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  1. Jay_The_Nomad

    Remember the date. August 28, 2021. Infiltrating the Island: MaxTennis vs J011yroger

    interesting! Hype level high. Only eclipsed by a Sureshs vs LeeD match. Maybe you guys should also team up in doubles and throw your hat in the ring also with those YouTube tennis channel folks.
  2. Jay_The_Nomad

    Hybrid cross: Multifeel vs Xcel.

    No I haven’t actually. But it did cross my mind pardon the pun. But I’ve gone with multifilsment more as a budget option to naturalgut/poly hybrid. I did use natural gut and alu power once and really really liked it. But it’s pretty expensive as I do break strings quickly.
  3. Jay_The_Nomad

    Hybrid cross: Multifeel vs Xcel.

    Is it not the opposite? Multifeel more durable/control oriented than xcel?
  4. Jay_The_Nomad

    Hybrid cross: Multifeel vs Xcel.

    Tennis warehouse has multifeel on discount. Should I get a reel of multifeel instead of xcel? I play with rpm blast in the mains and lately I’ve been using multifeel. 3 string jobs now. I quite like the combo. But I shred the multifeel pretty quick in about two weeks. What I like about...
  5. Jay_The_Nomad

    What's wrong with his FH? Smothering the ball?

    I saw that video. He didn’t play well at all and I suspect it was due to: 1) being nervous about playing on camera for the interwebs 2) playing against a lefty 3) playing against a player who had the coach in his corner for the entire first set and losing that set. Mentally Wellington was...
  6. Jay_The_Nomad

    Handling Short Balls

    There are two things. 1) Ask yourself if you’re standing too far from the baseline. You need to adjust your neutral position from the baseline depending on the court surface type and your opponent. 2) You need to see the ball earlier and react earlier. Most rec players only react after they...
  7. Jay_The_Nomad

    How to handle young players cultural customs in hot" weather

    I couldn’t really follow what you’re trying to say. But just for your information, SPF rated long sleeve shirts and long pants and a big hat are good for kids in hot sunny weather. They’re not supposed to be wearing sleeveless. It’s good for everyone actually.
  8. Jay_The_Nomad

    How to get better at serving (consistency)

    Yep I agree with system anatomy. A consistent serve toss will pretty much get you up and running. Keeping your hand up (ie trophy pose) as system describes also helps you avoid flicking the ball backwards and losing control of the toss. The ball should be tossed slightly into the court and...
  9. Jay_The_Nomad

    My forehand is driving me crazy

    It’s difficult to see from this angle but I think your problem is your timing of your backswing. It is all wrong. The stroke itself is ok. You half turn your shoulders and go into this half backswing prep way too early as if you’re waiting for the ball to come to you. Then as the ball arrives...
  10. Jay_The_Nomad

    Any players lag their racquet behind their body during their drop for their 2HB

    Generally the 2hbh is struck with significantly less spin compared to the forehand. So it’s more about keeping it nice and compact and driving the racquet through the ball. I don’t really recommend trying to generate lag or whippyness with this stroke. Particularly if it’s going to compromise...
  11. Jay_The_Nomad

    Any players lag their racquet behind their body during their drop for their 2HB

    Djokovic says he restricts the use of the wrist on his backhand.
  12. Jay_The_Nomad

    Split step landing on the balls of your feet or on the toes? Or both?

    I’m not a physio but that sounds like horrible and painful advice. Landing on your toes first sound like it’ll put tremendous strain on the toe bones. But then again it’ll help her get more business from you lol! I sense a conflict of interest here.
  13. Jay_The_Nomad

    Federer forehand code cracked

    Keep a watch out that you’re not just relying on your arm to strike the ball. Pay more attention to your shoulder and hips next session. Flexibility could potentially be a limiting factor. Maybe YouTube some videos on how to get more flexible in the trunk and torso.
  14. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nadal’s Playing Style

    Ah yes you’re correct. He does hit that loopy DTL backhand quite often. To force a reset of the pattern. But when it comes to that flat driven DTL backhand, he almost never hits that shot.
  15. Jay_The_Nomad

    Nadal’s Playing Style

    Rafa version 2021 is a counter puncher / aggressive baseliner /shot maker who has excellent hands at the net. His entire service game is based on dominating the opponent from the back of the court with his high and heavy topspin forehand, pushing them further and further behind the baseline to...
  16. Jay_The_Nomad

