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    Novak The Man

    Djokovic stops Nadal from overtaking Federer's slam count. How thankful should Federer and his army of fans be?
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    Medvedev sets the bar low: win a match in Madrid, Rome and French Open

    Daniil Medvedev’s bar for success on the clay is quite low for a Top 3 player. The Russian who has had his struggles on clay says his goal is to just win one match at each of the next three clay events in Madrid, Rome and at the French Open. “I always said for me it’s always step by step,”...
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    Djokovic's adjustments for clay not doing well

    It seems that he's taking too defensive approach to his clay game. Adjustments to his 1st serve return stance are Nadal-esque and he's stuck playing too many rallies from way behind the baseline. But he's not Nadal, so it doesn't work. Strong hitter won't allow him to easily transition from...
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    Djokovic impressed by Sinner’s professionalism

    “I think he’s very talented player,” Djokovic said of the 19-year-old. “He has established already himself at I feel like high level of the men’s game, playing Masters finals, winning already a couple of tournaments, for his age. I think what impresses me the most is his professionalism, his...
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    Felix Auger Aliassime aims for ATP Finals

    Felix Auger Aliassime talked about the hiring new coach Toni Nadal, who is Rafael Nadal’s uncle and former mentor. He joins the team under current coach Fredric Fontang. “In the last month of last year I was starting to think that there might be a possibility for me in the future to work with...
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    Benoit Paire: Playing In Monte Carlo This Year Is Like Playing In A Cemetery

    There are no fans this year in Monte Carlo, and that’s a problem for Benoit Paire. He dropped his sixth straight match losing to Jordan Thompson 6-4, 6-7(3), 7-6(5). After the loss, Paire continued to express his hatred of playing under COVID conditions, and with no fans. “I have nothing to...
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    Daniil Medvedev - "I'm not hiding this, I don't like clay!"

    Speaking in his pre-tournament presser ahead of the Monte Carlo Masters, the world No. 2 admitted that clay is not his surface of choice. “I’m not hiding this, I don’t like clay,” Medvedev said. “I’m not going to South America, although I like to travel. I would like to go there once in my...
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    Do you care about coaching violations?

    Pretty much majority of tour has some kind of low key sign language (like coach touching his cap, taking it of in specific fashion and such) with their coaches and most umpires don't enforce the rule even when when detailed instructions are communicated verbally. As a result, rule enforcement...
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    Jannik Sinner - "I'm not here for making finals, I'm here to win tournaments"

    In February, Sinner became the youngest man since Novak Djokovic in 2006 to win two ATP titles and his appearance in the Miami final took him to a career-best ranking of 23 on Monday. The 19-year-old was keen to focus on the positives after just missing out on his first Masters 1000 title to...
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    How many more slams for Federer, Nadal and Djokovic?

    How many more slams for the bane of tour's existence? 58 slams so far... With Federer being 40 years old and Nadal and Djokovic soon to be 35/34, I don't think that more than 10 is in the realm of possibility. But seeing how many TTWers believe "next gens" (of all ages) will stay below 5, that...
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    How many slams for Thiem, Medvedev, Zverev, Hurkacz, Tsitsipas, Rublev, Shapovalov, Sinner, Musetti and Alcaraz?

    Some of these guys must win some slams, right? So far, they won...ONE. At least 10+ slams together, maybe more? Can't imagine Nadal and Djokovic keeping them down forever and then another generation passing them by. I say they'll take more than 20 slams. More possible slam contenders to...
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    Djokovic - Murray first match, Madrid 2006

    At 19 yo, there was still plenty of rough edges in their games. Murray's game even looked a bit more polished but Novak was mentally tougher. Who would've guessed that Novak would have 18 slams and 36 Masters titles under his belt one day?
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    Who's The Funkiest Of All Time?

    Funky Flo for me: Who's your FOAT? The Magician, The Dog, The Worm...
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    Serena Williams major contender for French Open, according to Patrick Mouratoglou

    Coach Patrick Mouratoglou has backed Serena Williams to end her Grand Slam drought. Mouratoglou believes the 39-year-old is even fitter now than she was at the Australia Open and is looking to continue that work during the build-up to Roland Garros, which begins on May 23. "She did a...
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    President of French Tennis Federation "Dare Not Imagine" Roland Garros Cancellation

    French tennis federation chief Gilles Moretton told AFP on Wednesday that he "dare not imagine" Roland Garros being cancelled as France continues to struggle to contain *****-**. "At the moment, we are on track, the tournament is on the scheduled date (May 23-June 6)," said Moretton. "But if...
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    Better Russian, Kafelnikov or Safin?

