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  1. kishnabe

    Who is the best candidate for 'mini Djokovic'?

    Borna Coric can go for Djoko Extra Lite. Mini Djokovic...maybe Nishikori.
  2. kishnabe

    ATP agrees to M1000 expansion

    Halle and Queens should rotate MS1000 status. Like Montreal/Toronto.
  3. kishnabe

    Novak vs Mac Attack

    Mac in 3, no contest.
  4. kishnabe

    In the final analysis, Federer actually came closer to the CYGS (TWICE)

    Put 2006-7 Federer in 2021 Draws, CYGS easily. Put 2021 Djokovic in 2006-07 Draws, 1 slam max (No FO, humiliations in the hands of a Prime Nadal that can run rabbits around the court).
  5. kishnabe

    A beautiful moment has slipped away, for all of us...

    In this Homogenized Era, CYGS will be done easily by an upcoming ATG with no Competition.
  6. kishnabe

    2021 YE #1 Race: Daniil vs. Novak

    1990 points difference between the two. Djokovic has to skip the whole year or play very poorly in IW, Paris and WTF.
  7. kishnabe

    Would Medvedev have beaten Zverev?

    50/50 toin coss. Zeverev was playing well enough to win. Even though Meddy leads the h2h. Maybe Meddy in 5......
  8. kishnabe

    Is Djokovic gonna go on another tear in 2022?

    I hope not, I rather see the next gen wins from now on. No more slam for Fedalovic. 20-20-20...endless debates.
  9. kishnabe

    US Open 2021 the most memorable slam ever?

    2017 AO is the most memorable slam. Serena/Venus & Fedal one last slam final against each other.
  10. kishnabe

    Why do I get the feeling that if Zverev beats Djokovic in the USO final....

    Zeverev did beat Djokovic. Medvedev just sweeped the ashes.
  11. kishnabe

    Post your predictions for 2022 Grand slams.

    AO Zverev FO Nadal W Medvedev USO Berretini
  12. kishnabe

    That was tough to watch

    Can't feel that bad for a guy who has a happy life and is set for at least 3 generations.
  13. kishnabe

    2021 YE #1 Race: Daniil vs. Novak

    Novak should take a sabbatical and come back for 2022 AO.
  14. kishnabe

    Finally, ONE next gen player has arrived

    del Potro would have won more if not for injuries. Cash choked 2 AO finals. Noah, could not care less. ------- Meddy can harvest a few more HC slams, you can say he is the best HC player outside Novak right now.
  15. kishnabe

    Most nervous performance of all time?

    Sabine Lisicki 2013 Wimbledon. It was worse than Novotna and Ivansevic.
  16. kishnabe

    US Open 2021 was peak djokovic

    Greatest Form of his Life. Djokovic 4.0.
  17. kishnabe

    Medvedev wins the Match but Novak wins the Hearts

    Just for this event, next year they would go back to booing his serves.
  18. kishnabe

    Medvedev would have blew Fed and Nadal out of the water even if they played

    Federer would have servebotted and flash winners too. He has 10x the net game Novak has, would easily expose Medvedev return position. 6-2,6-3,6-2 easy.
  19. kishnabe

    I was wrong about Emma.

    If you had seen Iva Majoli, would have said the same thing. She might end with just the one. Too many WTA players can win slams. Hitting Dartboard Blindfold, don't know who. IMO, I think she wins 2-3 tops.
  20. kishnabe

    Are you in disbelief these days to know Novak is the GOAT?

    Disbelief that nobody stepped up to resist these Grandpas winning Majors. Bigger void that 2000-2002.
  21. kishnabe

    Is Emma's win a bigger story than a potential Novak's CYGS?

    It definitely is bigger. Novak is playing in the weakest era in history. Anyone in the WTA can win a slam, shows how strong the field is. Much harder to win a slam. Don't see mugs choking in the WTA, like they do for Novak.
  22. kishnabe

    Allocate the blame

    100% Federer and Nadal. Both had numerous chances to pigeon Djokovic at 3rd place.
  23. kishnabe

    2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

    Zeverev making sure to DF at MP instead.
  24. kishnabe

    This USO Has No Bad Outcomes.

    Bad News if Djokovic or Zeverev wins on Sunday. Mad Lad must save tennis.