    Federer forehand code cracked

    Lol. Not sure if his hitting partner qualifies as an Aussie Suresh” as I didn’t see him spray the ball all over the place.
  17. Jay_The_Nomad

    Federer forehand code cracked

    Yep. It’s better to stick to an edge to edge prep. You’ll get a little less racquet head speed, but you’ll get better consistency in terms of hitting the ball in the string bed cleanly. Losing the extra racquet head speed from that extra whippiness from having the racquet face closed on the...
  18. Jay_The_Nomad

    Federer forehand code cracked

    Good hitting session with the ball machine particularly the cross court bit where you were maintaining footwork intensity. Obviously you were struggling with catching the ball cleanly in the middle of the string bed. But that could be due to not playing for a bit. But the stroke motion itself...
  19. Jay_The_Nomad

    Why Nadal lost the match : He approached the match tactically wrong and opposite to his usual approach.

    I think Rafa’s game plan of ultra aggressiveness isn’t wrong per se. The idea was right but he just couldn’t execute particularly on the first serves. He got quite a few aces but undid the good work with the double faults. Unfortusntely this was simply a clear case of one player playing better...
  20. Jay_The_Nomad

    Forehand Loop ATP vs WTA Forehand Questions

    The so called “WTA forehand” is when a player on their full backswing causes the tip of their racquet to break the plane or their body. Ie the racquet tip crosses to the left side of the body when the race it is behind them (for right handlers). So called ATP forehand is when the whole racquet...
  21. Jay_The_Nomad

    Looking for advice

    Forehand looks solid. I wouldn’t change anything with the stroke itself on that wing. But you definitely need to work on your footwork and learn how to move forward and backwards effectively. Right now you’re pretty good moving side to side. But Forward and backwards is a weakness. But that’s...
  22. Jay_The_Nomad

    Federer forehand code cracked

    You are overthinking this. Just stay relaxed and smooth throughout the stroke. And let the lag happen. Everyone has bio mechanical differences eg shoulder and torso flexibility. So no need to be dogmatic about it or try to copy a particular pro precisely. Lag on the left or right does not matter...
  23. Jay_The_Nomad

    Too expensive shoes lately?

    I think it was a WSJ article or something about how big name brands are using social media as a more cost effective marketing platform and relying more on instamodels for product advertising. Much cheaper than marquee name stars.
  24. Jay_The_Nomad

    Federer forehand code cracked

    No I don’t pay for coaching these days and haven’t done so in a very long time. But I do get informal “coaching” from a group of young coaches at our tennis center as we practice together fairly regularly for league doubles competition. So in terms of my personal technical development it’s a...
  25. Jay_The_Nomad

    Too expensive shoes lately?

    Im sure advertising is and has been a big part of why Nike is so expensive. But from what I understand, Nike has actually started shifting away from the traditional marketing model of using famous athletes in the past few years in favor of using social media marketing. These days they don’t are...
  26. Jay_The_Nomad

    Is there etiquette in free hitting?

    Tennis hitting partners are interesting in that you have to adapt your session to the type of person you’re playing with. Unfortunately not all of us have access to quality hitting my partners so we make do. If you find someone that you click with socially and in terms of what they offer you...
  27. Jay_The_Nomad

    Please critique my ground strokes, thanks!

    I agree with Systemic Anomalies points. Particularly the footwork and using more semi open and neural stance for the Fh. And on the BH pointing your toes a little more towards the net on your leading foot in order to open up the hips; ie make it more easy for you to rotate your torso on the...
  28. Jay_The_Nomad

    Too expensive shoes lately?

    Cycling is expensive but that’s because when we are talking about the high end side of the market (ie bikes upwards of $5000 to $10000 (let’s not talk about those $18000 bikes nobody actually buys) the high price is due to low volume production and labour intensive production processes. Tennis...
  29. Jay_The_Nomad

    Ladies and Gentlemen - It's the grass season!!!

    I think Stefanos will change that. Very impressed with his all court game. Granted his recent form has been on the back of solid play from the back of the baseline, but he does have an all court tennis approach. His backhand slide looks it has improved too. I’ll say he’ll be a good shout for his...