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  1. BGod

    2024 Olympics?

    Played on clay like 2012 was on grass at a storied Slam venue. Nadal will be 38, his wear and tear notwithstanding that's not the age considered impossible anymore after Fed nearly won Wimbledon a few weeks shy of that number. Will it get a lot of attention being in Paris exactly 100 years...
  2. BGod

    Which of these WTA 1 Slam Champion gets their 2nd?

    Wanted to look at least 2 years back and for those still contending, think a decent list: Sodia Kenin: The most recent champion on the list, winning AO 2020 followed with a French Final, hasn't made Slam Quarter since and absent from USO because of positive Covid test. Bianca Andreescu: The...
  3. BGod

    Raducanu's Draw Revisited?

    Wanted the dust to settle a bit before asking this as I did for Leylah. But Raducanu's draw wasn't just a low ranked affair with #11, #17 the only seeds faced, but facing player's coming off more taxing matches than her own. First 3 rounds are self explanatory, LL, Zhang and Tormo fringe Top...
  4. BGod

    If Fed did the impossible BUT...?

    Say his Wimbledon draw was dirt. And I mean 2000 Sampras Wimbledon dirt BUT an even worse finals opponent (cause Rafter was a strong opponent there). For reference, Pete in 00 faced nobodies, not choking younglins, just nobodies. Imagine guys like Brooksby or like some Qualifiers getting threw...
  5. BGod

    Novak's 6 Finals lost at a Slam.

    And I really like Novak (clear GOAT IMO) but unique history. Now an OE record (for men at least) 6 Finals losses at a single Slam. 2007 Federer 2010 Nadal 2012 Murray 2013 Nadal 2016 Wawrinka 2021 Medvedev A 15 year gap between birth years of opponents also a record (Rosewall surpsingly only...
  6. BGod

    Just to compare for a minute, Fed at 32-33

    Lost 6-7, 3-6, 4-6 to Robredo USO Lost 6-7, 3-6, 3-6 to Nadal AO Lost 7-6, 6-7, 2-6, 6-4, 3-6 to Gulbis FO Lost 3-6, 4-6, 4-6 to Cilic All before Final and less age disparity while being younger. #NEVERFORGET And I can't believe as a Fed fan since freaking 01 I need to clarify this for the trolls.
  7. BGod

    2021 YE #1 Race: Daniil vs. Novak

    Margin is 1,990 with Novak leading. Indian Wells & Paris Masters worth 2k combined. Vienna/Basel for 500. WTF being 1,500 if undefeated. Obviously still uphill for Medvedev but Djokovic likely to skip Indian Wells at least and then who knows. I'm sure he'd want the consolation of a hard to...
  8. BGod

    Is Fernandez USO Run the greatest to a Final?

    #3, 16, 5 & 2 seeds with #16 being a former #1 and USO champion with upswing of results. All in 3 sets.
  9. BGod

    Is Berrettini a dying man's version of Courier?

    I mean, Courier won 4 Slams making Final at all 4 even taking a set of Sampras on grass. So, Mateo won't ever sniff that success. But the whole knock on Jim was he ran around the backhand and serve could be read so tour figured him out. Berrettini's backhand is much worse. It's so bad that...
  10. BGod

    IF Novak retired at the USO?

    No trolling but a hypothetical. If he retired at the absolute pinnacle with #21. Even if Rafa won 2 more French surely no one would care right? Like it would be the ultimate boss move. Jordan & Elway in 98/99.
  11. BGod

    3 Qualifiers into R16

    Otte facing Berrettini (winnable after 5 set match with Ivashka) Gojowczyk facing Alcaraz (winnable after 5 set emotional career defining victory at 18) Zandschulp facing Schwartzman (meh?) Point being none of these guys facing heavy odds in their 4th round matches. Brooksby as a WC likely...
  12. BGod

    What IF WTF scenarios of the 21st century?

    The top players end of season tournament was always split into two until the 00s. In the 80s you had WCT and Grand Prix, in the 90s you had WTF and Grand Slam Cup. So we begin with 2000 onwards and until 2007 it was a Bo5 final. And we are discussing just the what if final title match...
  13. BGod

    Players with most Centre Court matches while outside Top 10?

    Pretty frank, what players largely outside the Top 10 have played a significant amount of Centre Court matches based on their opponent or some deep runs while being inconsistently ranked? It could be a guy like Wawrinka or Agut who always seemed to be facing top five players on route in Slams...
  14. BGod

    Was that the last great match of Murray's career?

    Note, not last good or great win, but great match. I mean, 5 sets, near 5 hours against the #3 ranked player who could finish YE #2. I cannot imagine much better, has to be for the grandeur Top 20 in his career at minimum easily.
  15. BGod

    Coric, Norrie, Khachanov, Karatsev, Sonego?

