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  1. Firstservingman

    Is he gonna do it?

    Well? most of the thread titles i can see are kinda dancing around it but what do you think? not gonna lie i want to see it happen. just to witness it in my lifetime if for no other reason will he screw it up? it's on his racquet obviously but can he do it? more importantly, will he?
  2. Firstservingman

    Dark Mode for Forum

    Hi @TW Staff , sorry for the tag I was gonna make a thread in the meta/tw board but it seems closed to posting for some reason just wondering if it was possible/how it's going with making a dark mode for the forum? it would be nice to not fry our eyes when browsing here lol i'm gonna play...
  3. Firstservingman

    So who's the small 3?

    all this talk of a big three, but bigger than what? it kind of implies the existence of a small, or at least average-sized three so who is it then. no double ups or unironic replies please
  4. Firstservingman

    is this finally it?

    Djok having a heartbreaking loss/finally being kicked off the throne? has to happen some time, he can't win forever, eventually he's gonna start losing some big matches like fed and nad have been for a while now there's no one else more likely to do it than medvedev so is this the time it...
  5. Firstservingman

    What if rogr doubled down

    what if fed just switched to doubles, say with stan for example or maybe a more seasoned doubles guy? you have to admit that he's probably made all the dent that he's going to in the singles arena, but he could likely clean up on the doubles circuit for years to come, allowing him to keep doing...
  6. Firstservingman

    What's your idea of the perfect meal?

    Another fun food thread, what is your favourite meal/food? If you can't decide, tell us all of them. And please include pictures of course Personally I'm having real trouble deciding so I'll say one of my favourites, grilled salmon: Perfect with any salad or vegetables but asparagus...
  7. Firstservingman

    Babylon 5

    Oh my god this is the best sci fi show easily Any other fans here?
  8. Firstservingman

    How's it going?

    Hey, it's been a while. How's things with you guys and with tennis? :) I'll be honest, I've kinda lost interest in following tennis. Nothing to do with Fed or Rafa/Djok or any other player, I just found a new hobby I guess. Lock picking :cool: turns out I'm pretty decent at it. I still play...
  9. Firstservingman

    How is it still always the same dance?

    Why is like 85% of content here either directly a GOAT thread or some other topic which ties into it somehow and is just part of a constant jostling for GOAT status among boring fan groups? I can't even force myself to care any more. It's always posturing and greatest this, greatest that...
  10. Firstservingman

    Total non pet slam slams

    In honour of my boredom and this funny-for-some-reason phrasing from our new friend above, let's count 'em up! Total: RRRRRogerrrrr "How tf did he lose from 40-15 up oh my god" FFFFFederer - TWELVE Noooovak "The new Borg" Djoookovic - NINE RRRRRRRRRRafael "The CLAY...
  11. Firstservingman

    Congratulations to Novak!

    Really. I mean it. Fantastic effort from both players and huge congratulations to Novak who is now equal with Borg at Wimbledon. Brilliant win, saved MPs and everything. Couldn't have deserved it more. Hard luck for Fed, but he has plenty and he's had his share of lucky wins too. He beat Nadal...
  12. Firstservingman

    We're clearly in an inflationary era

    It's obvious at this point. It's not particularly weird for Roger's various records to be broken at some point, but all this talk over the last year or so of how both Nadal and Djokovic are going to overtake Fed, and the recent results tending in that direction, brings this into stark relief...
  13. Firstservingman

    Second time in Scotland

    Visiting Edinburgh today. The walk up the hill to the castle in six degree weather was an experience in itself. I didn't get the time to visit the castle last time I was here in 2017. I'm having lunch right now and a can of Irn Bru, one of the local delicacies :D. They sell it in a specialty...
  14. Firstservingman

    Forget Nadal, I'm retiring from Paris injured

    I'm on holiday in Europe at the moment and I just cut my tongue on a baguette. They sure make them crusty here. I forgot how bad it tastes, now I can't enjoy my meal. I went to the Wimbledon museum again last week so I think this is tennis-related enough to be here Look it's been a long day...
  15. Firstservingman

    Would you care if it turned out a large number of matches were thrown?

    In this scenario it turns out that, say, most of the top players have thrown a number of matches (and it evens out in terms of their respective careers and such). Would you be angry, or would you just accept it and fall back on the idea that pro sport is mostly about entertainment and making...
  16. Firstservingman

    Fed now leads the Race

    Still got it.
  17. Firstservingman

    How did you start following your favourite player?

    I'm only 22 and didn't start watching pro tennis until 2007. One day I was flipping through the channels looking for the cricket (a sport very popular here in Australia) and I couldn't find it so I watched tennis, which was on at the time. I knew what tennis was but had no idea of the rules or...
  18. Firstservingman

    Is it just me...

    ...or is there a much higher percentage of tennis fans who actually play the sport than there is for other sports? How many American football fans currently play the sport for instance? Or AFL/NRL in Australia? But every second person on here or more seems to play tennis.
  19. Firstservingman

    Why get rid of two-factor?

    Just noticed that accounts don't use 2FA any more. Okay, it's a bit overkill for a tennis forum, but why remove it? Does the latest software not support it?
  20. Firstservingman

    Fed Fans - Who would you rather overtake Federer's slam total?

    If one of them has to? Would go with Nadal or Djokovic? Assume only one of them does in this scenario. I'm just interested. Post why as well I guess but keep it respectful to both guys Only Federer fans vote in the poll please. Pretty please? :p
  21. Firstservingman

    Say, purely in theory, that I was a salty Fed fan... there any way that neither Nadal nor Djokovic could walk away with the AO title now? Now I'm actually fine with one of them winning btw, just having fun here, but the question itself is serious. I'm talking technicalities. In the usual course of play obviously one of them will win now but...
  22. Firstservingman

    Is it over?

    I have a bad feeling it is now. The Indian summer was incredible - 2017 through to the end of Wimbledon was a fairytale, and even last year he achieved some incredible milestones. Will he play on for a while yet even if the results don't improve? Will he and us fans suffer the final, crushing...
  23. Firstservingman

    Umpires considering boycott of Serena's matches

    Tennis umpires are considering refusing to preside over matches involving Serena Williams following the treatment of Carlos Ramos during the Women’s US Open final, The Times reports. According to the report, an anonymous official has described a growing discontent among umpires who feel they...
  24. Firstservingman

    Spencer Gore vs. Serena

    Say Spencer Gore played Serena Williams. (The actual Gore, not our friend on here ;) ) Let's say he's in the form from when he won Wimbledon, but modern setting for the match to handicap him a bit more. And let's give him a year to practice with modern equipment and modern rules/conditions...
  25. Firstservingman

    Is Nadal the greatest if he exceeds Fed's slam count?

    Just curious what percentage of folks think he would/wouldn't be the GOAT if he actually does it and exceeds Fed's slam count in the future. Say Fed finishes on 20 for the sake of the poll. How many ahead would he need to be for you? As GOAT is not an official title and is basically just...
  26. Firstservingman

    Fries or wedges?

    or Have your say in the poll above. For me, wedges are the only way. :P
  27. Firstservingman

    Rafa > Pete?

    I have him firmly ahead of Pete now tbh. Three more slams and eleven at a single slam is too good for me. Obviously Sampras still has arguments (several Tour finals wins, better #1 stats). I'm guessing there is still sharp disagreement on this. Thoughts? Opinions?