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  1. McLovin

    Head Extreme Tour pallet: Anyone know what this is?

    I borrowed @downs_chris's Extreme Tour yesterday, and after a brief hitting session, felt it was 'extend worthy'. So, with his blessing, I began the process by removing the grip & butt cap, only to find this: Does anyone know what that 'grey matter' is? Is it some sort of dampening material...
  2. McLovin

    Decisions, decisions, decisions...

    Last week a guy I string for handed me 2 Radicals in really decent condition: a Microgel and a Flex Point, both MPs. He was moving and had no need for them, and I said I knew a guy who brings tennis stuff to Ghana every year, and that I'd pass them on. On a whim, I took the Flex Point, slapped...
  3. McLovin

    Timed Match: Who's responsibility is it to call 'time'?

    Played in my 2nd 4.5 40+ league match this past Sunday. In my 1st match, one of our courts was 'timed out' after 1 1/2 hours. On the drive to our 2nd match, me and my partner were discussing timed matches, the fact that neither of us liked them, and also that we were not aware that our matches...
  4. McLovin

    Maggie Mather Shoulder Bag

    @TW Staff, my wife was looking at the Maggie Mather Shoulder Bag, but noticed you only have it in the black/iris and navy/lime colors. At their site they have a pewter/khaki pictured: Do you not carry that color, or is it currently out of stock and not showing up on the site? Thanks!
  5. McLovin

    Softening a racquet

    Has anyone here ever tried to 'soften' a stiff frame? I read somewhere that some pros will string their new frame around 80lbs, then cut it out, then restring it again at 80lbs, etc. Are there any metrics on this using an RDC? Curious about how many times you need to do it, what the total drop...
  6. McLovin

    What is the minimum number of games required for a match to count in USTA?

    We have a player who is coming off a shoulder injury. He doesn't want to play much for fear of re-injuring it, but feels he'll be ready by Regionals (which is the end of July). We've won our league with 2 matches remaining, and we want to get him qualified. So, if he walks onto the court, plays...
  7. McLovin

    4G Rough destroyed my arm

    So, quick backstory: I've been playing for almost 40 years (will turn 50 this year). Am a 4.5/5.0 level player with an Eastern forehand and 2 handed backhand. Normally use gut mains/YPTP crosses, but use full poly (Black Code 4S) on clay. Have never ever experienced arm problems in my life. I...
  8. McLovin

    New USTA Mid-Atlantic Campus

    Prince William County, Va. – Feb. 7, 2018 — The United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) announced it will move its headquarters to Prince William County, Va., and create a new home of Mid-Atlantic tennis in the community. USTA Mid-Atlantic, with a mission to promote and...
  9. McLovin

    New Srixon Demo Frames

    Hi @TW Staff, any idea how soon the demos will be available for the new Srixon frames? I'm referring to the Revo CV line that is scheduled to be available today (1/15).
  10. McLovin

    Is 'search' broken?

    I was looking for an old thread, and when I searched for 'racquet customization 102', or even simply '102' in the title, I couldn't find my thread. But when I Googled 'racquet customization 102', this was the first hit...
  11. McLovin

    Facebook Promos?

    Hey there an issue w/ your Facebook Promos page? Or are you phasing those out? When I go here: And click on anything except Women's Apparel, I get a blank page.
  12. McLovin

    Pacific BXT Line?

    Hey TW, Any word on when you'll be receiving the new 'BXT' line of frames from Pacific? They've been on their website for a while now (see ), and a 'contact' mentioned to me that he is now able to order from that line. I know the BX2 X...
  13. McLovin

    Mardy Fish using Babolat?

    Watching 'Sharapova and Friends', and Fish is playing Roddick. When he went to blow on his hand before his serve I noticed his butt cap had the Babolat logo, so I paused it and looked closely. Looked like a blacked out Pure Drive. Sorry, too lazy to rewind and take pics...
  14. McLovin

    Shoe return question

    Hi TW, I think I know the answer, but wanted to ask anyway... A little over a month ago my wife ordered me a pair of shoes during one of the Happy Hour sales as a gift. Tried them on the other day and they are too tight. Its not too late to return them, is it? I believe it was the 9/23 Happy...
  15. McLovin

    One Day Presidential Traverse

    Anyone here ever attempt this hike? I did it this past Saturday w/ some friends, and all I can say is the following: It is an accomplishment that I will never try again, and had I known what was involved, would likely never have attempted in the first place. Now granted, I am older (47) and my...
  16. McLovin