    Yevgeny Kafelnikov Singles: 6 weeks at no.1 2 slams - AO, FO. 1 F, 3 SF, 7 QF (last man to win a slam in both singles and doubles, FO 1996) 0 ATP 1000, 0-5 in finals 4 ATP 500 19 ATP 250 0 YEC, 0-1 in finals 1 Olympic gold medal 26 ATP titles (9 HC, 3 clay, 3 grass, 11 carpet), 20 finals 46...
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    Courier - Nalbandian Miami 2000, David's first ATP match

    Dave when he was just a twig boy against the legend. Enjoy.
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    Making some sense of the current rankings system...

    ...would actually be pretty easy. Only points from 2019 that should stay are the points from tournaments that were cancelled, making it impossible for players that were willing to play to defend their 2019 points. For tournaments that were played in 2020 or 2021, points from 2019 should fall...
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    Asics to Babolat size difference

    Length suggests one should go half a size up for Babolat. True?
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    Nadal's abdominal muscle tear at USO 2009, from 6 to 26 mm

    "I remember in the US Open 2009 that I started the US Open with a strain, I think, here in the abdominal," Nadal said. "I started with 6 millimeters or so of strain and I finished the tournament, I lost in that semis against Del Potro and I finished the tournament with 26 mm." Just to add...
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    Customization question

    I've recently tried switching from 12 o'clock lead to 3 & 9 (blade) but it made it too head heavy and difficult to maneuver. I did like the additional stability on the volleys, so I'm thinking about leaving just a little bit of lead on 3 & 9 and bringing back some at 12. My question is, if the...
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    Nadal not happy apropos replacing line judges with Hawk-Eye Live, expresses aesthetic and humanist concerns.

    Rafael Nadal may appear an unlikely traditionalist given the way he has ripped up the tennis blueprint for last 15 years, but some aspects of the sport, he believes, should not change. "I don't want to create a controversy but I think traditional court with line judges looks much nicer." - the...
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    Ons Jabeur is the most interesting WTA player at the moment

    Bit of a late bloomer, Tunisian 26 yo is the hands down best player to watch. Gal has everything. Serve, volleys, groundstrokes, droppers, slices, imagination on court. Watch her in current Ostrava tournament if you find the time, she's in great form.
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    US Open Tweets About Nadal Getting 20th Slam Title

    Pure of weirdness this one: - Nadal's left arm. - Nadal's crow's feet. - Nadal's all the way to the left, like he arrived at 20 before Federer. - Djokovic's skin color. - Really bad art but that's expected. -
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    Miomir Kecmanović wins Kitzbühel for his maiden ATP title

    Routine victory over Yannick Hanfmann (Nadal's R1 opponent from last year's RG) in the final, 64 64. Played 3 tough 3 setters to get to the final and got some notable scalps to boot - Nishikori, Delbonis, Thompson. Congrats Miomir!
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    Slow-mo video of Djokovic hitting the line judge

    Ball definitely didn't hit this line judge in the throat. She was hit on the side of the head, judging by the bounce trajectory. Also, no immediate reaction as the ball bounces off for a fraction of second without her even moving an inch. Clear case of afterthought fall, not to mention later...
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    Poly getting stiff and unresponsive after just 2 hours of playing. Sign of string past its expiry date?

    I strung my prestige mp with 1.25 head lynx at 21 kg (46 lbs) just a couple of days ago. First time playing with it, it had too much power so I had to put a dampener. Played today and the string seemed incredibly stiff, like completely dead at very high tension, without a dampener. Is something...
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    Prestige users: are Prestige FP MP and Prestige Youtek MP similar enough to be used as 1st and 2nd stick?

    I'm currently playing with fp mp but I have only one. I have the opportunity to buy new youtek mp for a very good price. Weight, string pattern and head size 320/18/20/98" are same but are there any big differences and which one is better in your opinion?