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  1. ryushen21

    Lone Coach needs help

    Hey Everyone, I took over as the head coach at a small high school last year and am currently working on building the program up. But I'm definitely hitting some struggles this year since I am the only tennis coach and have no assistant to help me out. The issue I'm running into is that I...
  2. ryushen21

    The Zverev backhand

    I have to admit I"m fascinated by his backhand technique. I was just watching video of him playing Novak in Melbourne, and his takeback starts with the racquet practically vertical and then he goes into an almost violent drop and acceleration forward. And he hits some really mean shots. Just...
  3. ryushen21

    Tension Difference between crank machine and Electronic Constant Pull

    I'm placing an order for a Wise 2086 to upgrade my Alpha Axis Pro machine. On the Alpha, I've been stringing in the upper 40s but I'm wondering if I need to adjust that tension with the switch over to a constant pull tensioner.
  4. ryushen21

    Ytex PentaPower Twisted

    I received this one in a demo box from Ytex. On first hit, it seems to play pretty nice. Crisp response with good feedback and loads of spin. Anyone else out there tried this one and have some impressions?
  5. ryushen21

    Is the 4 1/2 grip size slowly dying out?

    I remember when 4 1/2 was still a fairly common grip but it seems to be losing ground to 3/8 and smaller. Retailers seems to stock fewer 1/2 frames and there's definitely fewer of them coming up in the FS forum. It reminds in a way of when 4 5/8 disappeared or became a special order situation...
  6. ryushen21

    2021 Yonex VCore Pro Official Thread

    To avoid the confusion and multiple threads, let's use this as the central source for all info and feedback on the newest VCore Pros. So far, I think the frames look really promising with updated frame geometry, slightly thicker beams, and of course that dead sexy late 80s/early 90s nostalgic...
  7. ryushen21

    Yonex Anniversary hoodie

    Anyone know if the hoodie that Stan is wearing in the recent Yonex ad is going to be made available to the public?
  8. ryushen21

    Yonex Dry Grap 12/30pk

    Will TW be carrying this over grip in any larger pack sizes? The 3 pack is just not enough!
  9. ryushen21

    Faster Weaving Method?

    I've been stringing for about a month and the crosses are still taking me a lot of time. Anyone have a fast(er) method for weaving the crosses?
  10. ryushen21

    The Tier One Demo Pack

    I ordered this up since it seemed too good to pass on and now that it's arrived I have no idea where to start as there are 6 sets of string. I know there are a lot of people using Firewire/Ghost Wire together and also Black Knight/Ghost Wire? What about the other three T1 strings? Are any of...
  11. ryushen21

    Vapor NXT Restock?

    Any expectation of restock on the Vapor NXT in the White/Crimson colorway?
  12. ryushen21

    Women's AO Champ

    Everyone's talking about the guys' side of things but what about the Women? I think there's some potential for it to get pretty interesting on that side.
  13. ryushen21

    The Kyrgios Serve

    Ok, so love the guy or hate him, his serve is kinda impressive. I've been watching his 1st round match and I can't seem to pin down what it is. It looks like to has a more extreme grip on his serve but he could just be rotating it. He also has a ton of disguise which makes it harder to predict...
  14. ryushen21

    Crisper Hyper G?

    I've got a v7 Blade 18x20 coming in and the last time I had this frame I strung with Hyper G and hated it. Way too muted. I'm not going to repeat that string mistake but what would be some good options that are similar to Hyper G but with a crisper and livelier feel/response? I already have a...
  15. ryushen21

    Yonex 12 Pack Bags

    Do y'all have any information on a Yonex Pro Series 12 Pack bag being available this year? If so, any details would be greatly appreciated.
  16. ryushen21

    Gamma Progression II ELS Alternative?

    I'm thinking of putting the Gamma Progression II ELS stringing machine on our team's equipment wish list/fundraiser? Are there other comparably priced machines I should consider instead?
  17. ryushen21

    Tour Bite Rough vs Hyper G

    Did a little reading that the Rough version of TB is supposed to be a little softer than the original and provide a lot of spin. I've been a pretty dedicated Hyper G user for about the last six months. Has anyone hit with these two and can give a better comparison?
  18. ryushen21

    Syntec Team vs. Feather Thin Grip

    Which one provides the least compression and the closest feel to leather?
  19. ryushen21

    Something other than a leather grip...

    In search of something that provides that same immaculate bevel feel as leather but without adding the weight. Thin but not too thin as I want to maintain the grip size and obviously low compression. What fits the bill?
  20. ryushen21

    The nCode 6.1 95 Thread

    As I've been reading along these days, I realized that I wasn't the only nCode fan out there. My first exposure to the 6.1 line of racquets was the kFactor version and then the BLX that followed it. But then a poster here told me that I had to get my hands on an nCode. So I did and it was...
  21. ryushen21

    2020 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 18x20 Official Thread

    Ok fellow 6.1 enthusiasts, this frame deserves its own thread. We all know it does. As our frames comes in, let's use this as a place to compile information and give some reviews/impressions. @FourOutOfFive already gave a great review in one of the other threads and from my take on it, we...
  22. ryushen21

    Wilson's Stiffness Index vs RA - the greatest debate on TT at this moment

    You can all thank @JGads for this thread existing. However, we've come to a point where this must be addressed. Wilson seems rather insistent upon utilizing their own developed measurement called the Stiffness Index. It's supposedly how some of our favorite racquet lines were named (6.0, 6.1)...
  23. ryushen21

    Wilson Grommet Availability

    I just picked up an nCode six one and I want to replace the grommets that are in it but they appear to be pretty scarce. I've checked several sites and have had no luck finding any at a reasonable price. Am I just going to have to bite the bullet and pay these crazy prices ($35/set) or is...
  24. ryushen21

    2020 Wilson 6.1 18x20

    Wilson confirmed that they are releasing it this month. Do y'all have the details on this new frame?
  25. ryushen21

    2020 Wilson Six-One 18x20

    I asked Wilson and received this message that there will be an 18x20 Six-One frame released this month. I know a lot of the attention has been on on the upcoming PS release but does anyone have more info on this frame?
  26. ryushen21

    Info on Solinco 15-pack bag?

    Looking for information/feedback on the Solinco 15-pack bag. Who has used one? Pros and Cons? Likes and dislikes? It seems like a good value but I don't want to waste the money if it isn't gonna hold up.
  27. ryushen21

    Shoe fit Question

    I've been wearing the Asics Gel Resolution 7 for about a year now and while I like them, they are not the most comfortable court shoes I've had. I've been looking at the Nike Vapor Cage 4 and Adidas Ubersonic 3 but I have exceptionally flat feet and am worried that these shoes may have too...
  28. ryushen21

    Stringing Lessons in DFW

    Hey everyone, I just took over as the head coach for my district's High School tennis team. I'd like to learn how to string racquets so that I can provide that as a service to my students at no cost. Is there anyone in the DFW area (I live in the Keller area and work in Denton county) that...
  29. ryushen21

    The nCode 6.1 users club

    I've recently settled in with this frame and have been very happy with the results. I was looking for the racquet that has it all and it seems that this one really does fit the bill. So I thought I would just open a thread to see who out there is using the nCode 6.1, any version. I'm loving...
  30. ryushen21

    Formula 1 2012

    Anyone here watching this season? It seems to be shaping up to be more interesting than last year's and a lot more competitive. I have to say that I like the fact that there is already controversy over the Merc team's wing design.