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  1. Shroud

    ERT 3000 DT readings

    A buddy was complaining his racquet was less controlled and hurt his arm more than his other stick. So I tried to fix it. Added some lead to match the one he dug and then restrung with an unlocked setup. Original DT was 35. I strung it and after the initial tension loss it was a dt of 35...
  2. Shroud

    The Official “Welcome Back Curious” Thread

    Keeping it warm for the triumphant return.
  3. Shroud

    Do you prefer locked or unlocked strings

    Was curious what everyone likes
  4. Shroud

    Flat serve with topspin

    Yeah Yeah that title sounds like an oxymoron, but I was serving on the ad side and I crushed a flat serve to the corner box for an ace. Though it had topspin. It was NOT a kick serve but had the feel of a flat serve just with spin. Anyone know how to hit that intentionally?
  5. Shroud

    My 8 knot masterpiece

    Pretty sure its 8...3 in one hole! Reused kev, 4g and some ashaway monofire.
  6. Shroud

    Jinxed myself

    Was commenting that kev/4g lasts months and then this happened Looking closer it appears that I didnt restring the cross like I normally do. I will change the weave so the other side of the kevlar is worn. Guess not doing that gave it time to get worn through
  7. Shroud

    Stand Up Desk with Treadmill

    This combo has been a game changer! I used to walk everywhere and every day for hours. Now in Florida nothing is walking friendly and water falls from the sky here. So now I get to walk while I work on the computer or like now when I hang out on TT. Its been a game changer. I use a roller...
  8. Shroud

    Most advanced players racquets are Head Heavy

    I read that on these boards ! I can only find 3 pro players with such racquets...the William sisters and Marion Bartoli
  9. Shroud

    16/10 pattern what i learned

    O skipped every other cross on my hyper hammer to create a 16/10 pattern. Kev/4g at 86/86 spin was good and there was extra power on the serve. But launch angle was too high and unpredictable. I couldnt control it. Having a stringbed that deflects and changes on every shot is not for me...
  10. Shroud

    Return of the Chicken Wing- a Forehand Video

    You may not know, but my fh has been pretty terrible. Lots of work and its better than ever. John Yandell helped a ton. But as time has passed the muscle memory has erased alot of the good work. Even then I love to get forehands and while I could always hit with power, the current one I can...
  11. Shroud

    A non tennis string that is pretty good alternative to kevlar

    They make a big deal of it not stretching so I gave it a shot and ordered some in 1.1mm. The 1.3 was too big to actually string. Here is a vid that compares it to kev mains.
  12. Shroud

    One handed bh vids for Chas

    Hey @Chas Tennis I promised you some vids and well that was about 20 years ago. Anyhow here are 2 from the side.
  13. Shroud

    This is one of the funniest Ali G vids ever

    OMG this cracks me up. Reminds me of what it would be like to meet @ByeByePoly
  14. Shroud

    SW bh grip and low balls

    There is a common criticism of this grip in general but specifically that it doesn't do low balls well. Here is a vid and some of these shots its shoe top heights
  15. Shroud

    Anyone know how to set up a roller mouse?

    I love these things. Got a standing desk and the normal mouse was killing my wrist. So I got the roller mouse. Problem solved. BUT my heel was acting up from all the standing. So I bought a chair. I readjusted the desk height now my wrists are killing me with the roller mouse now. I just...
  16. Shroud

    drive returns with the 1hbh

    It seems like lots of one handed pros don't really hit drive returns and just slice. I saw this match with some pretty good servers on a grass court and lots of drive returns. What is wrong with todays pros?
  17. Shroud

    Serve vid for chas

    At around 8-10 min he uses fancy terms
  18. Shroud

    stringing soft braided strings

    I have a string that is soft and if you press it in the grommets it gets stuck and flares out. Picture a kevlar that frays. Any tips on how to treat the ends? I tried lead tape and that almost did it but it was too big. Nail polish wasnt tough enough. Thinking superglue is the next thing to...
  19. Shroud

    am I the only one who likes not having crowds

    at majors? Its been such a pleasure not having crowds ruin things with their stupidity...
  20. Shroud

    Just restrung the crosses only and now the DT is 55!

    Originally the crosses were at 76lbs and the mains at 86. Now the new crosses were at 86. I didn't measure the dt on the original job but with the new crosses its 55, which is perfect for me since things start to launch when the dt is lower than 53.
  21. Shroud

    MgR/I ratio

    Lets say I have the racquet where it swings right, but I want to add say 60g to the hoop is there a ratio that I need to add at the 7" spot to make it swing right after adding the lead at 12 pm?
  22. Shroud

    How to Build Up a Handle

    There were some recent threads about playing with a larger handle. So I made a vid on how I build up my handle. I know the specifics of that will be of little value since no one plays with that size or shape of handle. But it does some some CONCEPTS that might apply if you want to go up a...
  23. Shroud

    Wilson QC

    Just got some racquets. All strung and stenciled at the factory so that could add some variation 244.6g 243.8g 246.3g Didnt Check the balance because i am adding about 70g and will match anyhow
  24. Shroud

    Finally!!! A sub 300g racquet that feels like a tank!!

    In the past I tried some light headheavy sticks with lots of weight in the handle. It went OK but those racquets were not stiff enough (70 ra only) and had a fan pattern that never seemed to produce a tight enough string bed. So I ended up with some heavy beast racquets. Anyhow I got a new...
  25. Shroud

    Playing 21 VID

    Here is lastnights fun. Sooo clueless on baselining. Are there certain strategies. All I seem to have is either the wardlaws (which AFAIAK is just hit crosscourt) or hit to the back hand. So what happens is I just kind of hit around with little rhyme or reason it seems. So what kind of...
  26. Shroud

    Zynga sux

    First they kill Metal Storm Online and now Star Wars Commander. UGH. Hate those mofos.
  27. Shroud

    Net approaches vid

    In my quest to get to 2.5 I have been trying to work the net. Here is a recent set (well 6 games I think I had to retire and you will see why) with everytime I ended up at the net.
  28. Shroud

    Approaching cross court

    I know its not the way to approach but occasionally there is a short cross court ball that you get to hit a slice back and well you are in no man's land or closer. Instinct tells me to come in, only to get passed alot. When you find yourself approaching cross court is there something that can...
  29. Shroud

    It was supposed to be dangerous it was supposed to be risque

    listened to this song: and it just reminded me of how it used to be in my youth. What happened? Is it inevitable to sell out and become "safe"? To barely LIVE while making a living?? Tune in turn up recline practice being dead...
  30. Shroud

    447 swingweight seems high are there common errors?

    Got around to measuring the new stick. At first it measured 487 for the swingweight. I figured that was some error. So I played with the numbers and figured out what would make it lower. So I remeasured the swing time and was able to get it down to 13.96 was originally an average of 14.375...