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  1. ForehandRF

    Fedal and their guilt

    They both 'resurrected' Novak on the same court, Fed at Wimbledon 2014 and Rafa at Wimbledon 2018.Definitely crucial matches and turning points for Djokovic and who knows how the situation would have been had he lost those matches :D
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    How much has Djokovic changed since 2012-2014

    The man refuses to lose even the tighest matches.He can be lead 2-1, 2-0, MP down, it doesn't matter, he still finds a way to victory.He would be capable to comeback and win even if he would be lead 2-0 and 5-0 in the third set lol, that's how he out wills his opponents.I mean, Stefanos turned...
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    Winning an ridiculous amount of tight matches, a story of Djokovic's clutchness

    It's incredible how many times Novak has managed to win very difficult matches that he could have lost : 2010 USO SF, 2011 USO SF, 2012 AO F, 2013 AO 4R, 2013 USO SF, 2014 Wimbledon F, 2018 Wimbledon SF or 2019 Wimbledon Final and perhaps there are others.That's why he is a contender for the...
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    The Djokovic - Nadal rivalry has become more surface dependent than ever before

    If back in the day, they were able to beat each other on every surface, in the last few years it's not the case anymore.Nadal hasn't beaten Djokovic on hardcourts in many years and Djokovic also hasn't beaten Nadal on clay in a long time.
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    What will always work for Nadal in the debate...

    Is that he did damage to Federer and Djokovic off clay in a way they couldn't replicate against him on clay.This is and will remain a strong argument in his favor.
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    When was the Hawk-Eye first introduced ?

    IIRC, the first tournament that used this technology was Indian Wells, in 2006, then the USO was the first slam to use it, in the same year.
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    Higher level - Nadal at the USO or Djokovic at Wimbledon ?

    Let me know what you guys think :)
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    Federer - Djokovic 2012 Wimbledon SF

    Rare highlights, in high quality :)
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    Federer in action, on fast grass

    He was still very good, even late in his career.I wish Wimbledon would have been that fast, especially like Stuttgart, those courts look even faster :)
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    Rank the Federer-Nadal 5 setters in terms of quality

    My order looks something like this : 1. Rome 2006 2.AO 2009 3.Wimbledon 2007 4.Wimbledon 2008 5.AO 2017 6.Miami 2005
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    Is Rafael Nadal the best big match player among the BIG 3 ?

    I think he has a good argument here.
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    Federer's running around the forehand inside out winners -> increasingly rare after 2010

    Rewatching highlights of the 2000s Federer, it reminds me pretty well how much he could use that shot thanks to his superior footwork and movement back in those years.That forehand was so deadly with the old racket.
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    2006 Nadal or 2011 Nadal - which version was better in the Wimbledon Final ?

    Discuss or, in the case of trolls, disgust :D
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    Was Federer clutcher, less nervous, in the 2004-2009 period ?

    We know that he has never been the best under pressure, but I always thought that he was more confident back then.Somehow his mistakes, his inability to cross the finish line in tight matches got more and more prevalent from 2010 onwards.The matches at the USO in 2010 & 2011 vs Novak, the match...
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    Rafael Nadal vs Robert Kendrick 2006 Wimbledon 2R

    Young Nadal in action.Not a bad match :)
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    The Djokodal vs Federer mantra on TTW

    Some hyperpatizan's narratives on this boards have become as boring as the climate of the Atacama Desert.What's with this Djokodal thing vs Federer ? Most of those who dislike Federer, are quick to jump in the Djokodal boat, exposing their biases and anti Fed/trolling agendas and I am saying...
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    Was this the best French Open Final between Fed and Rafa ?

    No poll :p It was definitely the tighest score.Even if Fed blew the lead in the 1st, he still pushed Nadal more than in 2007.Some may argue that 2007 Nadal was better, which is true, but in that final Fed was even more unclutch than here.
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    Kyrgios's underhand serves

    He is one of a kind, but the shot is perfectly legal, so why not ? :D Fed should have done this on MP against Djokovic.
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    From the detractoresque doctrine of "Agassi could barely move "

    This is one of the greatest quarterfinals in tennis history ;) PS : I created this thread here, instead on the FPPD area, because I wanted more posters to see it.
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    One of the best games ever -> starring Djokovic & Wawrinka 2013 USO

    I forgot how good tennis was that day.What a performance from both players :cool:
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    Longest 4 setter in tennis history ?

    Definitely one of the toughest matches that Rafa has ever had at the French :)
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    A look back at Federer-Andreev Us Open 2008

    It's the first time I watched some highlights of this match in many years and man, Fed really struggled to win this one.I think that Fed's low confidence after his campaign that year, especially after that tough loss at Wimbledon, had something to do with how he performed in the early stages at...
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    The greater rivalry at a slam ( Big 3)

    All these rivalries are great of course, but let's talk about which one was greater, more fun to watch etc.It can be tough to choose one, but I'll consider Federer-Nadal at Wimbledon as being the greatest rivalry, especially in 2007-2008.
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    Fed's record in 5 setters with Djokovic and Nadal

    Now let's see, 3-3 vs Nadal, but 0-4 against Djokovic, in well known circumstances.So, how did Fed managed to cross the finish line against Nadal, but never against Djokovic ? Discuss.
  25. ForehandRF

    Grass or indoors, where did Federer reached the highest peak ?

    He had some outstanding performances in both cases, but let me know what you think :)
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    Tennis entertainment

  27. ForehandRF

    When it's all said and done

    Federer will look back at these matches... ...thinking what if ? ....
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    Two great performances against Rafa Nadal

    Two great matches when Fedovic were in the zone.People used to talk a lot about the 2016 Doha match, more so in the context when Rafa praised Djokovic's performance at the press conference, but let's make a comparison with the Indian Wells match, when Federer also played superb tennis.
  29. ForehandRF

    Was Fedal MC 2006 better than any of their RG matches ?

    Monte Carlo 2006 Fedal final is an often underrated match, in the shadow of the famous Rome match from the same year.How do you rate that 4 setter compared to the RG 4 setters between them ? Of course we won't take into account that one sided RG 2008 match.