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    80s Tennis website problem.

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know the username and password for this site? I couldn't access to it due to that. TIA
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    LXN Duffle Bag

    Is Tennis Only offer this?
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    Volkl natural gut maximum tension

    Hi, just bought a set of volkl natural gut 16g, can i string it at 65lbs or 70lbs without snapping? TIA
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    Restocking this overgrip?

    @TW Staff Kirschbaum Ultra Overgrip 30 pack Not even in your site. Hoping to order more. Thanks.
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    Handshake at net spark wild!
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    Michael Stich Serve

    Hi everyone, I did watch the video of his serve on youtube but i would like to watch frame by frame so i can understand his backswing. I was hoping that you might have it. I saw one and it was a tennis magazine - front cover to talk about his serve entitled “The Master Blaster”. It was many...
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    Red shoelace?

    @TW Staff Hi, I’m looking for red shoelace as mine has been ripped. I want this shoelace in red to match my precious shoes.
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    Prince Butt Caps restocking?

    @TW Staff Any plan of restocking them in all gripsizes? TIA
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    Lead Tape for Hyper Carbon Pro Staff 90

    Hi guys, I am looking for wider lead tape to apply to the upper frame under the bumper, which means I need to pierce each hole to conceal/hide, just to make look nice. is 0.5inch ok? if not, any recommendation? TIA
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    New Adidas shoes

    hi guys, has anyone tried this? please give us some feedback on slippage prevention from fall (grasscourt only)? I don't like to slip and fall. That's why I prefer pimple outsole but...
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    Do they offer custom shoes (with pimples) for grass court only

    Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone know about this one. I play 90% on grass alot. I will need special shoes with pimples in order to prevent me from slipping and fall. I had a nasty fall 2 weeks. I still have mine but it's getting worn out soon. TIA.
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    Grasscourt shoes

    @TW Staff Wimbledon is happening soon. I don’t see any grasscourt shoes that is about to release. I meant shoes must be specified for grasscourt only, not hard/clay court. I have mine but it’s getting worn out soon. TIA
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    Help! Where is that thread?

    Guys, I couldn’t remember what was the name of the thread created by an user who went to Japan and took a lot of awesome racquets. Could you please post a link here? A friend of mine who will go to Japan to shop around! TIA PS: I did use search function but couldn’t find what I was looking for.
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    Original Babalot Double Lines Logo

    Hey guys, Please send me one if you have one. TIA
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    Novak wearing contact lens?

    Guys, Just wondering if it is true that he wear them? If so, please which brand did he use it? I’m wearing mine but doesn’t like it. TIA
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    Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder?

    Who want it? Not me but I’m curious to have a hit with that!
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    Red/White Adidas Shoes

    Just saw Stebe wearing those shoes against Khachanov at FO. It does look like Barricades to me. Thought it has been discontinued because I like them.
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    Pro Staff 85 - Verification

    Hi guys, Just need your expertise in identifying this racquet. Please see the links. The butt cap code is SFO. It's made in Taiwan but I want to know if it could be early or later version. TIA
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    Creating a section for Aussie section

    @TW Staff Is it possible to create a section for Aussie buyers/sellers on this site? TIA
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    New to stringing machine world.

    Hi guys, I want to learn how to string my racquets myself. So I don’t know which stringing machine is suitable for a beginner like me. How about Gamma Progression II 602 Stringing Machine? TA
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    Rotator Cuff Bursitis

    Hi guys, Just making sure that I want to do the right things. I stopped playing tennis for a month to let my shoulder heal and then went to see my physio. She told me that I can play tennis so I did but during warm up or hit up for 10 minutes before the matches begin. It hurt when I serve...
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    Best softest poly string at high tension for crosses

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone can recommend me the best, softest poly string at high tension for crosses. I want to string a gut at 65 pounds for mains but want to string that poly at the same tension for crosses. TIA
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    Hydrogen 12 Pack

    How is the quality of that bag?
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    Djoker vs RF dispute Didn’t know about this, did you guys?
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    Where is the cheapest shipping option?

    @TW Staff I was about to order at least 6 grommets but at the end of the cart, the only cheapest one is $56. I thought that was expensive. These grommets can’t be that heavy! Where is the world shipping thing? Can’t remember the name of the air freight? I always chose the cheapest one without...
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    painaway capsules Has anyone tried this? Does it help?
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    Uniqlo is bad.... No wonder they need to...
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    Replacement Grip Thickness

    Hi @TW Staff Can you please find out about thickness of this grip? TIA
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    X-One BiPhase 1.18mm

    What is the difference between squash and tennis string of X-One BiPhase 1.18mm? My guess is the same characteristics except squash string is thinner than tennis one, correct? I’m interested to try a squash string reel. TIA
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    Is 10m of natural gut enough to string the main only?

    Guys, Just wondering if a 10m is enough to string a pair of either Fischer Vacuum Pro 90/MS or Wilson Pro Staff 85 in mains only. TIA