. Crocodile

    ProKennex Ki Q+ Tour Pro 315 - any good? why so cheap?

    Pro Kennex make fantastic racquets and people should take advantage of their great prices. They a beautifully made, are comfortable to play with and priced well.
  19. Crocodile

    The increase is here…….

    There is now definitely a space for a competitor or new brand to position their product at a keen price and cash in. A company can only charge a high price if people are prepared to buy it:
  20. Crocodile

    My 2 cents on the new web site

    I felt exactly the same about the new website.
  21. Crocodile

    word association game

    Treaty of Versailles
  22. Crocodile

    word association game

    Strawberry fields
  23. Crocodile

    word association game

  24. Crocodile

    word association game

    Off the grid
  25. Crocodile

    word association game

    Centralised government
  26. Crocodile

    Bigger success: Clash or Gravity?

    The Clash definitely is more suitable to a broad range of local recreational and comp players. The comfort of these frames is of great benefit to many players and this is definitely a prominent feature of this racquet line that people can identify with. The Gravity is an interesting one in the...
  27. Crocodile

    Do racquet and shoe companies really benefit from constantly stopping production of favourites?

    I guess it depends on the brand and how they are going with their various lines and how the competition is fairing as well. For example, Babolat has been very successful with their Pure Drive and Aero Drive lines for quite a long time with the younger demographic, some of them not so young...
  28. Crocodile

    Why do some people prefer to play with mid sized racquets?

    I use a 93 frame a lot but happy with a 95, 98 or anything really. What I like about the 93 is the feel and precision it offers. They are lots of fun to use:
  29. Crocodile

    The fallacy of heavy racquets?

    I have always used 12oz frames and up since I was 14 years old. Many of theses frames had swing weights between 320 and 335. Nothing to do with ego, it’s just what feels best for me and what I am used to. Light racquets to me feel like they require more work from my arm to control a heavy ball.
  30. Crocodile

    word association game

    Dark chocolate