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  1. Terenigma

    How many Grand Slam finals have been won on the 1st Match point?

    This question got me curious and i'm terrible at researching answers so i put it to this forum because i'm sure several people will know and remember a couple of matches and a list can be made from it or maybe someone just knows. Basically i want to know how many Grand Slam finals in the open...
  2. Terenigma

    Is Kyrgios the most famous nobody? (Career wise)

    I was randomly thinking this earlier that there is probably a lot of people in the world who know who he is (Thanks to his attitude on the court ect) but career wise he's still pretty much a nobody with no big titles and no significant runs in slams. When i think about the average person who has...
  3. Terenigma

    If Isner wins Wimbledon, tennis is dead

    Isner into the SF? We truely are in a weak era now. Lord help us.
  4. Terenigma

    Can we talk about the Injury epidemic on the tour?

    Can we just take a moment to talk about what is going on with the tour right now. 6 of the top 10 are possibly injured with 3 of them confirmed to be missing the rest of the season. Another 3 of them might still pull out of the US open and we've just had Raonic (#11) pull out today. What is...
  5. Terenigma

    Serena Williams: Women love Andy Murray

    Female tennis players "love Andy Murray" as he has "spoken up for women's issues", says seven-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams. A journalist in a news conference said Sam Querrey was the first US player to reach a Grand Slam semi-final since 2009 after beating Murray on Wednesday. The...
  6. Terenigma

    I miss Murray and Djokovic

    I have genuinely forgot how boring tennis is when it's literally just Federer playing well. Miami has been the dullest i have seen tennis for a while. Australian open had a few good matches but my god we've had some one-sided dull matches since then. I know Federer and Nadal fans dominate this...
  7. Terenigma

    Players banned for doping should not get wildcards - Murray

    World No. 1 Andy Murray doesn't think players returning from doping bans deserve wild cards, as Maria Sharapova's 15-month suspension nears an end. Sharapova will to competitive tennis in April having served a ban after testing positive for meldonium at the Australian Open in January 2016. The...
  8. Terenigma

    Biggest upset? Istomin, Rosol or Stakhovsky?

    We've had 3 huge upsets now but which do you think is the biggest upset? Personally i am in the view that Rosol opened the floodgates and that win was the biggest but there is certainly a case for the other 2 matches. I'm also dreading the day when Murray has an early loss like this.
  9. Terenigma

    Murray in every 2016 slam final

    Yes he did not win the first 2 but he has made the final of every slam this year so far. Something Djokovic has failed to do. Can he make all 4?
  10. Terenigma

    The Big 4 are back

    Wawrinka dropping the final win points has put him lower than Nadal in the rankings meaning that we've got the Big 4 back in the top 4 spots at mens tennis. 1) Djokovic 2) Murray 3) Federer 4) Nadal
  11. Terenigma

    Wawrinka on Murray: He's in the Big 4

    Third seed Wawrinka, who won the tournament last year and the Australian Open in 2014, still feels his career is inferior to Murray's despite matching the Scot's tally of two Grand Slam titles. "Now that I've won a second Grand Slam people say I'm closer to him," the Swiss said. "If you were...
  12. Terenigma

    Robin Haase loses point for mocking opponents grunt.

    Saw this and thought it was hilarious and worth sharing.
  13. Terenigma

    Should players be forced to play in rain?

    So this topic has been on tennis minds this week but i feel it went too far today. Several matches today started and continued to play in rain and altho i wont reveal results as per the rules, its fair to say that there has been some strong criticism from the players in the post match...
  14. Terenigma

    Will Novak recover from his losses?

    -delete post- Mods please delete this thread. (Sorry)
  15. Terenigma

    Harrison clashes with Kokkinakis

    Aparently they just played a very sparky match with a few insults being thrown. has been posting on it and its well worth a read of some of his tweets and video clips but ill just share the most relevant parts.
  16. Terenigma

    Who said Monfils v Simon was not entertaining? Look at this shot from Monfils, also the match in general has been pretty great and entertaining and the respect and friendship between the two is great to see! Hoping this match goes all the way and they keep it on centre court for as long as possible!
  17. Terenigma

    Murray and Federer looking good for Wimbledon

    Will this be the final? Both players won their respective grass titles dropping only one set each and both looking strong in the run up to Wimbledon. Djokovic is obviously still a threat and we wont know his grass form until day 1 and there are question marks over a number of other players...
  18. Terenigma

    Will Stan cope without his shorts at Wimbledon?

    Once again, Wawrinka is wearing them for queens and i just saw an interview with Magnus Norman and he was talking about Stan's shorts and how he initially didnt like them but now that he's been winning with them he's come around. Sports players often have superstitions with things like this...
  19. Terenigma

    Congratulations Stan the man!

    What a performance, what a man, what a player! Thoroughly outplayed Djokovic today and ended it with a beautiful backhand. Sorry to see Novak miss out on another french open but he was not good enough today. Stan the man showing he is not a one slam wonder!
  20. Terenigma

    Raonic to have surgery on foot

    Just noticed this on his twitter feed. He might be doubtful for RG with this news which a huge shame. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
  21. Terenigma

    Li Na about to retire from tennis? Few other places are saying it too, seems like this could be for real. If true then this is a sad day for the WTA. :shock: [Edit] just seen another thread about this here Mods can delete my...
  22. Terenigma

    Is Djokovic trying too hard?

    So apparently Djokovic brought out his friend's daughter to "sing" his press conference. No video footage yet (altho im working on it and im sure it'll be found eventually) but my question is. Is he trying TOO hard to be liked? This seems really awkward and forced imo.
  23. Terenigma

    Novak does not have a weakest surface.

    Slow hard court, fast hard court, clay, grass. He is capable on all surfaces. One of the best all-courters of the current generation. He is better than Federer on clay imo and even tho he hasnt got the french open, he will. I feel he needs to be apreciated more for how good he is, i myself...
  24. Terenigma

    Congrats to Dimitrov

    Full credit to Dimitrov today. No excuses from post-injury or whatever things most Murray fans will say, he was outplayed and lost in straight sets. I was initially doubtful of Dimitrov's potential but with the queens win and this win i take back anything negative i said about the guy. He is the...
  25. Terenigma

    Something fishy is going on

    As you might of read, both semi finalists Berdych and Nishikori have retired causing the final that im guessing alot of people put money on. I dont buy for a second that this legitimate, an hour before the matches no less. Im in no position to prove anything but something about this is extremely...