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  1. Shroud

    Feedback please on this 4.0 matchplay

    demoted you to 3.5 for playing several points with balls on the court....
  2. Shroud

    Fully formed functional and powerful 2HB after 2.5 months and 30 hitting sessions

    Weird. No vids showing the result of the stroke? Are the balls even in? Hard to tell.
  3. Shroud

    Tips for my OHBH?

    i do the same. Dont sweat it. Its actually a plus since you get more time and can hit drive return of serves. Sadly lots of advice is based on a classic eastern bh grip and doesnt really apply that well to your situation imho. You even see one poaster trying to get you to change
  4. Shroud

    Tennis Parent Cautionary Tale: Gabby Price

    No foam balls ruined him
  5. Shroud

    Multiple Grips

    Fed is hitting eastern…
  6. Shroud

    Multiple Grips

    fed is not a flat hitter.
  7. Shroud

    Crybabies/Sore losers getting in my head

    3.5 spazzes right?
  8. Shroud

    What should Lendl have done here?

    Weird. Wasnt this when chang was cramping? Why not hit some droppers?
  9. Shroud

    Poly and volley

    Yes! That is the launch angle. With a locked string bed you will have a more accurate shot than an unlocked stringbed, especially on the volley. That said, my contention is that the launch angle is something that the body takes into consideration with time and figures out the swing path to...
  10. Shroud

    Poly and volley

    thats not exactly launch angle though. With a locked string bed say full gut the strings really don't move on impact so the ball rebound is more accurate with the swing. With an unlocked stringbed like full poly or gut poly, the strings move on impact and snap the ball off at a different...
  11. Shroud

    Is there any similar string to luxilon BB original

    I was just hazzling j011y. BBO is in my top 5 of cross strings
  12. Shroud

    Is there any similar string to luxilon BB original

    So does BB original and people who hype up matches and dont record them.
  13. Shroud

    Is there any similar string to luxilon BB original

    isnt that 4g?
  14. Shroud

    Swingweight vs String tension

    IME sw is going to be the better option if you can do it
  15. Shroud

    Poly and volley

    poly will have a higher launch angle vs. a locked stringbed like full syngut and will not be as accurate on the volley
  16. Shroud

    Multiple Grips

    Thats a strange image to use. Here is a better one and clearly its an eastern
  17. Shroud

    Multiple Grips

    I dont buy the premise that nadal's high ball overwhelms Feds bh in that its because of his backhand. I could be wrong because Nadal is so hard to watch with his constant grunting and ass picking/ deep smelling so I didnt see many matches, especially on clay, but didn't all that happen when fed...
  18. Shroud

    Kick serve, or topspin serve?

    Top slice, kick and twist is more specific IMHO. but its like 2021 and no one has any tolerance for nuance so kick serves all...
  19. Shroud

    Post-POMO forehand technique?!

    Pomo broke the internet.
  20. Shroud

    Any Roadmap of Drills/Practice Using My Ball Machine???

    Good starting point is to hit cross court forehands till you can hit an entire bucket without missing.
  21. Shroud

    Remember the date. August 28, 2021. Infiltrating the Island: MaxTennis vs J011yroger

    Best not to accept any food or drink. All I know it when we played the video looked a ton like I was slipped roofies or something
  22. Shroud

    Losing tension when tying knots

    Parnell uses only his hands and no tools to tie his knot
  23. Shroud

    Pre-stretching poly strings

    Yep. Its why i pull the crap out of strings before stringing
  24. Shroud

    Choice between Wise 2086 or used Gamma X-ELS

    Yep. You are right. Every string job is at 86lbs and i pull on the string while its being tensions and the machine reads in the mid 90s when i do it. Though i don't string that often
  25. Shroud

    Kick serve, or topspin serve?

    Make sure you are staying sideways as long as possible and that the elbow is to the side, not in front...
  26. Shroud

    High or low swingweight against heavy hitters?

    its impossible to reduce swingweight by adding weight. Sure it probably wont increase the sw, but def not reducing sw.
  27. Shroud

    Kick serve, or topspin serve?

    that was a very fitting clip. IMHO its really based on the bounce. If it bounces left from a righty server's view point that is a top slice. If it bounces pretty much straight, its a kick and if it bounces to the right its a twist. All can be called a kick and yes the nuance is often lost...