    Want to see opinions on this plot. Age range from 24-27 so they're an inbetween group that have all shown some flashes. Do they win maybe a Masters or two moving forward? A surprise Slam Final? Just seems like the kind of group to have your Bustas and Andersons ultimately losing to pamper...
  16. BGod

    Modern ATG Metrics?

    Are they even more Slam heavy or does the structure of the tour raise the Masters, WTF & #1 in recognition? I mean the Grand Prix series in the 80s-90s was nowhere near the consistency. Many top players skipped half of them. And there were a lot of questions with lower tournaments having more...
  17. BGod

    22 Inductees?

    I know Hewitt was deferred but I personally need to know planning to attend. Bruegera seems a lock now right? After him for the men it would seemingly be Ferrero based on previous voting. And the women?
  18. BGod

    Guessing Fed's Farewell Tour?

    Might as well put up a poll for old time's sake. Given his trajectory with not only rehabbing but then getting into competitive shape to not embarrass himself here's what I formulated with some room for error: A: Return on Grass, possibly Stuttgart, definitely Halle and Wimbledon. Hit...
  19. BGod

    What national rivalry will be better?

    Currently there are several national tandems making headway under 26 years of age. Medvedev vs. Rublev Shap vs. Felix Berrettini vs. Sinner (Sonego & Musetti) Opelka vs. Korda (or Fritz replacing) Alcaraz vs. Fokina De Minaur vs. Popyrin
  20. BGod

    Does Barty deserve her titled era?

    She's pretty well guaranteed the YE and that would make 3 consecutive, and yes obviously more of an asterisk 2020 than Novak. But it is what it is and she'll be looking good in 2022. For reference, we know of the Graf, Seles, Hingis, Henin, Serena eras well. Now recently Halep had a long run...
  21. BGod

    Will Nadal skip AO?

    Simple question, he last did so in 2013 which turned out to be his 2nd greatest season. Last two results have been QFs and he isn't the reigning French champion so......?
  22. BGod

    Most underrated YE ranking??

    So many to choose from that a poll didn't seem wise. To clarify, point to a YE rank you think was way lower than the quality displayed by said player or where lower tier titles had lesser players above. Some examples: Borg in 81 wins a Slam and makes the other 2 Finals (AO not being heavily...
  23. BGod

    Worst YE #2?

    The contenders: 2004 Roddick 1 Slam Final, 2 QFs, 1 Masters, 1F, 1 SF, 1QF, Semis at WTF, 1 500 Level Title 1996 Chang 2 Slam Finals, 1 Masters, 1F, 1SF, 1QF, 1 500 Level Title 1981 Lendl 1 Slam Final, 2 Masters, 1SF, WTF Title (Grand Prix at the time), 1 500 Level Title
  24. BGod

    Worst ways for Big 3 to retire?

    We constantly talk about fairytale sendoffs but what about the absolute worst ways barring injury you could see for Big 3 to retire? I think with Fed it would be not retiring at Wimbledon or Basel and obviously in an early round beatdown. Something like Miami after losing early at AO and IW and...
  25. BGod

    Other careers that could have had a Sampras style ending?

    Like pulling an Elway in US Football, what other careers, ATG or not could have ended in the same fashion as Sampras winning a Slam as their last match? This may not be on talent but on gift draws. Some examples below: John McEnroe winning 1990 USO Given his history I doubt he'd ever retire at...
  26. BGod

    Double MP?

    Federer has the most matches lost with double MP by an astronomical gap. With a total of 9 instances: Nadal Baghdatis Berdych Monfils Donskoy del Potro Djokovic x3 I could not find any other player with more than 3. Most of these were in late stages of tournaments as well. So is it not...
  27. BGod

    What if 750 & 1250 tournament points???

    Obviously couldn't have a Masters match WTF but with the growth of the tour what if this happened? How would it play out? Indian Wells at least is above a typical Masters and Miami use to be as well. Both were 7 round draws. Meanwhile while unlikely, tournaments have been downgraded before if...
  28. BGod

    Murray Olympic Draw

    Other than Novak, the only other guy I care about in the draw but looks tough: Felix Koepfer Cilic/Busta Med/Fognini Tsit/Kach And of course Novak in Final.
  29. BGod

    Ranking Fed, Rafa and Novak's losses across AO-WMB-USO?

    Novak does have a 5th loss at USO as oppose to Fed & Nadal's 4 at AO/WMB. Of course we could switch Fed's FO to WMB as being his only losing finals Slam record but considering all 4 were to Nadal, none going 5 sets I feel his Wimbledon losses would fit better in a mix (plus I'm fairly certain...
  30. BGod

    Flashback Salty Fed at 2011 USO

    Recently watched this for the first time since it happened live. Confirms my ranking of his 2011 USO as the significantly bigger choke than WMB19. He was up 2-0, he was 30. This is also the saltiest I could remember.