    Pacific X Force Pro No 1 "252" Review

    I was able to acquire one of these from a friend of a friend who has a contact who knows a guy who knows a guy... Anyway, it arrived Friday, and the first thing I did was put it on the scale. For all the grief we've given them here in getting us these things, I'm sure glad they didn't cut any...
  17. McLovin

    KLIP Legend Availability

    Hi TW...your site says 'Available Aug 12'. Well...its August 12th. Is it available? Getting ready to place an order and was just wondering. Thanks!
  18. McLovin

    Wilson Revolve Reels

    I see that you are now carrying Wilson Revolve. I was part of the playtest, and found it to be a nice playing poly. Will you be carrying it in reels?
  19. McLovin

    It's a sad, sad day at my house...

    Using my last pack of 'non-BT7' Wilson 17g Natural Gut: I hated to do it, but at the same time, what's the use of owning a Porsche if you're not going to drive it? I realize there was discussion here a while back that some of the Wilson was still non-BT7, but I'm not willing to drop...
  20. McLovin

    Pure Drive GT grommets

    Any idea when they'll be in? You have Pure Drive Lite grommets, which I assume are the same except white. Is that true? Will Lite grommets fit a 'regular' PD? Thanks.
  21. McLovin

    Pacific xTR overgrip 30-pack

    Will you be getting any more in? I know you carried it recently (The WayBack machine is your friend) and am assuming it is not listed because you are out.
  22. McLovin

    Alert! Deal on KLIP Natural Gut @ TW

    Just wanted to inform anyone interested in KLIP Natural Gut of a deal I stumbled upon @ TW: 10% off all KLIP Natural Gut through their Facebook VIP Discount page. To access, simply log on to Facebook, search for Tennis Warehouse, (you may have to 'like' them), then click on the 'Exclusive...
  23. McLovin

    One Warehouse Site to Rule Them All?

    I'm getting back into hockey next month. I need to update some of my equipment, so I googled "ice hockey equipment" and what comes up? That's right...Ice Warehouse After some searching around, it seems as though Ice Warehouse is an offshoot of Inline Warehouse, which you have listed at...
  24. McLovin

    BT7: Exactly what do you NOT like about it

    OK, so I've been using Pacific Classic 17g mains / some form of poly crosses (currently MSV Co Focus) for ~ 5 years now. About 6 months ago I got a deal on some older Wilson Gut 17 (pre-BT7) and gave it a try. I must say that I could tell a difference in feel & power. Whether is was worth the...
  25. McLovin

    Question for computer geeks

    This came up at work today, and while I had the answer to the problem, I did not have the answer to the follow-up question 'why that number?'. Anyone who has ever setup a server, whether it be complex network, an HTTP server (e.g., Apache, Tomcat, etc.), or a simple Unix file server knows that...
  26. McLovin

    USTA Grass Court National 45s: Anyone here playing in it?

    See tournament info here. It's being played in Philly the last week of August. I'm giving up on USTA leagues and starting to play tournaments again. If anyone is interested in playing doubles, give me a shout. Note that this will be my 1st time playing on grass, so no guarantees on how...
  27. McLovin

    Racquet Customization 102: Leading up a Pacific X Force Lite

    The 2nd in a series (and hopefully the last) of my recent foray into racquet customization (see Racquet Customization 101 for the 1st in the series). So, the obvious question: What didn't I like about the Yonex? Well, it's just not clicking with me. It plays great, there's no pain, doesn't...
  28. McLovin

    Racquet Customization 101: Leading up a Yonex VCORE Tour 97 310g

    Recently I switched frames from the Pacific X Force Pro to the Yonex VCORE Tour 97 310g. Why? Because like most people here, I'm a degenerate and can't seem to stop tweaking my game. Over the years I've learned that my 'sweet spot' for racquet weight is 320g (unstrung), which happens to be the...
  29. McLovin

    Demo Days: VCORE 97 (310 & 330), F 3.0, Pro One 97

    They arrived from TW today: Right off the bat I'm not liking the Donnay: There is ~ 1 in less grip than the other three, which means my 2HBH will result in my left index finger wrapping around the frame. Something Dunlops used to do. Initial swings in the living room has me believing the...
  30. McLovin

    Hitting Patterns

    Hey all, I'm coaching a local high school girls team, and one of the things I hope to work on with the top 2 or 3 girls is thinking about patterns. For example, last month I had them hit 3 inside-out forehands, then take one inside-in (I was trying to teach them to 'dictate' with the forehand)...